Is there a discount for labor veterans on train tickets in 2020?

Travel compensation for non-working northern pensioners

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Compensation for travel costs may be refused, for example, if the vacation took place outside the Russian Federation; if the trip was made by personal transport; if a pensioner - a federal benefit recipient used travel to a place of sanatorium-resort treatment through the Social Insurance Fund in the year of applying for compensation to the territorial body of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

If a pensioner travels to and from a vacation spot of a higher cost category (for example, in a compartment car of a passenger train or in a business class cabin on an airplane), he must submit an additional document about the cost of travel on this route within the limits established by law (to for example, in a reserved seat carriage of a passenger train or in an economy (lower) class cabin of an airplane).

How to get a discount on public transport?

In addition, participants in the Russian Railways Bonus program can count on a 5% discount when traveling in compartment cars within the Russian Federation and other privileges.

When purchasing, you will need a passport and a document confirming a certain status of a person - Book of a Hero of the Soviet Union, ID card of a disabled person during the Second World War, etc. In addition, privileged categories of passengers are required to provide a book or a sheet of coupons when purchasing - a document issued by social insurance authorities.

To receive it, you only need to contact the pension fund with a completed application for benefits and provide the necessary documents. Next, the application will be submitted for consideration and after a certain period of time the required allowance for reduced travel will be issued.

Russian Railways provides all kinds of discounts on ticket purchases. A complete list of them can be found on the Russian Railways website. They also apply to persons of retirement age.

How to return train tickets through the Russian Railways ticket office? Terms, rules, commission, receiving money

An unnecessary ticket will be returned at a special return desk . This can be done at any nearest railway station or train station. You must have a passport or other identification document with which you purchased the travel document (its number is indicated on the ticket).

also possible to return another passenger’s travel document if they are returning it together with their own, and they are both issued for the same train, with the same route and departure date. In all other cases, in order to return someone else's ticket, you need a power of attorney certified by a notary and a passport .

Single tickets for travel on trains

RZD TELEGRAM - travel for federal beneficiaries From January 1, 2010, citizens who are recipients of social support measures at the federal level must issue only one-time travel documents (tickets) in the “there” or “round-trip” direction for trains numbered 6000 and 7000. Registration of travel for citizens receiving social services is carried out upon presentation of a document proving their identity (passport, identity card, etc.), a certificate confirming their preferential status, and a Certificate issued by the territorial body of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (approved by a resolution of the Government of the Pension Fund RF dated November 2, 2006 No. 261p). Citizens - recipients of social services who are residents of Moscow and the Moscow region, must register travel within the Moscow Railway and the Moscow branch of the Oktyabrskaya Railway (Moscow - Tver section) upon presentation of a social card of a Muscovite and a social card of a resident of the Moscow Region, respectively. TELEGRAM RZD - travel for regional benefit recipients From January 1, 2010, in accordance with concluded agreements between regional administrations and the Moscow Railway - a branch of JSC Russian Railways for the provision of services for the transportation of citizens - recipients of social services at the regional level (labor veterans, home front workers, rehabilitated) by rail in suburban traffic for 2010 on the terms stipulated by the agreements:

3. Residents of the Moscow region - recipients of social services are issued cash-free single tickets (on the day of the trip) only for travel on trains numbered 6000 using the “Social card of a resident of the Moscow region” on the routes specified in the Agreement.

Payment for vacation travel for pensioners of the North

Non-working pensioners of the Far North and areas that are equivalent to them (KSi PM), who retired due to old age and disability, once every two years can receive compensation for transportation costs to the place of vacation and back if the vacation takes place on the territory of the Russian Federation.

To receive such compensation, you need to provide to the Pension Fund a confirming certificate from the railway ticket office about the cost of travel in a non-compartment carriage of a passenger train on the day of travel in this direction. If there are no trains of a lower category on the route chosen by the pensioner, then a confirming certificate from the railway ticket office will also be needed.

