Rules for providing benefits, payments and privileges for Heroes of Russia in 2020

Benefits and amount of monthly payments to the Hero of Russia

  • Opportunity to take retraining and advanced training courses free of charge.
  • An increased pension due to compensation allowances, as well as assistance in applying for and receiving a pension.
  • The ability to take annual leave at any desired period of time, as well as additional unpaid leave for no more than 21 days.
  • Priority for appointment to management positions. And also, in the event of staff reduction, an employee with the title of GRF is subject to dismissal at the very least. In case of liquidation of a place of work, the labor exchange provides a new vacancy on an extraordinary basis.

Relatives of the Hero: parents, spouses, minor children, as well as children over 18 years of age who received a disability before adulthood can use the same benefits as the recipient. This right continues after his death or if he was awarded posthumously.

Cash reward and other benefits of the Hero of Russia

Now let's find out how much people who showed heroism for the good of the Fatherland receive. At the moment, the monetary payment to the Heroes of Russia is 42,654.32 rubles per month, which is approximately 10 thousand rubles more than the average monthly income of an ordinary Russian. In addition, at the end of the year, this type of remuneration is indexed in accordance with the level of inflation in the country.

  • free use of a home telephone;
  • free dental care;
  • free provision of medicines;
  • provision of land for construction;
  • free travel on various types of public transport;
  • priority service in certain government and commercial institutions.

Incentives for Heroes of Russia

This is not a complete list of benefits. There are others that establish regional authorities. So in Moscow, legal assistance is provided free of charge for this category of citizens. A complete list should be obtained from your local administration. How much the hero of Russia receives depends on the size of regular and one-time accruals.

A Hero of Russia can count not only on a badge of honor and a certificate, but also on a monthly allowance. According to the law, it is about 42,654 rubles, which is four times more than the average pension in the country - 14,100 rubles . The amount is very acceptable, considering that the average salary is 35,369 rubles.

Heroes of Russia: benefits and payments provided by law

The highest award that can be given to a citizen of the Russian Federation since the 90s is the title “Hero of Russia”. It is issued for the achievements of a specific citizen throughout the state. In the vast majority of cases in the Russian Federation, military and civil servants receive this award. This status is not only honorable, but also provides a large number of privileges and social bonuses from the state. Let's find out what benefits and payments the Hero of Russia is entitled to?

Based on his own preferences and plans, a citizen is able to influence the material gratitude that the government provided him. The Hero of Russia has the opportunity to receive part of the benefits in kind or in cash at his choice.

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Pension and salaries of Heroes of Russia

  • he cannot be fired;
  • advanced training - at the expense of the employer;
  • annually provide additional paid leave at any time of the year, but not more than 21 days;
  • the employer provides assistance to the career growth of an outstanding employee;
  • The tax rate has been reduced by 50%. A good addition to them are numerous benefits:
  • free car refueling (100 l/month);
  • - / - travel in public transport;
  • priority receipt of housing;
  • complete free medical care;
  • 50% of payment for housing and communal services;
  • reimbursement of telephone costs, etc.

The title “Hero of Labor” in Russia is awarded for special merits in the development of the state and certain sectors of the economy, science and culture. Holders of this title are paid additional monthly compensation in the amount of 1 to 5 thousand rubles. ($15 - 76). The basic salary is by agreement with the employer or in accordance with the staffing schedule of a state enterprise.

How much does a hero of Russia get?

Hero of the Russian Federation is the highest title received for services (feat) to the state and people. The person who receives this award is paid ten salaries at once and payments are made every month in the amount of forty-seven thousand seven hundred rubles established by the Pension Fund from April 1, 2013. Payments are made by the pension fund and the amount is indexed along with pensions.

There is nothing to brag about here, since the Hero of Russia receives only 42,600 rubles per month, which in dollars, for comparison, is 600 American dollars. Of course, this is not even the European minimum wage, unfortunately.

