Table of average salaries in the country for calculating and calculating pensions

Which years are taken into account when calculating the old-age pension in 2020?

  • IPC is the number of pension benefits earned, which is also affected by the average salary of the future recipient;
  • SIPC is the value of one of the received pension points at the time when the calculations are made;
  • FV is a fixed payment, also at the time of accrual, because due to indexation it changes annually.

The calculation of old-age pensions is a hot topic for elderly citizens of the Russian Federation, for whom this type of payment is their only source of livelihood. In 2020, the burning issues are the pension reform adopted by the government and the timing of retirement for those who did not have time to take advantage of the benefits of the previous government system. No less relevant are the issues of forming a future pension.

How is the insurance pension calculated?

After Federal Law No. 400 “On Insurance Pensions” came into force, the following factors began to influence the amount of future payments:

  • wage;
  • income of citizens as self-employed;
  • the adopted version of pension provision in the structure of compulsory pension insurance;
  • length of service during which the employer made contributions to the Pension Fund;
  • socially significant periods of life (maternity leave for up to one and a half years, conscription in the army, etc.);
  • how long after reaching retirement age the person did not apply for a pension.

The above conditions are important only for the assignment of benefits to citizens who worked under an employment contract. For military personnel, employees of law enforcement agencies and other organizations entering a well-deserved retirement due to length of service, a different calculation procedure is applicable.

To calculate allowance under the new legislation, you must use the formula:

P = IR * SB + FV,


P – the amount of monthly pension allowance;

IC – individual pension coefficient (number of points);

SB – the cost of one 1 pension point for the current year;

FV – fixed payment.

After the February indexation of 2020, a pension point began to cost 87.24 rubles, and the size of the fixed payment was set at around 5334.19 rubles.

Salary in 2000 - 2001 for pension calculation

What is included in the length of service when calculating a pension in 2020

Fortunately, today the concept of continuity of work in one area or in one organization has become irrelevant.


For women who have given birth to two or more children in the North, the conditions are relaxed: they need to work not 15, but 12 years in order to officially retire at age 50. For women who gave birth to two or more children while living and working in areas similar to the northern regions, the state established a requirement to work for 17 years.

How to calculate your pension? Changes in 2020, calculation features

  • option for a one-time financial payment in the case where the accumulated pension is 5% or less of the total funds of insured and accumulated pension savings;
  • option for urgent issuance of pension finance. This applies to participants in the State Pension Co-financing Program and mothers who decide to create a financial cushion for pensions from maternity capital;
  • option for lifetime payment of a funded share. Its amount is determined by determining the ratio of the finances of pension savings to the expected time of payment of the funded share. The latter indicator is regulated annually by federal law. In 2020 it was 252 months.

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The decision on the value of a pension point for the purpose of assigning pension payments is regulated by the Government of the Russian Federation every year. Previously, indexing of its size was carried out every year from February 1, according to the new rule, this procedure will be carried out from January 1 in the period from 2020 to 2024. From January 2020, the pension coefficient was checked, its price was 87.24 rubles.

An example of calculating average earnings for a civil servant pension

To visually examine the procedure for calculating the average salary of a civil servant, we use an example:

On 02/01/18, civil servant Selivanov turned 61 years old. At the time of reaching retirement age, Selivanov’s length of service in the civil service was 17 years, which is sufficient to acquire the right to a long-service pension.

In the period from 01/01/17 to 07/01/17, Selivanov’s monthly income, taking into account his salary and replacement bonus, amounted to 24,061 rubles. As of July 1, 2017, Selivanov’s salary was increased, and therefore his monthly income amounted to 26,317 rubles.

In the period from January 15 to January 17, 2020, Selivanov was on leave at his own expense. In January, Selivanov’s income amounted to 22,112 rubles.

In March 2020, Selivanov was paid a bonus based on the results of work in 2017 in the amount of 9,457 rubles.

Below is a step-by-step calculation of Selivanov’s average earnings for the purpose of a long-service pension.

Step 1. Determination of the billing period.

Since Selivanov acquired the right to a pension on 02/01/18, the calculation period is the previous 12 months from 02/01/17 to 01/31/18.

Step-2. Calculation of income for the billing period

Selivanov worked the first half of the year with a monthly income of 24,061 rubles; from the second half of the year, the civil servant’s income increased to 26,317 rubles. Thus, Selivanov’s income for the period from 02/01/17 to 01/31/18, taking into account the bonus accrued at the end of 2020, amounted to:

RUR 24,061 * 5 months + 26.317 rub. * 6 months + 22,212 rub. + 9.457 rub. = 309.876 rub.

Step-2. Determining the amount of average monthly earnings

According to the conditions of the example, Selivanov worked in full for the entire year 2020 (there are no excluded periods). Therefore, for the period from 02/01/17 to 12/31/17, the calculation of average earnings is determined by dividing the income for the specified period by the number of months (11 months):

(RUB 24,061 * 5 months + RUB 26,317 * 6 months + RUB 9,457) / 11 months = 26,151.27 rub.

