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Good afternoon On the merits of your question, I can explain the following: these legal relations are regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of the RF Ministry of Defense. Let's take a closer look at your situation. You entered the contract in '93. Now, in accordance with the Order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation dated July 21, 2014 N 510 “On approval of the Procedure for providing subsidies for the acquisition or construction of residential premises for military personnel - citizens of the Russian Federation serving under contract in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and citizens of the Russian Federation, dismissed from military service" the following is established: 1. This Procedure regulates the provision of subsidies for the acquisition or construction of residential premises (hereinafter referred to as the housing subsidy) to military personnel - citizens of the Russian Federation, performing military service under a contract in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, specified in paragraphs three and twelve of paragraph 1 of Article 15 of the Federal Law of May 27, 1998 N 76-FZ “On the status of military personnel” (hereinafter referred to as military personnel), citizens of the Russian Federation discharged from military service (hereinafter referred to as citizens discharged from military service), and members of their families living with them who are recognized as in need of residential premises by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Now look at Art. 15 - Military personnel - citizens who entered into a contract for military service before January 1, 1998 (with the exception of cadets of military professional educational organizations and military educational organizations of higher education), and members of their families living with them, recognized as needing residential premises by a federal body executive branch, in which military service is provided for by federal law, is provided with a subsidy for the acquisition or construction of residential premises (hereinafter referred to as the housing subsidy) or residential premises in federal ownership, at the choice of these citizens, free of charge or under a social rental agreement with the specified federal body executive power at the place of military service, and upon dismissal from military service upon reaching the age limit for military service, for health reasons or in connection with organizational and staffing measures with a total duration of military service of 10 years or more - at the chosen place of residence in accordance with the standards for providing residential space provided for in Article 15.1 of this Federal Law. Thus, since you entered into a contract before 1998, you have the right to a subsidy. To do this, contact the JO and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for a detailed explanation of the procedure for receiving EDV; they will send you a written response. Sincerely…

A one-time allowance for the purchase of housing for military personnel (EDV) is provided from the federal budget. Officers who have served 10 years or more, as well as those who do not have housing or have less than the standard living space, are eligible for the benefit.

Who is entitled to EDV?

A subsidy for the purchase or construction of housing is provided to military personnel who meet the following requirements:

  1. The service lasts from 01/01/1998 and longer.
  2. The total service life is 10 years or more.
  3. Dismissal from contract service did not occur at will and not for violation of discipline.
  4. After 20 years of military service, rented service housing continues to be used.

In addition, military personnel can receive payments for the purchase of housing only after being included in the register as those in need of housing. The general rules are prescribed in Art. 51 Housing Code of the Russian Federation. According to Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 512 of June 29, 2011, military personnel are recognized as needing housing on the same grounds. This is possible when:

  • The applicant does not live in the apartment under a social lease agreement.
  • The applicant owns or lives under a social lease agreement in an apartment whose area is less than the minimum allowable for a given region for 1 family member (everyone who lives with him/her is taken into account).
  • The living space does not meet sanitary standards.
  • The applicant lives in an apartment together with another family where there is a seriously ill relative, which makes living together impossible.

Any of these grounds is accepted as sufficient for registration at the place of residence (in any region of the country) as a person in need of housing. Only after completing this mandatory procedure can you proceed to registering the EDV.

According to paragraph 2 of Art. 51 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, all housing owned by a family (any of its members) is taken into account. Only if the total area of ​​all objects is below the norm will registration be carried out.

Providing housing subsidies to military personnel in 2020 - 2020

According to the Presidential Decree, military personnel with at least 10 years of experience cannot be transferred to the reserve (in fact, they can, but only at their own request) without receiving housing benefits. At the same time, he and his family should not have their own housing. Now, if a military man has been dismissed, the competent authorities must check whether he has the opportunity to become a recipient of housing.