Pension for Heroes of Russia in 2020

  1. One-time bonus at the time of assignment in the amount of 42 thousand 654 rubles. 32 kopecks
  2. One-time financial assistance – 16 thousand rubles.
  3. Pension benefits for a citizen who bears the title of Hero of the Russian Federation and is a pensioner - 13 thousand 190 rubles. 95 kopecks
  4. Compensation plan bonus for a pensioner – 1 thousand 500 rubles.
  1. Monthly compensation payment for the deceased hero is 8 thousand rubles.
  2. One-time financial assistance to relatives during posthumous awarding - 20 thousand rubles.
  3. Monetized benefit package depending on the size of the family (it is divided equally between them).
  4. When choosing a social package, all benefits established by law in the field of housing and communal services, healthcare, labor, tax and transport are preserved.

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Payments to Heroes of Russia - amount per month

  1. Participants in combat operations to eliminate terrorism.
  2. Heroes of the liquidation of the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
  3. Participants in hostilities, both now and during the Soviet Union.
  4. Intelligence officers.
  5. Expedition participants.
  6. Astronauts.
  7. Outstanding designers.
  8. Citizens who saved the lives of other people under the influence of natural and man-made disasters.
  9. Testers of specialized equipment and other categories of citizens.

Heroes of Russia are assigned monthly cash payments in the amount established by Russian legislation. In the event of death or upon receiving the title of Hero posthumously, the family of the order bearer is also entitled to monthly cash payments. To start receiving cash rewards, you need to contact the tax service with a prepared application. When an application is accepted and considered, the payment begins to go to the citizen’s bank account from the moment the application is received.

Grounds for receiving the title of Hero of the Russian Federation

To earn a state award, a citizen must distinguish himself by heroism and courage and accomplish a feat. The highest rank goes to:

  • participants in military operations from the Second World War to the war in Syria;
  • aircraft testers;
  • cosmonaut pilots;
  • persons involved in the fight against terrorism;
  • sailors and submariners;
  • employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • military and technical designers;
  • scouts;
  • heads of government agencies;
  • citizens who assisted in eliminating disasters and evacuating civilians;
  • peacekeepers;
  • world-class athletes who distinguished themselves at the Olympics.

Not only military and government officials can receive the highest rank. In the Penza region in 1991, a 17-year-old girl saved drowning children by sacrificing her life. She was awarded the title of Hero of Russia posthumously.

Interesting! Only the President can confer the title of Hero of the Russian Federation.

Benefits and payments to Heroes of Russia: latest information

How much do they pay for a hero of Russia per month?

During the battle that broke out, it became clear that a group of special forces entered into single combat with a well-trained and numerous gang. Taking into account the complexity of the situation and the possibility of encircling the reconnaissance and search group, Captain I. Zadorozhny decided, in order to avoid losses among personnel, for the main group to leave the battlefield, and he himself with two scouts moved to the militant camp to adjust artillery fire. A powerful artillery fire strike caused serious losses to the bandits and disorganized their defense and control.

Based on the payment of 10 liters of high-octane gasoline per month in accordance with market prices for fuel in force in the month preceding the one in which the payment is made.

  • Additional monthly financial support 13190 RUB. 95 COP. (415% of the social pension).
  • A one-time benefit in the event of the death (death) of a Hero of the Soviet Union, a Hero of the Russian Federation, a full holder of the Order of Glory to his widow (widower), parents, children under the age of 18, children over 18 who became disabled before they reached the age of 18, and children under the age of 23 years, studying in educational institutions on a full-time basis, 20,000 rubles. to each.
  • Monthly compensation payment towards the pension of Heroes of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation, full holders of the Order of Glory is 1500 rubles.

What privileges and benefits does the title of Hero of Russia, Labor, and the Soviet Union provide?

Our country values ​​citizens who have given their entire lives to serving the state. The tradition of conferring the title of Hero appeared in Soviet times, and it is supported now.

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September 4, 2019

Every older person knows with what respect society treated the Heroes of the Soviet Union , the Heroes of Socialist Labor, and later the Heroes of the Russian Federation . From a very young age, these people began to serve the country and the people, spending all their strength, time and nerves to achieve success in production, in military affairs, in construction, mechanical engineering, and science.

It was thanks to them that the state largely received entire industries, incredible discoveries, powerful weapons and everything that today forms the basis of our country and its prosperity, security and progress.

And one interesting question that interests many is the following - what benefits do these heroes receive for their achievements? Let's consider this issue in more detail.

What is the pension of the hero of Russia today?

  1. Deprivation of the employer's right to dismiss such an employee until the company is reorganized.
  2. A heroic worker has the opportunity to move up the career ladder.

