What to do if you don’t have enough work experience for early retirement?

Calculation of preferential length of service for early retirement

An online service, the robot of which was developed in accordance with the requirements of the legislative standards of the Russian Federation.
In 2020, there is no concept of “work experience” as such. Since December 2001, it has been replaced by “insurance period”. It implies the period during which the working person made contributions to the Pension Fund. The time from the start of work until dismissal is counted towards length of service only if payments are made.

To make the calculation correctly, you will need a document confirming employment. This is usually a work book. However, during the period of activity there could be cases when the employer did not make pension contributions to the Fund. In this case, the Pension Fund does not take into account the period when there were no receipts of funds (Article 10, paragraph 1 of Federal Law No. 173). An additional condition for calculation is the fact that the citizen’s workplace must be located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

To calculate length of service you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. If you have a work book, enter the dates of admission and dismissal from work in the empty fields.
  2. Indicate the number of years spent serving in the Armed Forces.
  3. Select the number of children you had to care for during maternity leave. For one small citizen, the length of service is accrued within 1.5 years.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button.

The resulting period can be compared with data from the Pension Fund. The information is indicated on the first sheet of information about the status of the individual account of a citizen of the Russian Federation. You can obtain it from the Fund by personal visit or electronically through the State Services portal.

ATTENTION! If a citizen did not work under a contract, but was listed as an individual entrepreneur, the years for calculation can be taken in tax returns.

Since 2013, amendments have been made to the Law “On Labor Pensions”, according to which work experience during periods of child care and military service began to be taken into account. To find out the final amount of the insurance portion yourself, you should indicate the exact period of time the able-bodied citizen worked. How to calculate the length of service for a pension (calculator)?

This requires accurate information on the periods of employment and dismissal from work.

How much work experience do you need to have to qualify for benefits? Previously, the legislation of the Russian Federation, and, in particular, the presidential decree on social security issues, established a period of five years.

According to Russian law, this takes 15 years. It will be applied only from 2024. This is due to the fact that new calculation rules were introduced in 2020.

So, by 6 years, one unit of required experience will be added each time. For example, in 2020, you need to work a minimum of 10 years to qualify for a pension.

The issue of legal length of service is resolved separately. Other calculation methods are used here.

These rules apply to both female and male persons. There are no distinctions here, unlike the retirement age, which in the legislation of the Russian Federation is:

  • 65 for men;
  • 60 for women.

Conclusion: The question of how much work experience is required will directly depend on the year in which the man or woman approached the threshold of retirement age.

Official cooperation under an agreement on assistance to the operational investigative service is also included.

  • Documented unemployed status. The status is confirmed by documents, an extract (certificate) from the citizen’s personal file from the employment center.
  • The period during which temporary disability benefits are calculated. Including maternity benefits, as well as child care benefits up to 1.5 years old, both born and adopted.
  • Caring for an incapacitated relative over 80 years old, a disabled person of group 1, or a disabled child.
  • Unreasonable or illegal stay in places of detention, with subsequent rehabilitation.
  • Lack of official employment opportunities for wives of military personnel or employees of Russian consulates abroad.


After all, as already mentioned, in Russia the pension system is now undergoing serious changes. This means that you will have to prepare for the fact that it will constantly change. You can only find out information that is relevant for a specific year. The minimum length of service for calculating a pension in 2020 is 7 years. You can find out about them at the Pension Fund.

It is important to note that only official employment is taken into account. Therefore, “menial” work is not taken into account in the length of service. Only entrepreneurial activity, as well as periods of official employment that were entered in the work book.

Plans for the future What's planned next? It has already been said that the pension payment system is constantly changing in Russia.

Employees who have worked in hazardous and difficult production conditions, as well as in the Far North, are granted early retirement. How is the preferential length of service summed up if a person changes his profession, place of work and place of residence during his life?

Many questions arise when determining the right to a preferential pension, especially when the special length of service is “mixed” or has not been fully developed on any basis.

The insurance period for a pension is calculated based on the amount of the fixed payment and several additional factors. This is usually done by pension fund employees, but if desired, the employee himself can calculate his own future pension.

Instructions for using the retirement calculator in a new way

  1. Select gender and date of birth.
  2. If you have length of service that gives you the right to early retirement, then indicate that too.
  3. Click "CALCULATE". From the result you will find out: your retirement date, how old you will be at that moment and how many more years you need to work before retirement.

