What benefits are available to old-age pensioners in 2020: new rules from the Pension Fund of Russia

When retiring, many people do not know that they are entitled not only to financial payments, but also to social benefits. We will talk about what benefits the state provides to pensioners. The issue became especially relevant after the retirement age was raised. Everyone rightly expected that the pension program would become more attractive. New benefits are indeed appearing.

Pensioners have the right to:

  • Monthly cash payment
  • Compensation for landline telephone
  • Right to free travel and certain medications (in Moscow)
  • Supplement to pension
  • Tax benefits
  • Mastering a new profession at the expense of the state budget
  • Free travel to and from your holiday destination (for northerners)
  • Food discounts
  • Free entry to museums.
  • Monthly cash payment

Pensioners can receive monthly pension supplements from the local or regional budget.
As a rule, such a benefit is only available to non-working pensioners, but you can find out in more detail whether pensioners are entitled to such benefits in your city only from the social security authorities at your place of residence or on the Government Services Portal. In the capital, certain categories of citizens of pre-retirement age and old-age pensioners living at their place of residence in Moscow, who do not receive payments as federal beneficiaries and who belong to one of the following categories, may be eligible to receive a monthly city cash payment (CGP):

  • labor veterans and military service veterans;
  • labor veterans and military service veterans of pre-retirement age (55 years for women and 60 years for men) who received “My Documents”.
  • >status for the purpose of providing additional measures of social support and provided that cash income for 12 months does not exceed one million eight hundred thousand rubles;
  • home front workers;
  • rehabilitated persons who were subjected to political repression;
  • persons who suffered as a result of political repression.

The current size of the cash income can be found on the website of the Moscow Department of Social Protection.

To process the payment you will need:

  • a document proving the identity and place of residence of the applicant in the city of Moscow;
  • pension certificate or other document confirming the fact of receipt of a pension or lifelong allowance (if you receive a pension not at the branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in Moscow and the Moscow region). If labor veterans or military veterans of pre-retirement age apply for payment (55 years for women and 60 years for men), you will need a certificate of income for the 12 months preceding the month of application for a monthly city cash payment;
  • a document confirming the right to a benefit (if the document has not previously been submitted to the social protection authorities of the city of Moscow);
  • a certificate (information) about non-receipt of a monthly cash payment from the federal budget (if you receive a pension not at the branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in Moscow and the Moscow region);
  • a document confirming the change of name (if the full name does not match in the documents specified in the previous paragraphs, if the document was issued by the civil registry office not in Moscow or in Moscow, but before 1990).
  • The single-determination certificate is assigned no later than 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of the application with documents. Payments are calculated from the 1st day of the month following the month of application to the social security authorities. Funds are paid simultaneously with other social payments made by social protection authorities.

Documents can be submitted to the MFC or on the website mos.ru

What types of pensions will not be indexed for working pensioners?

In accordance with changes in pension legislation, since 2016, working pensioners receive an insurance pension and a fixed payment to it without taking into account planned indexations. This provision of the law applies only to recipients of insurance pensions (including fixed payments) and does not apply to recipients of state pensions, including social pensions. In 2020, working pensioners will also remain without pension indexation.

Annual adjustment of pensions of working pensioners

The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation makes an annual recalculation of the size of the insurance pension of working pensioners, taking into account insurance premiums paid to and for employers. There is no need to write an application for this. A non-declaration recalculation of the amount of the insurance pension for working pensioners is made by increasing the number of pension points for the previous year, this happens on August 1 of each year. At the same time, the maximum increase in the insurance pension was the cash equivalent of three pension points*.

* Article 18 of the Federal Law of December 28, 2013 No. 400-FZ “On Insurance Pensions”.

The next adjustment to the pensions of working pensioners will occur from August 1, 2020, the maximum increase in pension will be 279 rubles (3 points x 93 rubles (the cost of a pension point in 2020)).

What goes around comes around

Experts advise citizens to take care of the size of their future pension in advance by investing in foreign currency, metals, shares, as well as investing in non-state pension or mutual investment funds. It is not recommended to invest money in bonds and raw materials.

If you encounter difficulties with independent investing, you can use the services of professional brokers in investment funds. You can also keep funds in bank deposits. However, it must be remembered that from 2021, interest on deposits exceeding 1 million rubles will be subject to taxes.

According to experts, by investing about 30 thousand rubles monthly for 35 years, you can increase the monthly pension to 100 thousand rubles.

Who belongs to the category of working pensioners?

The category of working pensioners includes persons for whom employers pay insurance premiums and who carried out official labor activities as of the last day of the reporting campaign for employers to submit personalized accounting information to the Pension Fund.

For example, payment of insurance pensions taking into account indexation in February 2020 applies only to pensioners who were not working as of September 30, 2018.

If a pensioner belongs to the category of the self-employed population, that is, is registered with the Pension Fund as an individual entrepreneur, notary, lawyer, etc., then such a pensioner will be considered working if he is registered with the Pension Fund as of December 31, 2020.

What does the status of “single pensioner” mean?

Lonely pensioner

This category includes older people (women over 55, men over 60) who:

  • They do not have close relatives who can provide financial assistance.
  • They run their own household.
  • Not married.
  • In the relationship they have minor children, disabled relatives of groups 1 and 2.
  • They have the status of low-income citizens.

There is a concept of a “retirement living alone”. These people have relatives in another city or country. They themselves live separately from everyone else. Help for lonely elderly people is provided by social protection authorities and the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. For such citizens, preferences of the tax inspectorate are provided.

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What payments are due to pensioners born in 1942-1959?

