Let's figure out what subsidies are available for air tickets in 2020

Pensioners are a separate socially unprotected category of citizens who, as a rule, cannot work. At the state level, privileges and pension payments are provided for such beneficiaries, which allow ordinary citizens who do not have titles to receive a small monthly income.

Thanks to social norms adopted annually aimed at supporting these citizens, the state manages to make life easier for pensioners. In particular, a subsidy has recently appeared that allows pensioners to purchase discounted air tickets in 2019.

Features of the subsidy program

For older people, traveling by train or bus can be quite tiring, especially over long distances. It is much more convenient to get to the desired city by plane. But the cost of air tickets in this case is noticeably higher.

Since 2009, the country has had a special program providing benefits to senior citizens when purchasing air tickets. Subsidized plane tickets for pensioners are sold at half the real price. For Russian companies, the cost of the flight is partially reimbursed by the state; taxes and fees are not charged.

Subsidizing has certain features:

  • Airlines set their own fares, so even a discount ticket can be quite expensive.
  • When purchasing a ticket, a pensioner must confirm their status and age, and also present an identification document.
  • Flights are subsidized during the winter and summer seasons.
  • A limited number of air carriers operate under this scheme.

Important! Benefits under the state program can only be obtained from companies that are its participants.

Air transportation subsidy programs allow you to solve several problems at once:

  • Increase accessibility in those regions of the country where air travel has no alternative.
  • Intensify tourist flows.
  • Encourage Russians to travel on vacation to Crimea.

Information about air tickets that pensioners can purchase at a discount is published on the websites of carriers participating in the program.

Tips and tricks

Many air carriers that do not participate in the state program are forced to organize various promotions and discounts in order not to give in to competition. This is an excellent chance to buy cheap tickets, which can be used by people who are not covered by the social program. To fly cheaper, you can purchase a boarding pass in advance or, conversely, a few hours before departure, when returned or unclaimed tickets are sold. They start selling at the last minute, so it's worth coming to the airport and trying your luck. Maybe you'll get lucky.

Who are subsidized tickets for?

Discount air tickets for 2020 for pensioners are available to the following categories of citizens:

  • Women over 55 years of age and men over 60 years of age.
  • People who have retired due to having many children (more than 5 children in a family).
  • Russians who have worked in the Far North or in hazardous working conditions.

Young people under the age of 23, disabled people of the first group at any age and their accompanying persons, citizens accompanying a disabled child or a disabled person from childhood of the second or third groups can also purchase an air ticket at a lower price.

Preferential directions

Discount air tickets for pensioners are available for flights to several destinations:

  • To the Crimean peninsula.
  • To the Far East.
  • To Kaliningrad.
  • To certain Russian regions.

Regional program rules may vary significantly. Thus, in Karelia and Tatarstan, a ticket for a flight on some routes can be purchased with a 61% discount, and in the Kaluga or Lipetsk region the discount does not exceed 50%.

Important! In 2020, the federal program covers 197 regional routes.

Cheap tickets to Crimea

Discount air tickets to Crimea are especially popular among Russian pensioners. However, you can only purchase them from April 1 to October 1. Preferential air transportation is carried out to Simferopol airport from 56 cities of the Russian Federation. Both the sales period for discounted tickets and the list of departure cities may change, so you need to follow the information.

The cost of a ticket to Crimea under the subsidy program depends on the distance from the departure point to the peninsula. Accordingly, the lowest prices apply to residents of the southern regions of the country, the highest – to the population of Siberia and the Urals.

How to get a discount on a flight

To receive a discount on an air ticket, a pensioner must:

  • Find out which air carriers flying to the desired location are participating in the state program.
  • Analyze the offered prices for economic benefits.
  • Communicate your status at the time of booking.
  • Present a document confirming your right to the benefit when purchasing an air ticket.
  • When checking in for your flight, have your pension certificate with you.

Please note that a passenger traveling on a discount ticket has the same rights as all other people on the plane. When a pensioner purchases such an air ticket, it is better for him to immediately find out all the nuances associated with the possibility of extension or return, as well as the rules for transporting baggage.

Important! If the subsidized ticket is returned, you will have to pay compensation to the air carrier.