The purpose of the pension calculator is to help in calculating the formation of the pension length of service and the timing of retirement.

IMPORTANT! Our pension calculator was created taking into account the amendments made to the legislation of the Russian Federation, known as the Pension Reform, adopted by the State Duma of the Russian Federation and signed by the President on October 3, 2018.

Pension legislation provides for the inclusion in the pension period of not only time directly occupied by work, but also periods classified as so-called “socially significant”. The latter include the years of a citizen’s life occupied with matters important to society and the state as a whole - service in the Armed Forces, giving birth and raising children, caring for a sick or elderly relative, etc.

Stages by year201920202021202220232024
Minimum length of experience10 years11 years12 years13 years14 years15 years

In order to calculate the insurance period manually, you must:

  1. Convert every 30 days to 1 month.
  2. 12 months is equivalent to one year.
  3. The years add up.


The date of dismissal of the employee must be included in the insurance period.

The instructions for using the calculator are simple:

  • enter the periods of work from the employee’s work book in the “Periods for calculation” fields;
  • if the employee was on parental leave, then include a period of up to 1.5 years in the calculation, but a period of more than 1.5 years is not included in the calculation;
  • if the person worked as an entrepreneur, notary, private detective or farmer, take into account the period from the date of registration to the date of deregistration;
  • include in the calculation the periods from the section “What periods are included in the length of service”, if any;
  • if only the years of the beginning or end of work are known without exact dates, July 1 is taken as the date; if only the months of the beginning or end of work are known, the date is taken as the 15th (according to clause 27 of the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation of February 6, 2007 No. 91);
  • if it is known that before 2007, for the same period, the insurance period was less than the continuous work experience calculated according to the Federal Law-255 algorithm, continuous work experience is taken into account for the calculation (resolution of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the West Siberian District dated September 29, 2011 in case No. A70-1657 /2011).

The calculator automatically summarizes the periods, takes into account overlaps and shows the total duration of the insurance period.

Preferential pension

Early receipt of a pension depends on the following factors:

    Features of working conditions and performance of certain duties. These categories include workers engaged in coal mining, steelworkers, metallurgists, pilots, employees of medical institutions, teachers, etc. Special social status. Preferential pensions are provided to mothers of many children, persons who have worked in the Far North for the period established by law, and disabled people.

The age for receiving preferential pension payments is determined by two components:

    the presence of a profession in one of the lists approved by the Government of the Russian Federation; actual work experience in this profession.

Why do you need to know your work experience?

The period that determines the work activity of a particular employer affects the receipt of annual paid leave, maternity leave, and payments for temporary disability.

According to the law, a citizen of the Russian Federation is entitled to paid leave for two weeks after six months of working in one place. After a year of working, you can take a month off from work.

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How to calculate work experience for a pension

Experience is very important for expectant mothers going on maternity leave. Previous income for the past several years is taken as the basis for calculating benefits and payments. If a woman was not officially employed before pregnancy, the benefit is accrued in the minimum amount.

The online pension service calculator allows you to calculate your length of service based on information taken from your work record book. It summarizes the period of activity and provides accurate data taking into account military service and child care periods. The calculator simplifies and saves time for counting.

Information about the length of service registered with the Pension Fund of Russia can be viewed and compared with information on the citizen’s individual account. If deductions from one of the employers have not been made, the Fund does not accrue seniority. In this case, there may be discrepancies between the length of service calculated by the calculator and the data established by the Pension Fund.

It may be useful in the following cases:

  • When looking for a new job, to create a resume. Here you can round it up. That is, if the experience was 9 years and 10 months, then you can write 10 years on your resume;
  • When applying for a pension;
  • When applying for child care benefits.

Work experience is the calling card of any working citizen. Therefore, everyone needs to know it.

How does length of service affect the amount of benefits?

insurance period for sick leave in 2020

The amount of compensation received for the period of illness directly depends on the calculation of the SS. This can be seen most clearly using a table.

Cause% of daily earnings for a certain length of service (years)
0,5 — 55 — 8More than 8
Illness, elderly care, child care (inpatient)60%80%100%
Injury at work100%100%100%
Caring for a baby in the hospital60% in 10 days, 50% in the future80 for 10 days, 50% for the next100% within 10 days, 50% subsequently
Pregnancy, childbirth100%100%100%
Babysitting up to 18 months40%40%40%


A mother with many children had three children in turn feel unwell. They were admitted to hospital for treatment. Mom was given a nursing period of 33 days. The employee has 13 years of experience. How will compensation be calculated?

