There will be no indexation of military pensions on October 1, 2020

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  • The procedure for calculating pensions for military personnel
  • What is causing the increase in military pensions? Indexation due to increased monetary allowance
  • Reduction factor in 2020
  • Regional coefficient for military pension
  • Establishment of allowances for military pensioners
  • Increase in pensions for certain categories of pensioners
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    According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, military pensions can be paid to both former military personnel and their family members in the event of the death of a military man. In accordance with this, payments are divided into three types:

    • for length of service;
    • on disability;
    • for the loss of a breadwinner.

    The pension provision of recipients of insurance and social payments is increased due to the indexation of pensions .

    The increase in all types of military pensions mainly depends on the indexation of monetary allowances. In addition, an important role is played by the reduction factor, which is recalculated in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

    The place of service also influences the growth of pensions for former military personnel. If a citizen has served a certain number of years in areas with difficult climatic conditions, where more physical labor is required, his pension will be increased by the regional coefficient applied in a particular area.

    The procedure for calculating pensions for military personnel

    The main factor in establishing security for the military is the amount of monetary allowance . Cash allowance represents the salary of military personnel. According to Article 43 of Law No. 4468-1 of February 12, 1993, it is used when calculating pensions for military personnel, and in some cases for their relatives.

    A serviceman's salary depends on the position he occupies. The amount of payments is calculated from its value. To determine the amount of collateral, you need to find the base. The base is the amount:

    1. salary for a military position;
    2. salary according to military rank;
    3. monthly or percentage bonus for length of service (this also includes payments in connection with indexation of allowances).

    Further, the base is subject to adjustment in accordance with the coefficients and other circumstances affecting the size of the payment. After all the adjustments required in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the size of the serviceman’s pension is determined.

    Benefits for military families effective in 2020

    Workers from the country's defense sector are entitled to many diverse benefits. One of the largest one-time payments concerns the so-called support payment in the amount of 28,511 rubles. It applies to pregnant wives of those citizens who are conscripted military personnel. Only wives can apply for funds if the pregnancy period exceeds 180 days.

    Consultants warned that the requirements for receiving this one-time assistance are quite large. In addition to the need for the marriage to be registered on an official basis, and for the husband to serve in conscription, you will also have to provide a certificate from the antenatal clinic.

    You need to write an application to the social welfare department at your place of residence. The center’s specialists must complete the inspection within 10 days.

    Those who are worried that such a significant amount of government support will block access to other types of benefits that a pregnant woman can receive are in vain. The department assured that payment under such a program does not affect the possibility of receiving a number of other benefits or required payments under the remaining government programs, which have increased due to quarantine.

    What is causing the increase in military pensions?

    Unlike the civilian population, whose pension provision is growing thanks to the annual planned indexation of pensions, payments to former military personnel increase according to different rules. For recipients of military support, the increase in pensions occurs mainly due to :

    • indexation of military pay;
    • increasing the reduction factor .

    other factors also influence the size of military pensions . This includes the place of service, on which the regional coefficient depends, and length of service, etc. And some categories of citizens are entitled to special bonuses, which depend on a particular situation (reaching a certain age, having dependents, etc.).

    Indexation of military pensions by increasing pay

    The salary of a military man, just like the salary of a civilian, must constantly increase due to the increase in prices in the country. Along with the increase in allowances, military pensions are also increasing .

    However, due to the current economic situation in our country, the Government of the Russian Federation decided to suspend the increase in salaries for both military personnel and civil servants and judges for some time. This measure was applied in 2015-2016.

    Until now, Federal Law No. 455-FZ of December 19, 2020 was in force, according to which the “freeze” of indexation of military salaries was extended until January 1, 2020 (see paragraph 1 of Article 1).

    Provision for military pensioners increases along with the indexation of military salaries. In 2020, monetary allowances increased by 4%, and in connection with this, there will be an increase in pensions for former military personnel and members of their families.

    Reduction factor for military pension in 2020

    When assigning security, the monetary allowance is not taken into account in full, but only part of it ( reducing factor ). This ratio must increase annually by at least 2% until it reaches 100%. On January 1, 2012, this figure was 54%.

    Currently, according to paragraph 2 of Article 1 of Federal Law No. 430-FZ of December 19, 2020, the reduction coefficient from February 1, 2020 is 72.23%. This year this value has not changed. In other words, in 2020, pensions for military personnel will be calculated at 72.23% of their salary.

    Regional coefficient for military pension

    The legislation of the Russian Federation for citizens living in certain territories of our country (with severe climatic conditions) provides for a regional coefficient , due to which the pension increases.

    Military pensioners and relatives of military personnel receiving survivor benefits, in accordance with Article 48 of Law No. 4468-1 of February 12, 1993, can also count on the calculation of pensions taking into account the regional coefficient. In addition, taking into account this coefficient, the required pension supplements .

    The size of the coefficient depends on the place of service of the citizen. According to the Appendix to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1237 of December 30, 2011, the coefficients are established in the following amount:

    • from 1.15 to 2 - for service in the Far North and equivalent areas (Kamchatka Territory, Magadan Region, etc.);
    • from 1.15 to 1.4 - for service in high mountain areas (located at an altitude of 1500 meters to 3000 meters above sea level);
    • from 1.1 to 1.3 - for service in desert and waterless areas (part of the Republic of Dagestan, the Republic of Kalmykia, etc.).

