What pension supplement will be given to non-working pensioners in March 2020?

Official holiday

After the establishment of Soviet power, indigenous minorities began to celebrate the New Year with the whole country - on the night of January 1. Following the traditions adopted by the majority of Russians, the peoples of the North drink champagne, listen to the president’s congratulatory speech, set off fireworks, walk and have fun. A deer is slaughtered for the festive table. The chum is decorated with fir branches.

The celebration is complicated by the lack of electricity: daylight hours at this time in the tundra are short (only two hours), and you have to connect to a generator to run the TV, and you need to save electricity. In addition, the need to keep an eye on the herds of deer trying to disperse and mix with strangers also makes it difficult to concentrate on the holiday.

This is how the official celebration takes place among the peoples of the North. However, the New Year of the indigenous indigenous peoples is truly celebrated in a completely different way, on other dates and with their own rituals and traditions.

The main difference between the official holiday of the peoples of the North and their own is that on the Russian New Year it is not customary for them to rest for a long time: the middle of winter is a tense and difficult time. The very next day they return to work. But the real fun comes for the indigenous indigenous peoples precisely on those days when they celebrate the New Year in accordance with their customs. How does this happen among different nations?

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Pension increase in the constituent entities of the Federation

A general provision for all subjects of the Federation: the size of a citizen’s pension must exceed the subsistence level in the region where he lives.

Subjects of the Russian Federation may provide additional payments to pensioners, legalized at the local level.

Not all local authorities have established additional payments. You can find out about the expected additional payments in the branches of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and the social protection departments of the city or region.

For example, it is known that in the Primorsky Territory, from 03/01/2020, a one-time payment of a thousand rubles towards pension is provided. You do not need to submit an application to receive it.

In the Krasnodar Territory, upon personal application, assistance is provided from 0.5 to 1.0 thousand rubles. citizens awarded the title of labor veteran.

New Year among the Chukchi

Among the peoples of Chukotka this holiday is called Pegytti. This name is given to the ritual star of the Chukchi - Altair (constellation Eagle). Their celebration takes place on December 21-22 - the winter solstice. This is due to the fact that it is from this day that the night gradually recedes, and daylight hours begin to increase.

The holiday is inseparable from fire and light. The Chukchi make a festive fire from a special “flint” board. Each family has its own board, and the flame lit with its help can only be passed on to relatives, otherwise there will be disaster. Sacrifice is also practiced. The Chukchi fill leather bowls with animal fat and go with them to ask the spirits for intercession.

It is customary to organize dances and chants, wishing goodness and joy to everyone. The New Year must be celebrated with bright thoughts and a pure heart. In this the Chukchi are certainly right.

Evenki traditions

The Evenks call the holiday of the beginning of the new year Hebdenek (“fun”) and takes place on June 21-22, the day of the summer solstice. To protect against evil spirits, it is customary to light a ritual fire at sunrise, to which juniper branches are added. People tie ribbons on the tree to make a wish that will come true in the coming year.

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The holiday is associated with the veneration of the sun, so dancing in circles is an unchangeable Evenki tradition. In addition, they believe that on this day the gates between the world of the living and the world of spirits open, so the requests and desires of people will certainly be heard.

Celebration among the Nenets

The Nenets have a big holiday twice a year. They celebrate the first time in June (Ta' er yala - “midsummer day”), and the second time in November, when the Arctic fox hunting season opens and the rivers freeze. In the summer, Nenets traditions, like the Evenks, prescribe tying a ribbon on a tree, namely on a birch tree, which is considered sacred among them. And on the autumn holiday, rituals of purification by fire take place. The Nenets ask the spirits for help and mercy.

But Father Frost and Snow Maiden are not welcome among them. According to the peoples of Yamal, they are evil spirits that can harm people. However, this belief is shared mainly by the older generation. Young people treat Father Frost and the Snow Maiden calmly and even dress up in their costumes for the holidays.

What will the pension supplement be in March 2019?

In the summer of 2020, at one of the working meetings, Tatyana Golikova announced information that the pension would increase by 1000 rubles per month, and the amount of the increase for the year would be 12 thousand rubles. Many interpreted this message to mean that 1 thousand rubles would be added to the pension every month. In fact, Golikova meant that when indexing payments from 1.01. In 2020, the pension will increase by 7.5% by 1 thousand rubles, and over the year the pensioner will receive payments of 12 thousand more than in the previous year. Therefore, no monthly premium is expected. Not everyone is entitled to an allowance of this size. Only those citizens whose pension is equal to or greater than 14,414 rubles will receive it. If the amount of payments is less, then the premium is lower. The declared increase of 1 thousand rubles is nothing more than the annual planned increase in pension benefits. This year it will grow by 7.5%. Indexation is carried out based on the inflation indicators of the previous year. If you look at the table data, you can see that in previous years indexation was slightly more than inflation, with the exception of 2020, when, with an inflation rate of 12.91%, the pension was increased by only 4%. In 2020, indexation exceeded inflation by almost 2 times - 7.5% versus 4.3%. This is how much the insurance pension will increase. Citizens' pensions will be increased once a year - on January 1. Only unemployed pensioners will receive the increase. It is planned to increase the average pension payments in the country to 20 thousand rubles by 2024.