For 10 days of care, a woman is considered to be reimbursed 100 percent, then 50 percent of her daily earnings. She has three children, so the 10 days of full payment applies to each of them. That is, a woman will receive a 100% payment for 30 days of sick leave and 50% for the last 3 days included in the certificate.

Thus, the calculation of the employee’s insurance period and the compensation due for it to pay for sick leave has its own characteristics in each situation. Special programs that will do all the calculations for you can help with this. But to protect your interests, you need to understand issues related to the calculation of benefits and confirmation of your experience.

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What periods are included in the insurance period?

The insurance period does not include periods of unemployment, but in addition to work under employment contracts, it includes other periods (according to Federal Law No. 400 of December 28, 2013 “On insurance pensions”). An important condition: these periods must be preceded or followed by periods of work. If the periods coincide, then only one of them will be included in the length of service.

  • The employee served in the military or served in law enforcement;
  • the employee received compulsory social insurance benefits for temporary disability;
  • the entrepreneur worked for himself and paid his own fees, the same applies to notaries, lawyers, detectives;
  • the person worked as a deputy or clergyman, a member of a collective farm or production cooperative;
  • mother or father cared for a child up to 1.5 years old (but no more than 6 years in total);
  • the unemployed received benefits at the labor exchange, participated in paid public works, and traveled to another area for employment in the direction of the labor exchange;
  • the employee was unjustifiably prosecuted, suspended from work and placed in custody;
  • the convicted person worked in prison and fulfilled his quota; the employee cared for a disabled person of group 1, an elderly person over 80 years old or a disabled child;
  • the spouse of a contract serviceman lived in an area where it was impossible to get a job (but not more than 5 years in total);
  • for spouses of consuls and employees of diplomatic services and missions abroad - periods of residence in another country, but not more than 5 years.

As it turns out, work experience is essential knowledge for any person. But all people understand this phrase differently. Most of them think that this is the period of work at every enterprise.

In fact, work experience may include several components:

  • Naturally, the length of work at each enterprise;
  • Courses to improve your skills or learn a new profession. It is taken into account only if they took place during the period between dismissal from one place of work and employment to another;
  • Maternity leave;
  • Time to look for a job. It is taken into account if the person was on the stock exchange or was registered in the employment service;
  • Leave to care for a disabled relative.

There is one more additional insurance period.

It is counted for the period when:

  • The person was forced to serve in the armed forces;
  • Was on maternity leave to care for a child until he reached the ages of 1.5 and 3 years;
  • Temporarily lost his ability to work and received preferential benefits for this;
  • Performed community service or received unemployment payments;
  • Was in prison;
  • He was forced not to work because he was caring for a disabled relative.

The following items are not included in the total work and insurance experience:

  • The period when a person did not work, was not registered on the labor exchange and did not receive unemployment benefits;
  • Study at a university, college, school or any other educational institution.

In this article, we examined in detail the question of how to find out the debt for administrative fines online by last name.

Work experience can be:

  1. General.
  2. Special – characterizes only certain industries, positions and professions. For example, special working conditions, disabilities of varying severity. Also, monetary remuneration for length of service depends on the length of special service.
  3. Continuous – characterizes a certain period of time during the entire period of operation. In some cases, this may affect the receipt of additional benefits and allowances.
  4. Strakhov.

How to calculate work experience for a pension

The following years are also taken into account in the length of service:

  • Training in various schools, vocational schools, educational institutions;
  • Advanced training;
  • Postgraduate studies.

Important: before 2002, university studies were also taken into account, but now not, since there is no insurance deduction for this.

By what rules is preferential length of service taken into account?

Quite often there are situations when a person does not have the full required length of service for early retirement, but at the same time he worked under special conditions for several reasons. For example, he lived and worked for 6 years in the North, and after leaving, he drove a BelAZ in a coal mine for another 10 years.

He did not acquire “northern” rights, since this requires 15 years; Truck drivers for ore hauling also retire early after only completing 15 years of service.

Scope of application

Using the calculator, you can easily calculate the retirement date of any citizen. The calculator is especially important for people of pre-retirement age, since it is their retirement that will be regulated according to a special grid, based on the gradual implementation of the provisions of the pension reform.