  • Federal Law On the status of military personnel in the Russian Federation – Article 15.
  • In the Housing Code of the Russian Federation - Article 51 (the procedure for joining the queue is indicated).
  • By order of the Ministry of Defense issued in 2014. It approves the procedure for issuing housing subsidies to military personnel on a contract basis and those already dismissed.
  • Resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation On approval of the procedure for calculating housing subsidies for members of the Russian Armed Forces. It guarantees the military the opportunity to become a recipient of state support, and also establishes a formula for calculating the amount of payment.
  • Decree of the President of the Russian Federation.

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What documents are needed for registration?

An application and documents approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 512 of June 29, 2011 are submitted to the authorized federal executive body, namely:

  1. Civil passports of all family members (for children under 14 years of age - birth certificates).
  2. Certificates of marriage and its dissolution.
  3. Certificate of family composition.
  4. Financial personal account from the place of residence for a period of 5 years from the date of submission of this application.
  5. A copy of the document guaranteeing the provision of social guarantees regarding the provision of housing.

The application review period is 30 days. If the decision is positive, registration is carried out. All submitted copies of documents are returned to the applicant along with the official decision within 3 days from the date of its adoption. The serviceman and his family members are included in the register of military personnel in need of housing.

The date of registration is not the date of the decision, but the date of acceptance of the application (clause 9 of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 512 of June 29, 2011).

As soon as registration (inclusion in the register) takes place, the applicant is then obliged to independently notify the authorized body of changes in his official position (dismissal). Moreover, the notification period is short - only 5 days.

How to apply for EDV?

According to the law, a serviceman can be provided with housing, or the amount for its purchase within the established norm can be paid, or housing can be provided under the conditions of signing a social rent agreement.

The standard is set as follows:

  • For a single soldier - 33 sq.m.;
  • Family of 2 people - 48 sq.m.;
  • For larger families - 48 sq.m. + 18 sq.m. for each over 2 people.

The subsidy calculation formula looks like this:

EDV = N x C x Kv,

  • N - living space standard (sq.m.);
  • C - standard price for 1 sq.m. living space, approved by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services separately for each region (RUB);
  • Kc is a correction factor that depends on the length of service.

The Ks coefficient is determined for the following categories of military personnel:

  • Kc = 1.85 - with service of 10 - 15 years;
  • Kc = 2.25 - with 16 - 19 years of service;
  • Kc = 2.375 - with 20 - 21 years of service.

After 21 years of service, Kc increases annually by 0.075 until it reaches a value of 2.75.

The procedure for applying for a subsidy is as follows:

  1. Contact the bank to open a special account where the EDV will be transferred. Obtain account details from a bank branch.
  2. Contact the authorized body of the Ministry of Defense in this locality, which is authorized to resolve housing issues. Submit an application and attach open account details to it.

The application is filled out on behalf of the serviceman, but it must include all family members and their signatures.

  • After consideration of the application, an order is issued in form No. 510 with a resolution from the chief of finance.
  • A few days after the order is issued, funds in the amount of EDV are transferred to the serviceman’s account.
  • The transferred amount can only be spent on purchasing housing.

How much is EDV in 2020?

When calculating the amount of EDV, it is necessary to take into account how many square meters of living space the serviceman and his family members already own. This living space is subtracted from the standard (N). In this case, the entire living space that the family owned over the last 5 years is taken into account (clause 4 of Government Decree No. 76 of 02/03/2014). In other words, for example, if a year before filing an application a family sold an apartment, this living space will still be taken into account.

Moreover, the occupied living space under a social tenancy agreement is also taken into account, unless a written obligation of the family to vacate this living space is drawn up immediately after purchasing housing at the expense of the EDV.

For 15 sq.m. living space (H) increases if the serviceman belongs to one of the categories:

  1. Colonel and higher ranks.
  2. Commander of a military unit.
  3. Lecturer at the Ministry of Defense University, employee of the military department of a general education university.
  4. A serviceman is engaged in scientific activities and has a scientific degree or rank.