Yakut Yysakh

The Yakuts call the New Year Yysakh, which translates as “abundance.” They also celebrate this holiday on the summer solstice. This is a day of honoring the sun, which they thank for life and warmth, so round dances in honor of the luminary are held all night until sunrise. The Yakuts believe that everyone who enters the circle receives positive light energy for the whole year. This round dance is called Osuokhai.

The celebration is accompanied by feasts, dancing, and folk songs. Another interesting tradition is associated with kumys, the sacred drink of the Yakut people. They spray it on grass, fires and trees.


The Ministry of Labor reports an expected increase in pensions for the period until 2024. Thus, the old-age insurance payment in 2021 is planned to increase by 6.3%, as a result of which the average annual benefit will reach 17,432 rubles. For comparison, in the first quarter of 2020 this figure did not exceed 15 thousand rubles.

In 2022, pensions will increase by 5.9%, in 2023 - by 5.6%. Thus, the annual increase will be approximately 1 thousand rubles. But this is only provided that the initial benefit amount was not less than 15 thousand rubles

If the pensioner received less than the designated amount, for example, 10 thousand rubles, then the pension will increase by about 600 rubles from January 1, 2021. For those who will retire during the designated period, it is important to know how much the amount of the fixed insurance payment will be indexed:

  • in 2021 - 6044.48 rubles;
  • in 2022 - 6401.1 rubles;
  • in 2023 - 6759.56 rubles.

So far, the planned indexation amount exceeds expected inflation indicators, but in the event of an unexpected increase, the increase will be adjusted upward. This was announced in the latest news by Anton Drozdov, head of the Russian Pension Fund. The increase will also affect social pensions, but they will be indexed as usual, from April 1.

New Year of the Pomors

The Pomors chose an unusual date for this holiday - September 14. On New Year's Day, a festive fair opens, pilots' processions take place, and fireworks are set off. A beautiful tradition is the lighting of a floating lighthouse, this symbolizes the coming of the new year.

It is also believed that you need to open the windows and doors of houses so that new happiness can enter your home. A broom was placed at the threshold, which symbolically swept away the old year.

These are the New Year traditions and rituals of the peoples of the North. This holiday is no less important for indigenous indigenous peoples than for us, and they know how to celebrate it, don’t they?

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The amount of old-age pensions in 2019-2024

Type of securityPensioner categoryPayment amount, in rub.
until 31.03.2020from 01.04.2020
By old ageSmall peoples of the North5283,855653,72
Disabled citizens over 65/70 years of age
By disabilityDisabled children12681,0913568,77
Disabled people from childhood, 1st group
Disabled people of 1st group10567,7311307,47
Disabled people since childhood, 2 groups
Disabled people 2nd group5283,855653,72
Disabled people of 3 groups4491,304805,70
For the loss of a breadwinnerLost one parent5283,855653,72
Those who have lost a single mother, both parents, and those whose parents are unknown10567,7311307,47

The total financial support of a pensioner cannot be less than the minimum subsistence level established in the region of his residence (see the table of the minimum pension for the constituent entities of the Russian Federation for 2020). If the assigned payment is lower than the regional PMP, the pensioner can apply for an additional payment up to the “minimum wage”.

Year% indexingPension amount
20206.6%14,986 rubles 25 kopecks
20216.3%15,930 rubles 48 kopecks
20225.9%16,870 rubles 10 kopecks
20235.6%17,814 rubles 56 kopecks
20245.5%18,794 rubles 34 kopecks

There will be no indexation of pensions for pensioners who are still working professionally. They will be able to receive indexed payments after leaving work. Recalculation of payments will be made from the next month after termination of employment.

Increasing pensions in 2020 for old-age pensioners is a mandatory component of social security reform in Russia. The pension reform, which started in 2020 and is designed for 10 years, provides not only for changing the conditions for retirement, but also for increasing the monetary security of pensioners.

The 2020 budget will provide for another increase in pensions. These increases will affect those citizens who receive insurance benefits due to age, in the event of the loss of a breadwinner, or in case of disability. The price of the pension point plus a fixed payment is subject to indexation. These are two components that are the basis in pension calculations.

The government plans indexation that will be higher than the planned inflation threshold. The average national insurance pension payment will be more than sixteen thousand rubles; they are increasing in accordance with the forecast inflation thresholds recorded in government documents until 2024.

The pension of non-working pensioners will increase by 6.6%. The pensions of working citizens of retirement age will remain unchanged. But in the summer of 2020, there will be an automatic recalculation of seniority, which will allow you to receive additional payment. The amount of the additional payment will vary depending on the pension points collected.

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