Various types of pension calculators are very common on the Internet, which is explained by the increased interest of citizens in the issues of calculating pensions. However, it should be remembered that there is no calculator that could even approximately reliably calculate the size of your future pension payments. This is due to many reasons, the main one of which is the extreme opacity of the system for calculating pension savings practiced by the Pension Fund.

Legislatively, factors that directly affect the amount of accrual of an insurance pension include:

  1. The salary of a future pensioner or declared income for self-employment.
  2. Duration of experience.
  3. Socially significant periods of life, which include service in the Armed Forces, maternity leave, and parental leave.
  4. The method of pension provision chosen by the future pensioner in the compulsory pension insurance system.
  5. Continuation of work after retirement age.

All these factors are constantly undergoing changes, and a radical change in the pension system of the Russian Federation brings changes almost daily.

Therefore, the only reliable calculations of the calculator can be provided only in part:

  1. projected year for retirement;
  2. retirement age;
  3. the minimum length of service required for retirement.

Who is a highly qualified specialist?

A highly qualified specialist is a specialist who meets two requirements:

- has sufficient experience, qualifications and skills in a particular field;

- has a certain salary.

Requirements for the minimum salary of a highly qualified specialist are established by Art. 13.2 of the Law on the legal status of foreign citizens. Thus, the income of a highly qualified specialist should be:

- at least 58,500 rubles per month - for foreign residents, technology-innovation special economic zone;

- at least 83,500 rubles per month - for teachers and researchers invited to the Russian Federation, as well as for foreign citizens working in the territory of Sevastopol and the Republic of Crimea;

Question answer

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- at least 1 million rubles per year - for highly qualified specialists who are medical, pedagogical or scientific workers if they are invited to engage in relevant activities in the territory of the international medical cluster.

any size - for foreigners taking part in the implementation of the Skolkovo innovative project;

- at least 167,000 per month - for other foreigners.

Changes regarding the required work experience will affect highly qualified specialists working in professions or holding positions that are included in a special list approved by the Ministry of Labor. The list of such professions includes the following specialties:

Midwife Veterinarian Doctor Health center doctor Cardio-rheumatologist Laboratory assistant General practitioner (family) Pediatrician Emergency department doctor Psychiatrist Specialist doctor Statistician Doctor-therapist Local phthisiatrician Gas welder Chief project engineer Chief metallurgist Economics director Engineer -constructor Engineer for automated production control systems Engineer for the implementation of new equipment and technology Engineer for oil and gas production Engineer for information security Engineer Quality engineer Instrumentation and automation engineer Metrology engineer Construction supervision engineer Commissioning and testing engineer Engineer on organization of production management Engineer for production preparation Welding engineer Design engineer Process engineer Electrical engineer Mathematician Nurse Operating room nurse Treatment room nurse Medical laboratory technician Installer for the installation of steel and reinforced concrete structures Installer of sanitary systems and equipment Installer of ventilation systems, air conditioning, pneumatic transport and aspiration Installer of process pipelines Installer of technological equipment and related structures Installer of machine tools and manipulators with program control Pharmacist X-ray technician Metal ship hull assembler Welder of reinforcing mesh and frames Metal structure assembly mechanic Aircraft assembler Construction mechanic Ship repairer Machine operator woodworking machines Ship hull repairman Drilling technician Set-up and testing technician Technologist Turner Turner-turner Borer turner Marine pipe-fitter Pharmacist Paramedic-laboratorian Milling operator Sander Site electrician Electrician for cable networks Electrician for lighting and lighting networks Marine electrician Electrician for repair of overhead lines power transmission Electrician for the operation of distribution networks Electric welder on automatic and semi-automatic machines Construction electrician

What is included in the total length of service - army, study, maternity leave

Almost every woman was forced to interrupt work due to the need to take maternity leave for pregnancy and child care. Its duration can vary, in general it ranges from 1.5 to 3 years and is directly related to when the new family member starts kindergarten.

Accordingly, most women are concerned whether this long period will be included in the total length of service?

How to calculate work experience for a pension

The maternity leave will be counted towards the total length of service if she:

  • Was officially employed or was registered in the employment service at the time of pregnancy;
  • I studied full-time;
  • She worked in the armed forces.

Sick leave is also included in the total length of service. The conditions for receiving it are the same as for maternity leave.