Money for the purchase of an apartment for military personnel is transferred only to a current account, and in each case we are not talking about abstract housing, but about a specific transaction. This could be the purchase of a new home with the simultaneous sale of an old one, the signing of a mortgage agreement, the execution of an agreement for shared participation in construction, the construction of private housing on an individual building plot.

There are no restrictions on the type or other characteristics of housing. A family may wish to buy a new building, or an apartment or private house on the secondary market. All these categories are treated on equal terms.

If a serviceman is given ownership of housing, the area of ​​which exceeds the calculated standard value, then he pays for the excess of living space above the standard value at his own expense. From the moment the order is issued, the serviceman has 3 days to make a decision and notify the authorized body about it. Next, an agreement is signed that the missing funds will be transferred to the military personnel within 10 days in the amount of the specified amount.

Suppose a family of 2 people acquires ownership of an apartment (any other housing) with an area of ​​50 square meters. m. in Moscow. At the time of the transaction, they do not own their own home (there is no social tenancy agreement or a written obligation to terminate the social tenancy agreement after acquiring ownership of the home has been drawn up), the family lives in a service apartment. The amount of the subsidy will be calculated based on the fact that the family is owed 48 sq.m. according to the standard. The length of service on the date of purchase is 11 years, that is, Kc = 1.85. The rank of a military personnel is not included in the list, according to which the living space is increased by 15 sq.m. There have been no purchases or sales of real estate over the past 5 years.

Based on these conditions, EDV = 48 x C x 1.85.

Since the apartment is purchased in Moscow, the value C according to the standard approved by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services (order N 1691/pr. dated December 20, 2017) is 91,670 rubles.

So, we calculate EDV = 48 x 91670 x 1.85 = 8,140,296 rubles.

Since the apartment has a large area (50 sq.m.), the remaining 2 sq.m. The family pays from their own funds.

Metamorphoses of poverty: pensioners with 40 meters are disconnected from the social travel card

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection began to put into practice a new poverty indicator, automatically excluding pensioners from transport benefits

From April 1, the first “rich” Tatarstan pensioners lost their transport benefits for traveling on public transport using a single social pass.

The cancellation followed immediately after the introduction of a new criterion for measuring family poverty in the republic: if previously only the monetary income of those in need was taken into account, then since April a second indicator of security was added to them - property - in the amount of 40 square meters. m per family member.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan monetized the two-dimensional calculation of poverty according to a simple, uncomplicated scheme: if a pensioner owns real estate over 40 square meters. m of living space, confirmed by the data of the Rosreestr Office for the Republic of Tatarstan, then his transport card is automatically disconnected from the social guarantee system of the Republic of Tatarstan, and he will have to travel at his own expense.

As Realnoe Vremya learned, this week more and more pensioners from different cities of the republic began to receive SMS messages from social protection authorities with notifications about the termination of budget payments to replenish their personal transport card. A monthly cash payment (MAP) in the amount of up to 486 rubles was transferred to pensioners from the budget of the Republic of Tatarstan, giving them the right to free travel with a social pass on all types of transport.

However, this time not all elderly people were able to activate the transport card. Surprised pensioners rushed to the local social security authorities for clarification.

According to an elderly resident of a Kazan suburb, they explained to her that since April of this year, the republic’s pensioners have been sorted by level of property security. “Those who own housing over 40 square meters.

m, were classified as wealthy and deprived of the right to discounted travel on public transport,” she said. “And not only within Kazan, but also outside it, where the cost of travel is noticeably higher.” “My friend, who lives in Naberezhnye Chelny, has a similar picture.

She was also denied a social travel pass,” she added.

For some, the electronic card was simply blocked, and the transfer of the monthly payment turned out to be technically impossible. Photo

Information about the excess living space of pensioners - recipients of unified social travel cards is beginning to be received by social protection authorities from the branches of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "FKP Rosreestr" in the Republic of Tatarstan. The uploaded data from Rosreestr contains specific information about what kind of real estate each pensioner in the republic owns.