Most often, information articles circulating on the Internet mention a bill on compulsory pension insurance for retired Russian citizens. It is noteworthy that this legislative draft was adopted back in 2001, and after entering into force it was never amended. For 18 years, pensioners have not had any questions, but now Russians born in 1942-1959 are beginning to “revolt.” Why is this happening?

The media provide completely different information indicating that these additional payments are only available to pensioners who previously worked officially or are currently employed. Another condition for receiving additional payments to pension payments is that a citizen of retirement age must participate in the “additional financing” program. It is worth noting that this project has not been working for 4 years.

It became known which pensioners will receive a lump sum payment

The age of citizens established by the bill is also indicated for a reason, because pensioners born in 1942-1959 could fully experience the full functioning of the above program for additional financing. It is impossible not to mention that this is the vast majority of modern pensioners. According to the bill, the employer took a certain percentage of the total amount from the salary of the future pensioner, which was redirected to the pension fund as savings.

Current legislation does not allow breaking previously concluded contracts. Therefore, all people who have reached retirement age, as well as citizens of pre-retirement age born in 1942-1959, have every right to demand their money from the state. Depending on the primary sources, different amounts of such payments are indicated, varying between 100-120 thousand rubles. An impressive amount, isn't it?

New retirement table from 2020 by year of birth for men and women

Starting from 2020, these categories of workers will also undergo a transition period, during which each year the boundary of the working capacity period will be postponed by a year relative to previous periods. You can determine the retirement schedule under the new law based on the data presented in the table below:

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The pension reform announced by the Government is planned to begin on January 1, 2020 . The first change that will affect Russian citizens will be an increase in the retirement age. The corresponding bill, which proposes to increase the retirement period for Russians by 5 years for men and 8 years for women , was considered and adopted by deputies of the State Duma in the first reading on July 19, 2020 . Adoption of the law in its final form is planned for the fall of 2020 after collecting and considering all amendments to it, but not earlier than September 24, 2020.

Are there additional payments?

The Internet is full of information that pensioners born between 1942 and 1959 are boycotting pension funds and demanding their money be returned to them. But there is absolutely no information whether such funds were paid to anyone. Why is this happening? Because this is another “duck” from the media, planted on poor pensioners. No payments from the Russian Pension Fund are provided for citizens of the previously designated age.

This is evidenced by the absence of such information on the official website of the Pension Fund. It’s easy to guess that, having come to the branch of the pension fund of the Russian Federation, a pensioner will simply have to “kiss the door” and leave with nothing. However, it is worth noting that citizens of pre-retirement age can count on receiving EDV (a one-time pension payment from the fund). Such payments really exist, but the rest of the information is just another scam designed to confuse Russians.

Types of government support

Supplement to pension

If a single person’s pension is below the regional subsistence level, he is entitled to additional payments. They are produced from the federal or local budget. This depends on the cost of living established in the region.

According to the law, a single pensioner can count on assistance in the form of:

  • social service support;
  • receiving discounts, subsidies, grants from the state;
  • tax benefits;
  • targeted cash assistance.

Tax benefits

Benefits for pensioners

  1. Exemption from personal income tax , provided that the person has stopped working. The company pays 13% for working pensioners.
  2. Benefit when paying transport tax , which is established by regional authorities.
  3. Preferences for deductions to the budget for real estate objects . Complete exemption from payment for one of them.
  4. Land tax benefits . There is no need to pay it when the plot is less than 6 acres.
  5. Refund of personal income tax when purchasing new real estate if the citizen has worked for the last three years.

Subsidy for housing and communal services payments

For pensioners who conscientiously make utility payments, the regional authorities of Russia and Moscow have provided partial or full compensation for the following types of services:

  • gas and heating;
  • garbage removal;
  • house maintenance;
  • electricity, cold and hot water.

A single unemployed elderly person has the right to monthly compensation for additional living space if it does not exceed 33 m2. Citizens who have reached 80 years of age and meet certain requirements can be completely exempt from utility payments.

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Exemption from contributions for major repairs

Compensation for major repairs

Residents are required to contribute money monthly to restore the property. These amounts are accumulated in a special account and spent only for their intended purpose. A single senior citizen who has reached the age of 70 is entitled to a 50% discount on major repairs. If a person is over 80, then he is completely exempt from paying these contributions. The privilege is valid when the pensioner is the owner of the apartment.

Other preferences

A single person can count on the following privileges:

  • Travel for free or at a discount on city public transport (benefits are determined by regional authorities).
  • Once a year, undergo sanatorium treatment if there is a doctor’s indication for this.
  • Pay 50% less for cable TV than other citizens.
  • Receive a monthly discount for using a landline telephone connection.
  • Free medical examination and vaccination.
  • Take advantage of discounts when purchasing medications.
  • If you are completely helpless, get a referral to live in a nursing home.
  • Provide free dental treatment or prosthetics.
  • If you have relatives in remote regions of the Russian Federation, where it is difficult to get to, the state will help pay for the air flight.

Your right

When applying for a pension, you should collect all documents confirming your work experience, especially those that took place in the former Soviet republics. After all, the Pension Fund does not have a single database that includes the length of service of all citizens before the collapse of the USSR. It is very important to confirm your entire work experience, because it affects the size of your pension.

I am 54 years old, I took out an early pension due to layoffs. From 2001 to 07.2004 she did not work, because In connection with the move to a new place of residence, I quit my old job, but did not find work at the new place. I worked from July 2004 to 03/01/2013, the salary was decent, why can’t they take my salary for this period, but they took the years 2001-2005, where I had no salary at all? The pension turned out to be meager. My neighbor hasn’t worked all her life, but she earns more than me.

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