Travel by train: who is entitled to benefits?

Socially vulnerable segments of the population in the Russian Federation are supported financially in every possible way. Benefits are such a support measure, allowing veterans, pensioners, and disabled people to pay less. Fare payment, in particular, on commuter trains – electric trains – is no exception.

Providing benefits to these categories of persons looks like a 100% discount on travel costs. To receive a free ticket, a citizen is issued a one-time document in both directions or one way. The beneficiary can travel back using this ticket until the end of the next day. Basically, the ticket is issued immediately before the departure of the commuter train. In some cities, for example, St. Petersburg and Moscow, you can issue a document a week before the trip.

Free legal advice

If a pensioner is the holder of a Muscovite social card, he is entitled to free travel on any type of public transport within the boundaries of the city of Moscow. As for residents of St. Petersburg, they cannot obtain free travel without having the right to this benefit. However, the following can count on a discount when paying for a travel pass:

Recently, prices for travel in urban transport have been steadily increasing, which does not allow pensioners to once again use the services of urban, suburban and intercity transport. At the same time, a pensioner is often physically unable to walk even a short distance. In order not to limit the movement of older people in this way, the state has provided travel benefits for them in the form of discounted travel tickets. Until now, not many people know about how to get a discounted travel ticket for pensioners in 2020.

Temporary actions of carriers and legislative acts of local authorities

Every year, railways hold promotions that help you buy Russian Railways train tickets at a lower price, dedicated to memorable dates in our history, or giving a discount on a popular destination in a particular season. Thus, in honor of Victory Day, Russian Railways gave every participant in the Great Patriotic War the right to travel free of charge to any place in Russia, thereby giving the opportunity to visit relatives, friends or the places of battles in which they participated. All information about such events appears on the carrier’s website and is constantly updated.

Are there any benefits for pensioners on long-distance train tickets?

It is also worth carefully considering the issue of discounts for pensioners on train tickets for travel on commuter trains. Depending on the region where the pensioner lives, persons who have reached retirement age may qualify for a free ticket for commuter trains. A positive decision depends on whether the district budget has money to cover the cost of train tickets for pensioners. Some constituent entities of the Russian Federation are introducing temporary benefits for the purchase of tickets on electric trains for pensioners during the summer or the May holidays. For example, in the Leningrad region there was free travel on the train all year round, and for pensioners in St. Petersburg for the entire summer season from April to October. Similar events are regularly held throughout the country.

The governments of most regions of the Russian Federation have their own programs to support socially vulnerable segments of the population, which include all pensioners. And each such program includes measures to subsidize transport costs either in the form of a benefit (discount on the ticket price) or in the form of a cash supplement to the pension amount. You can choose the appropriate option yourself by writing an application for a benefit or an application to refuse it and replace it with a cash supplement to your pension. This is especially true for pensioners who rarely use commuter and long-distance trains.

You can obtain complete and up-to-date information on assistance to pensioners for travel in a specific region at the local branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Qualified specialists will tell you what documents are needed when purchasing train tickets and what discount you can expect.

When traveling by train, you need to know how to save on tickets. There is a voluminous list of beneficiaries who purchase travel passes at reduced rates. Russian Railways also sets different ticket prices for ordinary citizens who are not entitled to preferences.

Let's figure out who can buy train tickets at a discount and when, and who gets them for free.

Travel benefits for pensioners

In most Russian cities, there is no discount for traveling by bus within the city. This is due to the fact that such transportation is provided by private companies, and local authorities do not impose corresponding requirements on them. Previously, in some regions of the country there was a rule that the driver had to carry up to 5 people on benefits, that is, if 6 pensioners got on the bus, then he had to pay. Today, such a system is practically never found; instead, individual cities of the country have their own conditions for minibuses:

There are so-called “Northern benefits”. This is a type of social assistance for pensioners who live in the extreme northern regions of the country. By law, “northern benefits” provide for free travel on trains once within 2 years. This is designed for the right of pensioners to improve their health and relax.