The duration of sick leave may vary:

  • In normal childbirth and normal pregnancy, a woman is given 70 days before and 70 days after. In total, sick leave will last 140 days;
  • In case of difficult childbirth, after it the woman is given sick leave for 16 days more, that is, 86 days. In total, the sick leave will be 156 days;
  • The longest sick leave is given to a woman who has given birth to two or more children; it will be 194 days.

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Since 2007, according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, maternity leave and sick leave for pregnancy and childbirth are fully included in the length of service. For the second, third and subsequent pregnancies, it will be partially counted.

Retirement age

The pension reform, along with raising the age limit, also provided for the gradual pensioning of those who, at the time of the introduction of the reform, had either already reached the required age or were approaching it. In accordance with the stages of the reform, the age increase provided for by the reform will occur according to the formula 1/1, that is, once a year for a year. The total period for introducing reform conditions will take 9 years.

Men born in 1959 and women born in 1963 are eligible for pension innovations. Those born before these years are not threatened by the reform, even if they continue to work. This is due to the fact that the reform does not provide for retrospectiveness, that is, retroactive effect.

The phasing is reflected in an extremely simplified manner in the following diagrams for men and women.

How to correctly calculate length of service using a work book?

Calculation of length of service using a work book must be calculated correctly.

There are several features here:

  1. The length of service obtained during the calculation must have one whole number. It must be rounded up or down based on 6 months:
      For example, a person worked for 26 years and three months. Three months is less than 6, therefore, the length of service is rounded down to 26 years.
  2. If 26 and seven months, then round down and get 27 years.
  3. If the length of service is 26 years and 6 months, then the number of days must be taken into account. Thus, it is necessary to round for the purpose of preparing an application or resume;
  4. In some cases, for example, to calculate benefits, length of service must be rounded to the nearest month, rounded by the number of days;
  5. When calculating length of service, each month has an equal number of days, namely 30. Regardless of whether it is January, February or September;
  6. The working year consists of 12 months. Each month has 30 days. Accordingly, the total number of days in a year will always be 360.

If calculating the length of service yourself is a labor-intensive task, then it is recommended to use a calculation example or an online calculator.

Before moving on to the calculation, you should understand why you need to use an online calculator.

It has a number of advantages:

  • This will save time;
  • You can get a more accurate result;
  • There is no need to find a pen, a blank sheet of paper and count each value yourself.

The calculation procedure consists of several steps:

  1. Enter the following value in the search: “calculator for calculating work experience online”;
  2. You should follow any link where the calculation is free;
  3. The site will open, it will display a table consisting of two columns. You need to take your work book, enter the dates of hiring in the first column, and the dates of dismissal in the second;
  4. You should carefully double-check the completed information;
  5. Now you need to click “calculate”. After a few seconds, a number will appear, this is the length of service.

This program is also convenient for other calculations, for example, for continuous work experience at one enterprise, for calculating sick leave and general insurance coverage.

How to calculate work experience for a pension

Northern work experience is considered in a slightly different way. This is due to the fact that people live in the Far North and their work is classified as “complicated”. The main difference for them compared to regular seniority is the salary premium.

Also, depending on the length of service, a person may retire earlier. For example, a woman can retire after 15 years of continuous work.

You will find the legislative basis for calculating the insurance period in Art. 13 of the Federal Law “On Insurance Pensions” No. 400-FZ dated December 28, 2013. All the nuances for calculating the insurance period, including astronauts, military personnel, sailors, and workers in hazardous industries, are listed here.

For calculations, you need a work book with all inserts. If the book is lost, the employee can provide all employment contracts with employers or confirm his work activity in court with the help of two or more witnesses. When calculating work experience, certificates from the place of work about periods of work, certificates from archives about periods of work, a military ID, and an extract from the terms of work of an individual entrepreneur are also accepted.

To calculate experience, you need:

  • calculate the length of service using the work book;
  • exclude periods of work abroad from the length of service;
  • include in the insurance period periods when a person worked as an individual entrepreneur or farmer and paid insurance premiums for himself;
  • exclude periods when the employee received a pension - for disability or labor;
  • If the periods coincide, count only one.

Today, calculating the insurance period is not so difficult: data on insurance contributions is available in the Pension Fund and is stored on electronic media.


It will be convenient to consider the operation of an online calculator using a specific example. Let's calculate the length of service for a pension using a calculator.