“Indeed, as a large family we built a house where I became a co-owner, and the old apartment remained with me. At first, we were a little shocked: what difference does it make what square footage of my apartment is if I have to pay for travel in real money and not in meters,” she is indignant.

The social security authorities unofficially confirmed to Realnoe Vremya that in April the first cohort of pensioners began to receive refusals to receive unified social travel cards. “Each specific case needs to be examined separately,” said a social protection specialist from the Novo-Savinovsky district of Kazan.

— In April, amendments were adopted to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tajikistan No. 542, according to which pensioners with living space over 40 sq. m and other real estate objects may be refused to receive EDV.” According to them, in this case, a pensioner is considered not poor if he is provided with property beyond measure.

This means that he is not entitled to the full amount of social support.

How the poverty threshold was set at 40 square meters. m

Where did the poverty threshold of 40 square meters come from? m? The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan recalled that at the end of last year the authorities revised the criteria for measuring social poverty of citizens, approving a second additional indicator - the level of property security of a family or citizen.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Tatarstan came up with a corresponding bill, which developed a bill to amend the republican law “On targeted social support for the population” (No. 63-ZRT dated December 8, 2004).

According to these changes, a new concept of “level of property security” is introduced, which will complement the basic indicator for assessing poverty - the amount of official income. Then the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Tatarstan proposed to establish a property qualification of 40 square meters.

m per person, and if a citizen of the republic “overcomes” the threshold of property poverty, then he is deprived of social support from the state.

But what does 40 sq. mean? m? This is smaller than a two-room “Khrushchev” apartment from the 70s, whose area ranges from 42 to 46 square meters. m. This means that many pensioners may lose their transport benefits - it’s just that the uploading of fresh data about their assets by Rosreestr specialists is at the very beginning.

During the debate on this bill, the chairman of the social policy committee, Svetlana Zakharova, confirmed the worst assumptions. Photo

Note that during the debate on this bill, the chairman of the social policy committee, Svetlana Zakharova, confirmed the worst assumptions.

Then the Minister of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Tatarstan Elmira Zaripova explained the meaning of the message that they have to deal with the fact that supposedly low-income people come for support, but in fact they live in spacious apartments.

When accepting these amendments, Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan Farid Mukhametshin nevertheless warned that “it will be necessary to see how it is applied in practice,” and asked to approach the abolition of benefits individually, and not just in a whim.


Popular questions

How is EDV calculated if a serviceman divorces?

Family members who are such at the time of submitting an application to the authorized body for the provision of EDV are taken into account. The procedure for recognition as a family member is approved by Art. 292 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Family members include persons living together with the military personnel. Children and parents living with the military personnel will be taken into account. If they live separately, they will not be taken into account. According to Art. 31 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, other relatives (except for parents and children) are recognized as members of the family of the owner (tenant) of housing in the event that it is in this capacity that they were moved into this living space.

So, when calculating the EDV of a divorced serviceman, family members living with him will be taken into account. If the former spouse left the living space after the divorce, he will not be taken into account in the calculation.

- This calculator is based on ** - For military personnel whose total duration of military service is from 10 to 20 years and who are specified in paragraph 13 of Article 15 of the Federal Law "On the Status of Military Personnel", the adjustment factor increases to 2.375 (as for service of 20 years or more up to 21 years old)
What is a housing subsidy - EDV or in other words, a One-time Cash Payment for the purchase or construction of residential premises (hereinafter referred to as EDV for housing) for military personnel and how to calculate it.

He also held a meeting of the interdepartmental group at which he coordinated issues on housing subsidies with all interested departments.

What documentary evidence of the monthly allowance for military housing exists today?

Taking into account the great interest among military personnel in innovations in this important issue (after all, this is perhaps the only benefit that has not yet been cancelled), we have made a calculator of the monthly allowance for housing for military personnel - a housing subsidy posted on this page, which is based on the above information.