Free travel for pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on railways from what age

  • For 3 people on permanent support - 100 percent towards pension.
  • A pensioner with 1 disability group, or if his age exceeds 80 years, then he is paid a 100% pension supplement.
  • If a citizen has a dependent, he is paid a premium of 32 percent.
  • For having 2 dependents - an increase of 64 percent.

Benefits, rights and privileges for pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia in 2020

Indexation of such cash payments occurs on a par with other benefits. Currently, pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are entitled to a one-time payment in the amount of 5,000 rubles, which was paid to all persons who have reached retirement age. Pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who retired from work due to length of service are entitled to special allowances:

Additional transport benefits are provided for former military personnel and pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: citizens with this status are allowed to use transport free of charge once a year when going to the place of treatment and back (the benefit applies exclusively to travel to subordinate medical institutions and sanatoriums). The same opportunity, only once every two years, is provided for residents of the northern regions of the country.

Russian Railways has provided a good opportunity, which is already being actively used by large families. Some of them go on entire trips, relying on their own income. In accordance with the conditions presented, they turn out to be quite sufficient for a comfortable stay.

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Benefits and discounts on travel for disabled people of groups 1, 2 and 3 in public transport

Not all retirees have the opportunity to work. Some are not allowed by their health, while others are denied official employment due to their age. Such pensioners belong to the category of vulnerable citizens and, like no one else, need support from the state.

A ticket for the trip can be purchased one and a half months before the departure date. And if you make such a purchase on the first day of sales, you can additionally receive a significant discount. But not all citizens have the opportunity to monitor the start of sales of coupons for the destination they need. That’s why Russian Railways has a program of special offers. However, you can only get them on certain days and on a limited number of routes.

Where to return tickets for pensioners

— I’m already a pensioner, but I work under a contract. At the end of the month, the contract expires and neither party intends to renew it. Can I take advantage of the right to free travel this year, despite the fact that I was listed as working for several months from the beginning of the year?

The rules for providing such compensation were approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 176 of 04/01/2005. However, residents of Karelia have many questions on this topic. We are publishing the most common comments made during the hotline of Nadezhda Evstratova, Deputy Manager of the PFR Branch for the Republic of Karelia.

Does a pensioner need a boarding pass when paying for an electronic train ticket?

at a ticket office on the territory of the Russian Federation that returns tickets, upon presentation of a control coupon or electronic ticket/order number and an identification document of the passenger, the number of which is indicated on the electronic ticket, in accordance with the established return periods. Refunds of unused international electronic tickets (far abroad) are carried out only at international ticket offices.

If you have completed electronic registration for domestic and international trains No. 17/18 Moscow - Nice - Moscow; No. 21/22 Moscow - Prague - Moscow, including direct carriages: Moscow - Vienna - Moscow, Moscow - Karlovy Vary - Cheb - Moscow, St. Petersburg - Prague - St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg - Vienna - St. Petersburg; No. 23/24 Moscow – Paris – Moscow; No. 32/31 Moscow - Helsinki - Moscow and high-speed trains "Allegro" St. Petersburg - Helsinki - St. Petersburg, then boarding the carriage is carried out upon presentation to the conductor of the carriage of an electronic ticket (boarding pass) on paper (A4 format) or the screen of a mobile device and an identification document of the passenger specified in the electronic ticket (for children under 14 years of age on domestic Russian trains, a notarized copy of the birth certificate is allowed).

Gatherings at the monitor

Yeah, now I’ll tell you what kind of happiness this is. Firstly, to get to a vacation spot you need to spend about three days on the road. Three days there and the same time back. Airports, train stations, bus stations, metro, minibuses, rideshares, and so on - all this goodness will be in abundance for you, so much that it will take you three more days to recover from all these takeoffs and landings and time zone changes.