  3. The choice of time for annual leave remains with the employee with a gold star.
  4. An additional leave of one month must be granted.
  1. 42,654.32 rubles – one-time upon awarding the title . This payment is the main one.
  2. 16,000 rubles – one-time as an additional fee. mat. provision.
  3. 13190,95 – pension for a retired citizen with a heroic title.
  4. 1500 – compensation supplement to pension.
  5. 8,000 rubles – compensation due to some relatives after the death of the Hero of Russia, paid monthly.
  6. 20,000 rubles is a one-time payment for some relatives of a deceased person who was posthumously awarded the Gold Star medal.

How much does a Hero of Russia receive?

The badge looks like a five-pointed star, and because of its color it is called the Gold Star. Such an award is given in exceptional cases and only to a person who has shown special courage and heroism.

The basic pension and other payments that are assigned to Heroes of Russia are indexed annually. As a result, the Hero of Russia can receive about 75,000 rubles. per month. The amount is very significant, because not every working citizen of Russia receives that much in wages.

How much do Russian heroes get paid per month in 2020?

  1. The legal right to be accepted into regional and federal government structures for leadership positions.
  2. The right to tax exemption, free telephone connection and use of the services of a telecom operator, free use of utilities and exemption from rent for premises for voluntary associations and charitable enterprises, the participants of which are only citizens with the title of Hero of Russia, and which are created in order to improve the quality of fulfillment of obligations, resolution of issues, execution of guarantees, protection of rights and other non-commercial activities.

The heroes of Russia deserve not only recognition from the citizens of the country, but also improvements in their living conditions. Therefore, the state assigned them monthly benefits, designed to remind them of the gratitude of the Government for the feats accomplished by the recipients of the funds. It happens that the Hero died, or received the status after his death - in such a situation, the families of the deceased may apply for payments.

Payments to Russian heroes - amount per month

A monthly child care benefit is paid to insured persons (mother, father, other relatives, guardians) who actually care for the child and are on parental leave, from the date of granting child care leave until the child reaches the age of one and a half years.

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Hello, Danil! You are being liberal with your employer:) Labor legislation does not provide for a claim procedure at all. The claim, of course, is quite detailed and justified and may well affect the employer from a psychological point of view. Then I would advise, for a more complete effect, to add a period by which YOU expect a full settlement with you. And also indicate that if your request is not satisfied, YOU will be forced to contact the labor inspectorate. The consequences of this appeal: bringing the employer to administrative liability under Art. 5.27 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.

Russian Hero's Pension: receipt and amount of payments

Since the review and indexation of payments is carried out in April of each new year, it is almost impossible to predict what their amount will be this year. In this case, the coefficients of social payments provided for each region separately are not taken into account.

  1. one-time compensation to the relatives of the deceased Gold Star winner - 20 thousand rubles;
  2. regular monthly supplement intended for the same relatives - 8 thousand rubles;
  3. the basic allowance for pensioners who bear the heroic star is 13.2 thousand rubles;
  4. basic payment to the remunerated (EDV) – 42,654 rubles;
  5. additional charges (DEMO) – 16,000 rubles;
  6. regular compensation supplement to pension – 1500 rubles.

Fringe benefits

In addition to the monthly allowance, the owner of the Gold Star of the Hero is given the opportunity to use an impressive list of benefits:

  • tax breaks (it is completely exempt from property and transport taxes, and the amount of land tax is reduced by 10 thousand rubles);
  • receiving major housing repairs at the expense of the state;
  • free privatization of socially rented housing;
  • state compensation for public services, including the installation of meters;
  • reimbursement of bills for using a wired telephone;
  • free travel within Russian borders twice a year;
  • use of public suburban and city transport with a discounted pass;
  • walk-in appointments in hospitals;
  • the opportunity to install and manufacture dentures free of charge in public clinics;
  • free accommodation in boarding houses, vouchers to sanatoriums are issued without a queue;
  • allocation of land plots;
  • issuing medications and special devices;
  • completely free burial, including the state paying for the search for a place, preparation and transportation of the body, burial and installation of the monument.