Vasilyeva T.T. She began her career on July 1, 2008 at the M enterprise. On July 24, 2014, the citizen quit her job and on July 26, 2014, started working at another enterprise, “R,” where she worked until July 4, 2020. The woman has one child with whom she was on maternity leave.

You should fill out the form from one of the proposed calculators:

  1. The date is indicated when Vasilyeva T.T. Job No. 1 was accepted, that is, at enterprise “M” - 07/24/2008. The date should be selected in the proposed tab. First the year is indicated, then the month and then the date.
  2. In the dismissal column, the date is indicated in the same way - 07/24/2014.
  3. Next, you need to click on the button: “Add a place of work.”
  4. Another line appears with windows for the dates of admission and dismissal.
  5. In the first window you need to indicate the date of reception of Vasilyeva T.T. to enterprise “P”, in the second - indicate the date of dismissal.
  6. You need to put a check mark next to the line with the question: “Were you on maternity leave?”, since Vasilyeva T.T. there is a child with whom she was on maternity leave.
  7. Another tab will be displayed in which you need to indicate the number of children.
  8. You need to put a mark opposite the number 1, since Vasilyeva T.T. has 1 child.
  9. Next, press the “Calculation” button.
  10. The result obtained is displayed below the form: 11 years 6 months 5 days - this is the insurance length of T.T. Vasilyeva. during her working life.

Thus, it becomes clear how to use the calculator to calculate the length of service for a pension.

In addition to this service, on our resource you can find a calculator that will help you calculate your pension based on your length of service.

Every citizen of Russia, carrying out his work activity, must be officially employed and his work experience must be recorded in his work book.

This is stated in a number of regulatory legal acts on labor, as well as in numerous judicial practices.

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How to calculate work experience for a pension

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The main labor documents are the employment contract and the work book, which are acquired by the employee in the course of his work activity.

Based on the results of his work carried out over all years of work, the citizen will receive a pension established by law, based on his total work and insurance experience.

In order to find out about the amount of work experience. You just need to do some calculations.

We will tell you exactly how in this article.

As retirement age approaches, many Russians are becoming increasingly interested in how to calculate length of service using a work book, an example of which they would like to see.

The desire to have a clear understanding of this is understandable. Knowing how to calculate, it is easy to check whether the calculations were performed correctly.

But the amount of accrued pension benefits directly depends on the correctness of the calculation.

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A work book is an official document of every citizen of our country, which reflects all of his work activities for a specific period. A work record book is created upon the first official hiring and accompanies the citizen until his retirement. Sometimes this document changes to a duplicate, but does not lose its unconditional value.

Many people do not want to wait until retirement age and try to calculate their retirement experience in advance. But, unfortunately, most employees, and even HR department employees, have no idea how seniority should actually be calculated.

Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to resolve legal issues, but each case is unique.

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In fact, the experience is considered quite simple and in order to carry out this procedure it is not at all necessary to have any special knowledge.

All you need is a personal computer, a cup of coffee on the table, a piece of paper and a pen.

Now get ready to count important data and try not to miss a single important detail or entry indicated in your work book.

The length of work experience is calculated in order to determine what pension rights a citizen has. Also, length of service may be needed to calculate disability benefits.

How to calculate insurance length using effective formulas

There are no separate instructions on how much sick leave is paid for 3 or 4 years of experience. If the work experience of the sick individual is less than 5 years, but more than six months, the certificate of incapacity for work is calculated in the amount of 60% of the average wage for the previous 2 years.

Firstly, when determining the size of the pension or the start date of its payment, the continuity of service is not taken into account. Secondly, the type of work experience in question should not have periods of time exceeding established limits during which the able-bodied employee did not work and did not take steps to find employment.

If, upon reaching retirement age, he continues to work, then for each year of work 1% will be added to his pension, but the total increasing coefficient can be no more than 20%.

Work experience, length of service - terms that were once very important for any worker are losing their relevance today. Pensions for most Russians are calculated according to the new law, and, as employees of the OPFR in the Krasnoyarsk Territory assure, this is beneficial for pensioners.

Before you figure out what the sick leave payment will be depending on your length of service, you should understand how to determine the duration of work used for calculation: what periods are included in it and what documents confirm this.

As with any pension, a federal social supplement can be established for the old-age social pension, but it should be remembered that it is paid to non-working pensioners whose total income is less than the pensioner’s subsistence level.