Where do they sell subsidized air tickets?

Tickets under the subsidy program are sold at special ticket offices, as well as from official representatives of the airline. Such air tickets are not sold online. There is no time limit for tickets, but their number is limited. The offer can be used if there are empty seats on the flight.

From time to time, companies appear on the Internet offering to purchase subsidized plane tickets online. This method of sale is not provided for by the rules. But regional agencies often announce the possibility of booking using scanned documentation. In other words, a person must send scans of documents confirming his right to a discount. The passenger can act in this way only at his own peril and risk. Sometimes the prices of standard affiliate programs are presented as subsidized ones.

Important! Residents of cities where there are no airline representatives need to find out about the location of the nearest such organization and purchase air tickets there. Under no circumstances should you buy tickets from private individuals.

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Features of subsidized tickets

The requirements of different air carriers for subsidized air tickets vary, but there are principles common to all:

  • Discounted fares apply only to flights with economy class service.
  • One person can buy subsidized tickets to any destination an unlimited number of times.
  • The carrier has no obligation to provide additional seats for beneficiaries if all tickets for the flight are sold.
  • It is possible to pre-order and book air tickets.
  • Baggage transportation is paid according to the carrier’s uniform rules.
  • Subsidy tickets are exempt from fees and surcharges.

Important! Flights within the subsidy program do not earn miles under the bonus program.

Tickets are sold at discounted prices all year round, but they are not easy to buy. This is especially true for flights to Crimea during the tourist season. At this time, subsidized air tickets are sold out in a matter of days, so you need to regularly inquire about their availability and not delay purchasing.

In 2020, the authorities intend to allocate about 700 million rubles to subsidize air travel. With this approach, the number of discount tickets should increase by 20%. But the emphasis is supposed to be on the Far Eastern region. Eight airlines will operate flights to this part of the country within the framework of the state program. The total number of routes covered by subsidies will exceed 160. In the Kaliningrad direction, 6 carriers will operate on all routes.

Disadvantages of subsidized tickets

In addition to the obvious advantages in the form of significant savings on tickets, purchasing travel documents on preferential terms has some disadvantages:

  • Not all airlines participate in the state program.
  • Residents of regions defined at the legislative level can take advantage of the benefits.
  • For a number of destinations there are restrictions on the time of ticket sales.
  • It is extremely difficult to buy a subsidized ticket to a popular destination during the high season.
  • To purchase a subsidized air ticket, you will have to go to the airline representative office or ticket office.

The benefit under the state program can only be used on the cost of an air ticket. All other services provided at the airport or on board are paid separately and in full.

Other ways to save on airfare

Subsidized tickets are not the only opportunity for Russian pensioners to fly at a discount. Many air carriers offer special conditions for certain categories of citizens. For example, UTair provides the opportunity for free round-trip or one-way flights to WWII veterans; the benefit is valid once a year. Usually such promotions are carried out by large companies.

If a pensioner was unable to buy a ticket under the subsidy program, this does not mean that he will have to abandon the trip. There are other ways to save on a flight, for example, using the services of a low-cost airline. Such organizations sell cheap tickets, but significantly reduce the list of services.

Flying with a low-cost airline has a number of features:

  • The passenger cannot choose his seat on board.
  • Meals are not provided during the flight.
  • Baggage transportation is paid separately, with the exception of hand luggage.
  • Additional services are available for an additional fee.

Sometimes low-cost airlines' offers turn out to be more profitable than the ticket price taking into account the subsidy. It is advisable to weigh and explore all options in advance.

Russian pensioners can purchase a plane ticket with a 50% discount under the subsidy program. This approach works in several areas. When purchasing a ticket, you must present documents confirming your right to the discount.

Aeroflot benefits for pensioners in 2020

available for an additional fee. To fly a minor on their own, parents must purchase a ticket at a reduced rate with a seat provided for the child, fill out an application for an escort service and provide airline employees with a complete set of documentation according to the approved list.

Flight on subsidized air tickets As a rule, baggage transportation is not included in their price. The passenger has the right to take only hand luggage on board. You will have to pay separately for suitcases. There are also special requirements for the possibility of returning such tickets.

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