Now everyone interested will be able to calculate a subsidy - a one-time cash payment for the purchase or construction of residential premises

We understand that the data obtained from the EDV - housing subsidy calculator is not final and it is likely that the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation may still adjust the order, but the military should have an idea of ​​​​what awaits them. For our part, we promise to update the calculator so that the calculation of a one-time cash payment - a housing subsidy for the purchase or construction of residential premises by military personnel - remains relevant.

Thanks to government support, contract workers can become property owners in any region. The amount of the subsidy depends on the market price of the property. When calculating the monthly allowance for housing for military personnel

it is necessary to take into account the number of children who have not reached adulthood.

Housing subsidy for military personnel

The standard indicator of the total area of ​​residential real estate, determined in accordance with paragraphs 3-4 of the current Rules, can be increased by 15 square meters if the military has the right to be allocated additional space (provided for in Article 15 of the Federal Law “On the Status of Military Personnel”). If a citizen can apply for the allocation of additional space, taking into account several grounds, only one of them should be used.

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If every year an amount equal to 37 billion 780 million rubles is provided for state aid, and the volume of one subsidy is on average about 7 million rubles, then, based on their calculations, in the period from 2020 to 2020. 5 thousand 397 families with military personnel can count on support.

Categories of military personnel who are entitled to EDV

Citizens who have served at least 20 years can count on privileges. First of all, funds are allocated to contract soldiers who entered service in the RF Armed Forces before 1998. The exception is people who studied at higher military institutions at this time.

The funds are transferred to the account of the former military man if he has served 10 years. The certificate can be used not only for the purchase of a new building. The service member has the right to use the money to pay off the mortgage. Budget funds can be invested in building your own home.

EDV for military personnel for the purchase of housing

paid if the length of service is 20 years. The right to receive payments is assessed by a special commission. The contractor is paid EDV only if he needs to improve his living conditions.

Certificates are issued to military personnel transferred to the reserve due to staff reductions. The reason for breaking the contract may be poor health. The minimum duration of service for this category of specialists is 10 years. Thanks to a housing certificate, a military family member can purchase real estate.

Not only military personnel can count on the certificate. The state provides support to widows and family members. The following may apply for assistance:

  • unit commanders;
  • specialists who train cadets;
  • the country's top military leadership.

Calculator for housing for military personnel per year

The military can also be recipients of such funds; they are provided to improve their living conditions, but if sometimes they are given living space from the state, then money can also be allocated for the purchase.

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Print the data of the calculator of family members, including a military personnel (former military personnel) select the total number of family members1 people2 people3 people4 people5 people6 people7 people8 people9 people10 people11 people12 people13 people14 people15 people16 people Right to NoThere are residential premises (available for the last 5 years) (rubles) for 2 1st half of 2019

Features of the procedure for obtaining EDV

To take advantage of government support, a serviceman must open a bank account. Be sure to check all the details when filling out the application. A copy of the bank agreement, which indicates the account number, must be attached to the application.

Specialists must check the documents within 10 days. After this, the serviceman is informed of the decision made. The documents are sent to the unit in which the contract soldier serves. The chief of finance is obliged to issue him a document upon request. The priority right to receive a subsidy is given to military personnel who are raising 3 children. EDV is paid to people who are in dire need of housing.

Important! The average amount of payments that a contract worker's family can count on is 5.5 million rubles.

How to calculate lump sum payments

of the monthly allowance for housing for military personnel depends on the number of children.

. A large family needs spacious housing. Standard indicators can be adjusted for the following categories of military personnel:

  • the person has a scientific degree;
  • the specialist was awarded an honorary title of the Russian Federation;
  • The serviceman was dismissed from the Russian Armed Forces due to deteriorating health.

When calculating the monthly allowance for housing for military personnel

you need to take into account the cost per square meter. m. The average market price reached 37,208 rubles. The amount of payments is influenced by the length of service. The correction factor that is applied when assigning a subsidy depends on it.

The correction factor will be 2.5 if the contract soldier serves from 15 to 20 years. The amount of EDV increases if the duration of military service is 21 years. In this case, experts will use a correction factor of 2.6. Some people managed to serve in the RF Armed Forces for more than 21 years. This category of military personnel can count on an annual increase in the adjustment factor by 0.075.