    This measure applies only if the citizen lives in this area. When leaving its borders, the security is subject to recalculation. However, for those who have served at least 15 calendar years in the regions of the Far North and at least 20 calendar years in areas equivalent to it, the security is paid taking into account the coefficient even when leaving these areas.

    Establishment of allowances for military pensioners

    allowances may be established for each type of pension for military personnel and their family members . The amount of this financial assistance depends on certain life situations.

    long service pensions are provided in the following amounts:

    • 100% - disabled people of the first group and citizens over 80 years of age;
    • 64% - WWII participants who have reached the age of 80;
    • 32% (64% and 100%) - to unemployed recipients who have one dependent disabled family member (two, three or more, respectively), provided that the dependent does not receive insurance or social benefits;
    • 32% - WWII participants.

    Recipients of a military disability are entitled to bonuses in the amount of:

    • 100% - to pensioners who have a disability due to a military injury and have reached the age of 55 and 60 years (women and men, respectively);
    • 64% - participants of the Great Patriotic War, upon reaching 80 years of age or having the first or second group of disability;
    • 32% - WWII participants.

    Relatives of a deceased serviceman receiving state benefits for the loss of a breadwinner may also, under certain conditions, be provided with allowances in the amount of:

    • 100% - to recipients who have the first disability group or have reached the age of 80 years;
    • 32% - disabled people from childhood of the first and second groups and disabled children who have lost both parents or are the children of a deceased single mother.

    How indexation will affect the amount of payments

    Taking into account the planned budget funds for 2021-2022, 2 times more funds have been allocated for indexing pensions for military personnel. Pensioners are facing the prospect of receiving an increase that will exceed the rate of inflation. This means that the reduction factor can increase by 100%.

    In 2020, it was also expected to increase, but in fact there will be an increase in the pension to the minimum. The indexation calculation was made, and it turned out to be 2 times lower than expected.

    The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation reported that after the indexation of pensions on October 1, 2020, their average value will be as follows:

    • RUB 26,968 - for former employees of the Ministry of Defense.
    • RUB 30,900 - for those who worked in the FSB.
    • RUB 17,510 - for former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and police officers.

    The Federation Council informed that, starting in 2011, the size of pensions for military personnel increased from the amount of 10,600 rubles. up to 26,968 rub .

    For the next 4 years, payments for military pensions are planned to be indexed by 4%.

    Increase in pensions for some categories of pensioners

    For certain categories of citizens from among military pensioners, in accordance with Article 45 of Law No. 4468-1 of February 12, 1993, pensions are paid at an increased rate . Recipients of any of the three types of state security can count on an increase in pension if they are:

    • Heroes of the Soviet Union or Heroes of the Russian Federation, as well as if awarded the Order of Glory (three degrees) - 100%;
    • Heroes of Socialist Labor or Heroes of Labor of the Russian Federation - by 50%;
    • champions of the Olympic (Paralympic or Deaflympic) Games - by 50%;
    • WWII participants or combat veterans - by 32%;
    • “Residents of besieged Leningrad” - by 32%;
    • disabled since childhood due to injuries associated with military operations during the Second World War - by 32%;
    • former minor prisoners of fascist concentration camps (ghettos or other places of forced detention of fascists) - by 32%;
    • persons who were in military service for at least six months in the period from June 22, 1941 to September 3, 1945 or worked for at least six months in the temporarily occupied territories of the USSR - by 16%;
    • persons unreasonably repressed for political reasons - by 16%;
    • holders of the Order of Labor Glory or the Order “For Service to the Motherland in the USSR Armed Forces” - by 15%.

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    • Olya 05/12/2017 at 11:35
      My dad is a former military man. About five years ago he became disabled and lost his leg (while performing a work assignment). Now he receives a disability pension. Not long ago I started training hard. He wants to compete for the country at the Paralympic Games. I heard that the Olympians are entitled to some kind of payment. And if he is a Paralympian, will he be paid extra for this?


        Alina 05/12/2017 at 15:03

        In accordance with Article 45 of Law No. 4468-1 of February 12, 1993, increased security is provided for certain categories of citizens among recipients of military pensions (for length of service, disability or loss of a breadwinner). These citizens include champions of the Olympic and Paralympic, as well as Deaflympic (for people with hearing impairment) games. This increase is 50% of the citizen’s pension.

        Thus, your father, as a recipient of military disability benefits, will be able to count on this increase of 50% only if he becomes a champion of the Paralympic Games. Currently, the legislation of the Russian Federation does not provide for additional payments only for participation in games.


  • Anastasia 06/07/2017 at 15:23

    My sister is the widow of a military serviceman. He died two years ago. Receives a survivor's pension for himself and his minor daughter. Someone told her about bonuses for the children of fallen soldiers. But the Pension Fund of Russia refused, saying that they did not understand everything correctly. Please explain whether her daughter is entitled to this bonus or not?


    Alina 06/08/2017 at 09:38

    Most likely, we are talking about a bonus in accordance with Article 38 of Law No. 4468-1 of February 12, 1993. According to this article, children who have lost both parents (as well as children of a deceased single mother) who are:

    • disabled children;
    • disabled since childhood of the first and second groups.

  • Since your sister’s daughter does not belong to any of these categories, there is no supplement to her pension. The actions of the Pension Fund of Russia are lawful.


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