So, today's gatherings are only for those pensioners who live in the north and have the opportunity from time to time to afford such a small luxury as relaxing on the mainland or going to a sanatorium. The state shows touching concern for us by taking on the cost of this journey. Whoever you tell about this on the mainland, they immediately say how lucky we are.

Benefits for pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

  1. Pensions and various payments that are provided to improve living conditions are not taxed and do not form a tax base.
  2. There is no need to pay property tax, but this relief is only relevant for one property. The pensioner himself can choose what exactly he will not pay for. All other properties are subject to this tax.
  3. Possibility of receiving compensation for paying land tax.
  4. Transport tax benefit (not relevant in all regions and is regulated by internal regulations).

These benefits are issued at the social benefits department and at the Pension Fund. You will need to have a complete package of documents with you. In some cases, a certificate of income of the deceased will be required. It can be obtained through the Pension Fund or directly at the place of work of the deceased.

Travel benefits for pensioners in 2020 on public transport

Many unemployed older people do not know and do not use the preferences and subsidies provided by their status. State social services strongly recommend contacting them every year for more information about the amounts and types of benefits. Social benefits change depending on the economic situation and funding opportunities of each individual region, as does the system of reimbursement of expenses itself.

In the difficult general economic situation in the country, many pensioners are forced to save. Benefits and monetary compensation provided for by law help older people reduce costs. The relaxations provided by the state apply to the costs of housing and communal services, medical treatment, acquisition and maintenance of real estate, and social programs also provide for travel expenses for pensioners. Most people in this category of the population are concerned about what travel benefits will be available for pensioners in 2020.

Tickets for Labor Veterans on a Suburban Train

Among other things, in certain administrative units of Russia, decisions of local municipalities in certain directions may provide additional preferences in the form of preferential travel by suburban rail for certain categories of citizens.

Rules for granting benefits for travel on trains

Pensioners in Russia are separate categories of beneficiaries, and the types of their benefits depend on the presence of additional status: disabled, low-income, veteran. In addition to food and utility bills, older people need health improvement. So, some citizens can get train trips to the place of treatment free of charge.

  • contact the social protection authorities at the person’s place of residence;
  • present a ticket and documents confirming your preferential status;
  • write a handwritten statement requesting a refund of part of the costs.

In addition to receiving general preferences available to persons with health impairments, additional privileges are also provided for persons with disabilities. These include the possibility of free transportation with you of all the means and devices necessary for the movement of a disabled person and maintaining his health.

Free trips to the place of treatment

Once a year, beneficiaries have the right to a free trip to a sanatorium for health improvement. In addition to getting a free trip, there is also a chance to receive travel compensation. Payment is not made in advance and benefits for labor veterans are not available in material form. To receive privileges, you will have to:

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  • disabled people of any group and persons accompanying them;
  • participants of the Great Patriotic War, as well as home front workers during wartime;
  • citizens who lived in besieged Leningrad;
  • persons who served in units of the Soviet army during the Second World War;
  • minor prisoners of fascist camps;
  • liquidators of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident;
  • other groups of persons with federal benefits.

Return of tickets

If the registration procedure has been completed, then in order to return you need to take into account that the operation can be completed no later than an hour before the departure of the train. Unfortunately, you cannot do this from your personal account, so you need to come to the station of the starting point of the route and make a refund at the ticket office.

The need to return train tickets may arise for any person. But this is not a reason to panic and be upset, since the Ministry of Transport provides for the possibility of a passenger receiving money in exchange for a purchased travel ticket, which for various reasons he cannot use. If you find yourself in such a situation, then in any case you have the right to get back the money paid for tickets, but only to the extent regulated by law. Attention: when returning tickets, you will receive an amount that depends on the time before the train departs.

Refunds for tickets for pensioners in 2019

How to purchase discounted tickets

Railway companies constantly hold promotions - the earlier you purchase a ticket, the greater the discount on it. Therefore, if you know the departure date in advance, then purchase a ticket before the appointed date at competitive prices.