In the event of the death of a serviceman while performing official duties, the funds are paid to the widow. When calculating the subsidy, a correction factor of 3 is used.

To determine the size of the housing subsidy, you can use the following formula: P = N x C x Ks, where,

  • N – the area of ​​the apartment, which is allocated for each family member according to the approved standard;
  • C – how much does 1 sq. m cost? m. in the region in which the contract soldier lives;
  • Kc is the value of the correction factor, which depends on the length of service.

For example, a contract soldier served for 22 years. His family consists of 4 people. Let's calculate the amount of the monthly allowance due to the military personnel. At the same time, it will be taken into account that in the region of residence the price per square meter. meter of housing is 34,100 rubles.

P = (4 x 18) x 34,100 x 2.5 = 6,199,380 rub.

If necessary, you can use a calculator designed to calculate housing subsidies. Just 15 years ago, military personnel stood in line to move into a new apartment. Thanks to subsidies, it was possible to reverse the difficult situation. Now military personnel can count on government support.

Moreover, there are no restrictions regarding the purchase of housing on the secondary market. If desired, a serviceman can become the owner of the real estate that suits him in terms of quality and location. EDV per apartment for military personnel

calculated taking into account the length of service.

How long will military personnel have to wait to receive housing subsidies?

The state sets a certain period that is necessary to verify documents. The application must be submitted no later than April 1 of the current year. Former military personnel receive data on EDV through military registration and enlistment offices. After this, the specialists send a written notification of the decision made. The document arrives at the unit in which the contract soldier serves.

Important! Verification of documents should not take more than 30 days. After the decision is made, the chief of finance receives a copy of the decision. Funds are credited to the account of a contract worker in need of housing within 3 days.

What documents are required to obtain EDV?

To receive a subsidy you need to collect the following documents:

  1. The contractor must complete an application.
  2. Funds are transferred according to the details specified in the personal account statement.
  3. The serviceman must make copies of passports in advance.
  4. To calculate the EDV, you need to know the number of children a family is raising.
  5. To do this, the contractor needs to provide birth certificates of the babies.

Some servicemen have already managed to acquire their own apartment. However, the number of meters per family member does not meet the standard. In this case, they can take advantage of government assistance.

The serviceman must show a copy of the document on ownership of the apartment. The contract soldier will be required to provide a certificate indicating his military experience. An extract from your service record can be provided as such a document.

When calculating EDV, specialists are interested in the family status of the contract worker. It is necessary to make a copy of the marriage certificate. Divorced people must show the appropriate document proving the fact of the breakup.

How much EDV will be paid in 2020

Receiving a subsidy is impossible without recognizing the contract worker as in need of improved housing conditions. The status is assigned if several conditions are met:

  1. A military serviceman must not be a tenant of social housing
  2. Having an apartment can be an obstacle to receiving budget money. Funds are paid only if the area for each family member is less than the standard.
  3. Living with seriously ill relatives is grounds for receiving a housing subsidy.

EDV for housing for military personnel in 2019

year will be calculated taking into account the average market price for apartments in a particular region.

Important! In accordance with the project of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, the cost of sq. m. meter of housing provided to military personnel will be 37,848 rubles.

Barely for military housing in 2020

Military personnel with family Military personnel who have served for more than 13 years will no longer be given apartments; In 2020, military personnel will be able to obtain a loan in the amount of 3.5 million rubles for the purpose of purchasing apartments; Repayment of the loan will become the responsibility of the state; Projects started several years earlier will be brought to completion - citizens involved in military service will be provided with their own space; Military personnel will have the opportunity to purchase apartments located in convenient areas; Systematically, the personal account of employees will be replenished with the amount of money necessary to pay off the loan bills taken out to buy out their own living space at the end of their service;

Reference: The indicator of the average market value of one square meter of total living space in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation is used to calculate the one-time cash payment (LCV) provided to former military personnel (citizens discharged from military service) and members of their families who joined before 01/01/2005 for housing registration in military commissariats and local authorities at the chosen place of residence in accordance with the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 1998.