You can confirm your work experience without a work book. If it is absent or there is no information in it about any period of work, certificates from employers, copies of orders on hiring and dismissal, employment agreements, etc. can be accepted as confirmation of length of service.

And the Krasnoyarsk Territory is a unique territory where every third pension is assigned before the generally established age,” reports Larisa Shloma.

Point system

Calculating pension points is a very labor-intensive process, the algorithms of which, although given in pension legislation, are actually known only to employees of pension funds.

It is also difficult to calculate the number of points because each year the required minimum points increase by 2.4 points. If in 2015 about 7 points were enough to retire, then by 2025 potential retirees will have to have at least 30 points.

Moreover, different types of work activity and significant periods in life give different amounts of points, regulated by different legislative acts. Whether this was done intentionally or accidentally, the fact remains that an accurate independent calculation is impossible.

Currently, at the level of the State Duma and the Government of the Russian Federation, there is intense discussion of the abandonment of the point system, and one should think that after raising the retirement age, a waiver of the procedure for accumulating points will be introduced. Therefore, no matter how many forecasts the calculators give, no matter how many calculation tables are given, most likely they will turn out to be unnecessary.


Like any rule, pension changes have exceptions, that is, those cases in which the innovations will not be applied, although some of them look completely illogical. Exceptions include:

  1. Savings pensions. Pre-retirees will have the right to use accumulated funds from the moment they reach retirement age under the old legislation, that is, from 55 and 60 years, depending on gender. In this case there is a slight limitation. The right to use savings can arise only if you have a minimum experience of 15 years and a number of points of at least 30.
  2. Insurance pensions for beneficiaries who retain the right to early retirement. In addition to those employed in hazardous industries (lists 1, 2), they will also include drivers of heavy trucks at mines and mines, field geologists, logging workers, female asphalt layers and crane operators, railway drivers (including metro) who directly transported passengers , port dockers, public transport drivers, fishermen, miners, civil aviation workers directly involved in providing flights, operational employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, workers of correctional labor colonies.
  3. State pensions. The changes will not affect persons who liquidated the Chernobyl accident, persons injured as a result of the Chernobyl accident, as well as their close relatives - family members.
  4. Pensions of civil servants. For this category of future pensioners, starting from 2018, their own step-by-step schedule will be introduced, which involves increasing the retirement age by six months each year until the maximum values ​​are reached.

Special experience requirements

The government has established a list of industries and professions that qualify for benefits. But they are largely outdated, legislation is constantly changing and not all enterprises submit information to the Pension Fund about their employees.

The main problems arise when a person cannot confirm his existing special experience with documents, and in cases where it is difficult to determine whether he has the right to a pension or not.

The conditions for granting pensions when working in harmful and difficult conditions have not changed since 1956, when they were first established.

According to List No. 1:

  • up to ten years of age reduction;
  • availability of special experience from 7.5 years (for women) to 10 years (for men);
  • the amount of insurance (previously general labor) experience is at least 15 years (women) and 20 years (men).

According to list No. 2:

  • up to five years of reducing the retirement age;
  • availability of preferential length of service from 10 years (for women) to 12.5 years (for men);
  • the amount of insurance (previously general labor) experience is at least 20 years (women) and 25 years (men).

For "North":

  • up to five years of reducing the retirement age;
  • the presence of a preferential length of service of 15 calendar years in the KS areas or 20 years in the MPKS;
  • the amount of insurance (previously general labor) experience is at least 20 years (women) and 25 years (men).

If a person has worked in the Far North for at least 7 years and 6 months, then he is assigned an insurance pension with a reduction in the retirement period by 4 months for each year worked in the Far North.

In addition to those mentioned, the law established the so-called “small lists”, which provide for early retirement for representatives of certain professions: geologists, railway workers, drivers of passenger transport on regular city routes - there are about a dozen of them in total. The requirements for them are different, but they all reduce the retirement age by 5 years . Thus, women retire at 50 years old, men at 55 years old.

According to Lists No. 1 and No. 2, a proportional reduction in age is allowed if at least half of the required length of service has been worked. In the first case, 1 year per year of work, in the second case - 1 year reduction for 2.6 years of work for men, and for 2 years for women. For "Sever" there is also a 4-month reduction for each year worked.

To retire on the “small lists” you must have the full required length of service.

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