When purchasing tickets early, a discount applies to all travel passes and the earlier the ticket was purchased, the greater the discount will be.

It is also worth carefully considering the issue of discounts for pensioners on train tickets for travel on commuter trains. Depending on the region where the pensioner lives, persons who have reached retirement age may qualify for a free ticket for commuter trains.

The official website provides data on all categories of citizens who can receive discounted train tickets at the box office or when purchasing via the Internet. This series includes all groups of people established by federal legislation as preferential. The costs of providing travel for this class of residents are borne entirely by the Russian federal budget.

If you belong to one of the categories listed above, you may qualify for benefits. To confirm membership in these groups, it is necessary to present the relevant document to government authorities.

Compensation for Russian Railways Train Travel to Pensioners in 2020

The fare subject to reimbursement does not include the costs of payment of fees established by transport for services provided during registration, re-issuance and return of travel documents (with the exception of the insurance fee for compulsory personal insurance of passengers), fees and payments for other additional services (provision of bedding accessories, additional food, etc.), as well as costs associated with obtaining documents on the cost of travel by a pensioner from a transport organization. Citizens of the Russian Federation of retirement age must contact their local social security authority to apply for travel compensation for a pensioner in 2020. Transport subsidies will be financed from the federal and regional budgets on the basis of relevant legislative acts. The right to free use of municipal public transport will remain for a number of preferential categories; other elderly people will be able to obtain financial compensation or a discounted travel ticket. Free travel for pensioners in the Moscow region in 2020 was introduced on the basis of the law of the Moscow region No. 136/2018-OZ, which was adopted by the Moscow Regional Duma on July 5 and signed by the governor on the 23rd.

The law provides additional support measures in the form of the right to free travel on electric trains to certain categories of beneficiaries living in the Moscow region and bears the corresponding name. Reports that free travel would be introduced for pensioners in Moscow and the Moscow region in 2018 appeared in early July after corresponding statements by the mayor of Moscow and the governor of the Moscow region. These initiatives were formalized by relevant regulations, which came into effect on August 1. A significant part of the residents of the capital and region received the right to travel on commuter trains completely free of charge.

We'll tell you more about who can take advantage of this benefit.

Benefits for pensioners on train tickets in 2020

Not everywhere in Russia the transport system functions without failures and restrictions. Of course, people can get to the right place in different ways - by bus or train, by plane or by ferry, but not everyone has the financial ability to pay for the service provided.

Since older people today are considered one of the most vulnerable groups of the population, special benefits are provided for pensioners on Russian Railways in 2020. This article will discuss the issue in more detail.

Are there any benefits for pensioners on Russian Railways tickets in 2020?

The state is accommodating to pensioners, since state support is very small. Not every elderly man or woman can afford even a country trip. In this regard, a system of benefits for railway fares was developed.

Thanks to the provision of discounts to pensioners on Russian Railways, train travel will cost several times less. Today there are two types of benefits for older people:

  • complete exemption from fares;
  • payment of the ticket price at a reduced price.

Only certain groups of citizens can count on free travel on railway transport in 2020. As for the discounted price, the discount percentage is determined locally.

Attention! Before setting off on a trip, a pensioner should clarify in advance information about what benefits he is entitled to when purchasing a ticket.

The decision to provide discounts is made at the local level. In fact, free travel is a measure of social support that is included in a special set of services. The decision to provide benefits is made every year. In most cases, payment is made from local budget funds.

For long distance trains

The most popular service is one that allows pensioners to receive a discount on long-distance train tickets. This can significantly reduce travel expenses for older people, especially when retirees travel frequently. The size of the discount will depend on the following points:

  1. What status does the beneficiary have (veteran or combat participant).
  2. Destination of travel by train.
  3. Seasonality. What time of year does a pensioner go on a trip?