In the field of employment, Heroes of Russia also have concessions - they receive priority right to choose their vacation time, an additional 3 weeks a year for rest. If necessary, Gold Star holders can contact the employment center, and a vacancy will be found for them first. If the company where they work is facing a staff reduction, then the Hero of the Russian Federation will be the last to fall under it.

Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation

  • compensation of costs for fuel consumption with the condition of having a personal car - in the amount of one hundred liters;
  • paid as monthly payments - 415% of the amount of the social pension;
  • Additional financial support includes an allowance in the amount of 16,000 rubles, regardless of age, pension size, and the department that makes the payments.
    1. Free treatment in medical institutions, where services such as diagnostics, testing and dentistry, including dental prosthetics, are available, regardless of the material, but excluding precious metals.
    2. Providing free medications prescribed by a doctor with home delivery.
    3. Such citizens are given the opportunity to go to sanatoriums, dispensaries and rest homes once a year.
    4. Free travel on any city and suburban transport, with the exception of taxis and minibuses.
    5. Regarding air and railway tickets, they are provided with a 50% discount only once a year. The same applies to water transport: those awarded can use first class cabins. But they can be taken out of turn.
    6. A 30% discount is provided for payment for utility services provided, as well as a discount of the same amount for centralized heating if it was not initially available. But a 100% discount is also allowed.
    7. Installation of telephones and alarms is carried out out of turn and without payment.
    8. In addition, Heroes of Labor of the Russian Federation may be exempt from paying various taxes and government duties.
    9. Special privileges include the fact that they can take advantage of free training courses, and in the event of a reduction or liquidation of a workplace, they are given first priority for new positions.
    10. Monthly payments that are fixed by the state.
    11. As for improving their living conditions, they are also given this opportunity first. These include the possibility of major repairs, regardless of which housing stock the living space belongs to.
    12. You can still get additional square meters, but not more than 15 square meters.
    13. If construction of a house or its restoration is planned, then it is possible to obtain building materials out of turn.
    14. In the event of death, the families of Heroes of Labor of the Russian Federation are paid compensation, and burials are also carried out at the expense of the state.
    15. In addition, this category of citizens can take advantage of additional discounts due to the acquisition of disability or retirement.
    16. Heroes of Labor of the Russian Federation are provided with one more additional leave during the year, at any time suitable for themselves, for 21 days at their own expense.
    17. Land plots are provided for ownership, in an urban village - 20 acres, and in a village - 40 acres for construction or gardening.

    Payments for the star of the hero of the Russian Federation

    Benefits, payments, and compensation are due to the holders of this honorary badge for the rest of their lives after committing a heroic deed marked in this way. What can a citizen awarded the “Gold Star” expect? Read about this in our article.

    What is the pension and benefits of the Hero of Russia?

    Contents of the article The highest degree of distinction in the form of a state award of the Russian Federation is awarded to honored people whose activities have received national recognition. Along with military personnel, astronauts, combatants, test pilots, athletes, intelligence officers, scientists, ordinary citizens can also become holders of the Hero’s golden star.

    If a GR wishes to receive EDV , he must provide a copy of his passport and certificate of receipt of the award to the Pension Fund before October 1 of the current year. If the deadline is missed, the hero will have to miss a whole year. Payment is assigned and made from January 1 of the following year.

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    In addition to the title a medal in the form of a gold star is issued as a sign of special distinction in activities, and a certificate describing the merit. The medal is presented in the shape of a star and is made of pure gold weighing more than 20 grams. The medal is intended to be worn on the chest at the top left, above other awards. Heroes of the Russian Federation, in accordance with the law, have the right to privileges and benefits.

    Registration procedure

    • GR should be reduced as a last resort;
    • if an enterprise is declared bankrupt, liquidated, reorganized, or has a need to reduce its staff, then GRs who apply to the labor exchange must be employed first;
    • must be provided with free advanced training and professional training courses;
    • has the right to use annual leave at a time convenient for them;
    • Heroes are entitled to additional leave at their own expense for a period of no more than 21 days.

    Of course, in addition to a certificate and a Gold Star, additional payments are provided for the hero. The monthly payment refers to a subsidy in an amount exceeding 42,000 rubles. There is also a monthly compensation for pensioners in the amount of 1,500 rubles. In addition, it is possible to receive additional security in the amount of 16,000 rubles, regardless of whether the person is working or retired.

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