Indexation of monthly cash payments

Starting from January 1, 2010, the size of the EDV was subject to indexation once a year from April 1

current year. This increase in the monthly cash payment was carried out taking into account the forecast of the inflation rate established by the law on the federal budget for the corresponding financial year.

This procedure for indexing the size of the EDV was changed from January 1, 2020 - now it is indexed in February. In 2020, one of the most massive social payments is indexed taking into account the inflation level of the previous year (2018).

According to Rosstat, inflation in 2020 was 4.3%. Therefore, indexation was carried out precisely by this value.

From February 1, 2020, the monthly cash payment was increased by 4.3%. Simultaneously with the increase in this social payment, the amount of funds allocated for the provision of social assistance in kind also increased, namely.

Pensioners subjected to property qualification

The authorities of Tatarstan continue to strengthen the “targeting” of social support measures. They stopped providing compensation for travel to elderly residents of the republic who live in large apartments (more than 80 sq. m.), as well as those who, for example, have several cars or large summer cottages.

Officials believe that their “level of property security” allows such pensioners a social travel pass worth 486 rubles. purchase it yourself.

According to the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Protection of Tatarstan, less than 1% of recipients of these benefits lost state support.

The government of Tatarstan has made changes to “the procedure for providing cash payments, benefits, subsidies and scholarships to certain categories of the population in the republic.”

According to the document, the authorities have canceled travel compensation for pensioners (as well as citizens of pre-retirement age) with a high “level of property security.”

The resolution was signed by the Prime Minister of Tatarstan Alexey Pesoshin and came into force on April 1 of this year.

The term “level of property security of a family (citizen)” was introduced into republican legislation at the end of 2018.

The Law “On Targeted Social Support” stipulates that benefits may not be provided to families who have living quarters with an area of ​​more than 40 square meters. m per person.

Beneficiaries are also not allowed to have dachas and garden houses with a total area exceeding 40 square meters. m per person. For single pensioners, the area standard is set by government decree at 80 square meters. m.

In order to receive travel compensation, restrictions on vehicle ownership have also been introduced. Benefits are not provided to citizens and families who have two cars, and one of the cars is less than three years old.

Payments are not due to those who own a bus, self-propelled car, motor ship, yacht, boat, snowmobile, motor sleigh, jet ski, airplane, helicopter, and so on.

Needy pensioners should also not have large plots of land (the area limit is 0.2 hectares per person in the family).

The cash payment for travel for pensioners in 2020 is 486 rubles. This is exactly how much a social pass for public transport costs in the municipalities of Tatarstan from the beginning of 2020.

Initially, all pensioners of the republic who were not provided with “other social support measures” received such a payment. However, since 2016, the so-called “income” qualification was introduced. Then for those who receive over 20 thousand rubles, payments were reduced to 280 rubles.

with a ticket price of 427 rubles. A year later, payments were reduced by another 100 rubles - to 180 rubles. (the cost of the pass increased to 448 rubles). From the beginning of 2020, a separate category of pensioners was allocated - with an income of more than 25 thousand rubles.

Their previously cut benefits were immediately halved - to 90 rubles. From January 1, 2020, pensioners with an income of more than 25 thousand rubles. travel compensation was completely cancelled.

The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Protection told Kommersant-Kazan that the level of property security from April 1 is also taken into account when paying social benefits for families with children.

This decision was made by the State Council of Tatarstan back in 2018.

Then the head of the parliamentary committee on social policy, Svetlana Zakharova, complained that benefits were often received by those who “walk around in a mink coat and with expensive rings.”

As for payments to pensioners for travel, as the Ministry of Social Protection explained to Kommersant-Kazan, they are provided only to those who do not receive benefits for other reasons, i.e. are not disabled, labor veterans, war veterans, etc.