Interesting! In practice, when purchasing tickets, the discount is a maximum of 50% of the total ticket price. The average is 35%. Residents of the region will be able to take advantage of a specific discount after presenting the appropriate ID.

On trains

Benefits when traveling by train are also provided. This opportunity exists at the federal and local levels. The issue is regulated by Federal Law-178 dated July 17, 1999. This offer is only available to individuals in the following groups:

  • participants, veterans and disabled people of the Second World War and other military battles;
  • blockade survivors and former prisoners of war;
  • liquidators of consequences at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;
  • citizens whose status is equal to that of WWII participants and veterans;
  • widow of veterans.

Important! Every month, beneficiaries receive the right to free one-time round trip travel around the suburbs. Tickets can be booked in advance on a special online resource.

What categories of pensioners are offered discounts on train tickets?

The previous section indicated what benefits and to whom they are entitled. In addition to this information, it is worth saying the following:

  • benefits on railway tickets for pensioners, labor veterans who have special awards, are provided once a year, and the basis is an order book or a book with tear-off coupons;
  • Heroes of the Russian Federation and the USSR, full holders of the Order of Glory will be able to take advantage of the benefit twice a year, of which once is when they arrive at the place of treatment.

Additionally, a list of persons who can travel to and from the place of treatment free of charge has been determined. To do this, you need to obtain a tear-off coupon from your local social security office in advance.

How to get a discount?

Benefits are issued at the social security department or at the Pension Fund. Since the discount is often financed from the local budget, it is assumed that applicants will submit the necessary documents.

On a note! You should not think that reaching retirement age automatically gives you the right to receive a discount on transport. You will need to apply for the benefit in the manner prescribed by Russian legislation.

Required documents

First you need to collect the required documents. Without this, you will not be able to receive benefits. The pensioner will be required to:

  • Russian passport;
  • beneficiary certificate confirming the status of the applicant;
  • documents confirming the availability of awards.

All documents are provided in the form of originals and copies. In addition to these papers, you will need to draw up a special application.

How to make an application?

This form is very important for receiving benefits, since the application will contain all information about the applicant and justify his right to receive a discount. Usually the application form can be obtained at the place where the pensioner applies. The application must contain the following sections:

  • details of the applicant and his status;
  • the essence of the appeal, including the rationale for your right to benefits;
  • list of documentation attached to the application.

Advice! The list of required documentation can be found on the Pension Fund website. The application form can also be downloaded here.

Where to submit documents?

The appeal is submitted to the FPR, where, after reviewing the application, fund employees notify the elderly person about the assignment (denial) of benefits. After this, the applicant will need to go to the pension fund branch and sign in the accounting register.

Which trains are eligible for the discount?

Today you can get a discount on long-distance trains and electric trains. Many people are interested in the possibility of receiving benefits on the Sapsan high-speed trains. It works here too, but tickets should be booked in advance.

What does a non-working pensioner in Moscow have the right to in 2019?

It is worth saying that the minimum pension is determined differently for non-working Muscovite pensioners, disabled people, as well as some categories of the working population of Moscow, if the period of their registration within Moscow is at least 10 years. An additional payment to their pension is made from the Moscow budget in accordance with the value of the City Social Standard - the minimum income required to live in the capital. But this “minimum wage is established for those pensioners - Muscovites who have been registered at their place of stay / place of residence in Moscow for a total of less than 10 years.

In 2020, its size will remain unchanged. Accordingly, the minimum pension in 2020 in Moscow for recipients of the city social standard will be 14,500 rubles. Elderly people in Russia cannot receive a pension below the average annual subsistence level for a pensioner in their territory of residence.

If an individual who is on well-deserved retirement due to old age continues to officially work and has purchased real estate, then he has the right to tax deductions when purchasing an apartment. You can apply for a benefit for the previous three years if there is evidence of the purchase of real estate. The deduction is given upon presentation of a certificate of ownership or a contract for shared participation in housing construction. The amounts of increased payments were determined taking into account the opinions of residents of the capital.

Sergei Sobyanin discussed what measures need to be taken to improve the lives of Muscovites during meetings with pensioners, veterans, large families, single mothers and parents of disabled children. Proposals were made by the Moscow City Council of Veterans, representatives of large families and other public organizations. The Moscow Mayor included in the draft budget exactly the proposals that were made at these meetings. Refunds for tickets for pensioners in 2019

Benefits for pensioners in Moscow on Russian Railways - Voice of the Law

When planning a vacation or the opportunity to go for treatment to a sanatorium, a pensioner in Russia thinks about the possible benefits that are provided to him as a socially protected segment of the population.

Russian Railways (hereinafter referred to as RZD) provide special advantages when traveling by rail.

This method is considered the most acceptable for pensioners, as it eliminates the fear of flying and the danger of driving a vehicle independently.

Types of benefits

How to find out what benefits and concessions a particular citizen is entitled to, look at the picture:

The state actively protects the lives of people who have reached retirement age. They are provided with benefits and subsidies for travel. The choice in favor of each is made independently. When a pensioner refuses a benefit, he receives an addition to his pension in the amount of the refusal.

The railway company also provides certain favorable conditions for purchasing tickets.

On the Russian Railways Internet portal you can find out whether the company has discounts on train tickets for pensioners. It also contains detailed information about those citizens who can purchase train tickets at a discount. These include persons whose list is established in the relevant legislative documents.

In accordance with them, Heroes of Russia and the USSR, as well as citizens of the country who have the Order of Glory or Socialist Labor receive 100% payment from the state for travel. If a person is included in the category of full holders of the Orders of Labor Glory and For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR, the benefit is a smaller amount.

Local authorities provide additional subsidies. You can find out information about whether there are benefits in the elected bodies at your place of residence.

Benefits we don't know about! Watch the video:

Benefits from Russian Railways

Russian railways are a monopoly on the domestic market for rail transportation of citizens. Among the goals of its development, the organization carries out annual work to improve the quality of service and pricing policy.

The cost of a travel ticket consists of the following components:

  • political aspect;
  • seasonality;
  • distance range;
  • comfort in the carriage;
  • train category and so on.

A pensioner has the opportunity to take advantage of railway transport benefits. Saving your own funds can be influenced by your citizen status, departure date, timeliness of ticket purchase, and certain seats in the carriage.

In order to obtain a discounted ride, you must present a document confirming your preferential status (pension certificate, conclusion from a medical institution assigning a disability group, social security coupon).

fear, certificate from the Pension Fund).

You can buy a ticket either at the box office or by registering it through the Russian Railways online resource.

Former employees of the organization can also take advantage of benefits from Russian Railways. Benefits for retired railway workers are provided when traveling by train for them and their minor children; free trips and more. Work experience in Russian Railways must be at least 10 years.

Russian Railways promotions and discounts for citizens

The Russian Railways company takes care of its customers and provides various promotions and bonuses in addition to benefits for pensioners. Among them the most popular are:

  1. "Russian Railways bonus" Operating since 2012. The participant is awarded points for each trip. Points can be exchanged for a ticket or an additional discount.
  2. The Passenger Day promotion is held annually from November 28 to December 27.
  3. Discount on tickets to Sapsan on December 31 and January 1. Fixed price applies.
  4. Round-trip tickets are cheaper than one-way tickets.
  5. Single ticket (direction – Crimea). Two components of the ticket - using a Russian Railways ticket to Krasnodar or Anapa and the second part using the “bus-ferry-bus” method.

Travel to the medical facility

There is a group of pensioners who can use travel without payment to the place of treatment. You must have a referral from your supervising physician. To receive such a ticket, you must provide confirmation - a referral from a medical institution after a general examination of the citizen (or if the citizen has a chronic disease).