The ministry also emphasized that the right to purchase a social travel card “does not depend on the fact of receiving a monthly cash payment and its size”: “In 2020, all pensioners can purchase a single social travel card, the cost of which (486 rubles) is significantly lower than the cost of a regular travel ticket."

According to the Ministry of Labor, in March 2020, the number of recipients of this payment was 461.9 thousand people. In April, their number decreased to 458.8 thousand. The decrease was only 0.68%. Payments cost the budget of Tatarstan in March in the amount of 216.7 million rubles, in April - 218.06 million rubles.

The reduction in benefits is provided for by the budget expenditure optimization plan, which the Tatarstan government adopted at the end of 2016.

The document, which will be valid until the end of 2020, talks about the introduction of “additional criteria when assigning social support measures to certain categories of citizens” in order to “reduce the increase in the number of recipients” of benefits. In Tatarstan, almost half of the population are beneficiaries.

Kirill Antonov


Assignment of monthly payments to pensioners

To assign a monthly cash payment to citizens entitled to it in accordance with Russian legislation, it is necessary to contact the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

with a corresponding application at the place of permanent or temporary registration. This application can also be submitted at the place of actual residence due to the lack of a place of residence confirmed by registration.

  • Applicants already receiving a pension should contact the Pension Fund of the area where their pension file is located.
  • Citizens living in a social service institution must contact the district office of the Pension Fund at the location of this organization.

Registration of EDV in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

The assignment of a monthly cash payment and its subsequent payment are carried out on the basis of an application from a citizen or his representative who has submitted the necessary documents to the territorial bodies of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

To establish a social benefit, depending on the category to which a citizen belongs, it is necessary to submit a number of documents


  1. Documents confirming the identity and citizenship of the applicant or the identity and powers of his legal representative.
  2. Documents confirming residence on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  3. Documents that allow you to establish the fact that a citizen belongs to one or another preferential category.

The application for the appointment of EDV must also contain information about the choice of the basis for establishing EDV if there are several such grounds and the citizen’s obligation to promptly inform the Pension Fund about changes in circumstances affecting the amount of social benefits.

Appointment decision

monthly payments are accepted within
ten working days
from the date of application. The applicant must then be notified of the decision within five days.

EDV is established from the day you apply for it

, but not before the right to it arises. Such social assistance is assigned for the time during which the person belongs to the category entitled to social benefits.

EDV from February 1, 2020, latest news

The amount of EDV that the Pension Fund pays to federal beneficiaries has increased by 4.3% since February 1, 2020. The indexation coefficient of 1.043 for payments and benefits was approved by Government Decree No. 32 of January 24, 2020 (see text of the Decree below). to all EDV recipients (except for Chernobyl victims - they need to write an application), was increased by the same amount

will be different for everyone (see the EDV table in 2020), depending on the category to which the beneficiary belongs. The size of the payment has been increased for all recipients by the same percentage - by 4.3% . To independently determine the new amount of EDV from February 1, 2020, you need to multiply the amount received in 2020 by 1.043.

May 12, 2020 glavurist 709

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Procedure for providing monthly cash payments

A citizen receives a monthly cash payment simultaneously with his pension

if he is a pensioner. In this case, the delivery of the EDV will be carried out in the same way as the payment of the pension:

  • through post offices;
  • through credit organizations.

If the citizen is not a pensioner, then he chooses the payment option that is convenient for him and submits an application for the delivery method.

If a citizen wants to change the payment method, he will need to apply to the district office of the Pension Fund. For citizens living in a social institution and having this organization as a legal representative, the amount of EDV can be transferred to the account of the specified institution


Increasing the daily wage in Russia in 2020

The monthly cash payment is intended to replace all existing social benefits, that is, it is the main tool for their monetization. In other words, the need to introduce EDV is caused by an attempt to compensate for losses from non-use of benefits by their legal recipients. In the case of pensioners and disabled people, this social payment becomes a significant increase in pension. The main regulations governing the accrual of EDV are the Federal laws:

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