Similar privileges are granted to the following persons:

  1. citizens - participants in combat operations and work in the rear during the Great Patriotic War.
  2. residents of besieged Leningrad (you must provide a document and a distinctive sign).
  3. who served in the USSR Army from 1941-1945 (service period - at least 6 months).
  4. prisoners of concentration camps.
  5. disabled people of all groups.
  6. persons who eliminated the Chernobyl accident.
  7. labor veterans.
  8. other citizens.

If you wish to receive this ticket, persons belonging to one of the presented groups must provide a number of documents confirming their citizenship status.

Other privileges for pensioners from Russian Railways

Every year the company holds special promotions that allow you to purchase a train ticket at a reduced price. Typically, such events are dedicated and timed to coincide with holidays. Available for popular destinations during certain seasons. For example, in honor of May 9, Russian Railways provided free trips for pensioners who participated in the Second World War in any direction throughout the country.

All discounts and promotions appear on the organization’s website as they are created.

In addition, people who have reached retirement age can purchase a discounted ticket for travel on commuter trains. A decision on such travel is issued if the regional budget is able to cover the corresponding costs for free transportation of a passenger of this category.

Bypassing federal programs, local governments also provide benefits for rail travel. For example, in St. Petersburg there were discounts for pensioners during the May holidays.

Benefits for pensioners over 60 years of age

Pensioners who have reached the age of 60 receive additional benefits. In particular, these include:

  1. provision of resort and sanatorium vouchers.
  2. reimbursement of expenses incurred by the pensioner as part of his recovery.
  3. additional discounts on payment of certain types of taxes and fees (property, transport).

Rules for obtaining discounted travel

A pensioner who wishes to receive travel benefits must apply to the Pension Fund independently or through a proxy. The representative is obliged to act only in the interests of the pensioner and have notarized confirmation of his status.

The procedure for receiving benefits is as follows:

  1. The pensioner contacts the Pension Fund and submits an application for benefits.
  2. You must collect and provide additional documents along with your application. These include a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, a pension certificate, a certificate of disability, etc.

The picture shows an application for reimbursement of expenses for purchasing tickets:

Allowance for using public transport

In addition to railway transport benefits, pensioners can receive benefits for using public transport. In order to obtain such relief, a number of conditions must be met.

First, fill out an application for this benefit. All essential data about the pensioner is reflected here (initials, passport details, grounds for receiving benefits, pension certificate). The document must be filled out with special care. Secondly, submit this application to the branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

The result of the work done is receiving a transport payment. If the decision is positive, the Pension Fund notifies all citizens who submitted such an application. The organization sets a time when the pensioner must personally pick up the transport coupon and certify with a signature the fact of its receipt.

Questions and answers

Question: I am 62 years old and a working pensioner. Last year I bought a car. Previously, before I retired, I paid annual transport tax. Are there any transport tax benefits in my case? (taking into account age).

Answer: In accordance with the law, a pensioner is exempt from paying tax on one vehicle owned by him (depending on the region).

Question: I have the Order of the Hero of the USSR. Can I take advantage of any travel discounts?

Answer: Yes. You can get a discount on railway travel. The class of the train is not important, nor is the time of year. The right is valid twice a year. To apply for a benefit, you must present a passport or identification.

Watch the report with the news about free travel on electric trains for pensioners in Moscow and the Moscow region:



Children's train tickets

Despite the free passage, the baby will still need a ticket. It can be purchased at the box office as a one-time payment for your ticket. To do this, you need to provide your documents and the birth certificate of your son or daughter. You can also buy a ticket for a child directly on the train, but for a fee, so it’s better to settle this formality in advance.

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Note! The passenger's age is taken into account at the start of the trip. In other words, if on the day of purchasing tickets your child was not yet five years old, but turned on the day of the planned trip, the discount on the ticket is invalid. But if a child’s birthday falls on one of the travel days, it’s no big deal—he can still get to his destination for free.

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