When calculating average earnings for January 2020, the period of leave without pay (3 days) is excluded. Thus, in January 2018, Selivanov actually worked for 18 days. Let's calculate Selivanov's average earnings for January 2020:

RUR 22,212 / 18 * 21 = 25.914 rub.

The final average earnings for the billing period are determined as follows:

(RUB 26,151.27 + RUB 25,914) / 2 = RUB 26,017.64

What Period of Work Experience is Used to Calculate Pension in 2020

According to individual (personalized) accounting data in the state pension insurance system, from January 1, 2002 to December 31, 2014, employers paid insurance contributions totaling RUB 501,572.18.

Thus, when applying to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, a woman must independently take care of confirming the periods of work, as well as the amount of wages received. When on parental leave, they must also provide documents confirming the fact of the birth of the child and the age of one and a half years (child's birth certificate, child's passport, etc.).

Calculation of Pension for Women Born in 1966

  • For the formation of only the insurance part. 22% of the employee’s salary, mandatory for transfer to the Pension Fund, is distributed as follows:
      16% – for the insurance part of the pension;
  • 6% – joint tariff for a fixed payment.
  • For the formation of both parts – insurance and savings:
  1. 6% – joint tariff;
  2. 10% – to the Pension Fund for the insurance part of the benefit;
  3. 6% - to the account of the management company according to the choice of the future pensioner, for example, a non-state pension fund (hereinafter - NPF) for a funded pension.

This is a cash benefit, partly dependent on salary and consisting of pension savings formed through contributions from the insured person's employer and/or voluntary financial contributions. This type of benefit is not subject to annual indexation. The funded pension (hereinafter referred to as N) is calculated using the formula N = NCHLS / P, where:

Pension calculator

These results of calculating the insurance pension are purely conditional and should not be perceived by you as the real amount of your future pension. To make the results easier to understand, all calculations are performed under constant conditions of 2020.

For calculation purposes, it is assumed that the entire period of formation of your future pension rights took place in 2020 and you were “assigned” an insurance pension in 2020, taking into account the life plans you personally indicated, and also on the condition that you will “receive” all the years of your working life the salary you specified.

The actual amount of the insurance pension is calculated by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation when applying for its appointment, taking into account all the generated pension rights and benefits provided for by pension legislation on the date of assignment of the pension.

For example, for disabled people of group I, citizens who have reached the age of 80, citizens who worked or lived in the Far North and equivalent areas, citizens who have worked for at least 30 calendar years in agriculture, who do not carry out work and (or) other working activity and living in rural areas, the insurance pension will be assigned in an increased amount due to the increased size of the fixed payment.

How is pension calculated for those born in 1967?

  1. The length of service and salary coefficient are determined.
  2. These two quantities are multiplied with each other and by a factor of 1671.
  3. The amount increases based on valorization.
  4. 450 is subtracted from it.
  5. To obtain the final value, multiply by 5.6148.

The amount of the fixed payment may fluctuate depending on which category the citizen belongs to (receives an old-age pension, disabled, etc.).

This part is necessary because insurance is not always enough to meet the subsistence level.

Calculate your pension online using a calculator

To determine the exact amount, the help of a specialist is required. Self-employed people will also be able to calculate their pension online A large number of people work exclusively for themselves. Entrepreneurs regularly make fixed payments to the Pension Fund.

Victoria Petrovna Ivanova’s work biography began at the age of 18. Throughout her life, she took maternity leave 2 times. For her first-born, she was awarded 1.8 points. The second baby increased the IPC by 3.6 points. Victoria Petrovna constantly worked at the same enterprise. After reaching retirement age, the woman worked for another 5 years beyond her seniority.

Calculation of pensions for citizens born before and after 1966

Next, the calculation is carried out using the formula for determining the size of the insurance pension (IPK * SB = SP) and it turns out 107.8 * 78.58 = 8470.92 rubles. To this amount is added the size of the fixed payment of 4805.11 and the final amount of monthly pension payments is equal to 13,276 rubles.

Starting from 2020, a moratorium was imposed on the formation of pension savings, which will last until 2020, according to forecasts. In the first year of the freeze, citizens were asked to leave 6% of their savings or transfer all 22% to the insurance fund.

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Calculation of old age pension for those born before 1967 using an example

It should be noted that the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation does not make payments automatically, and in order to receive the required benefit, a citizen who has reached a certain age will have to contact the department of the institution with an application for state benefits.

In recent years, the pension system has gone through several stages of reform, and after the latest amendments, the procedure for calculating the due payment has changed significantly. The procedure for calculating pensions remains the same for persons born before 1967. Today we will look at this issue in more detail and highlight the essential points.

How is pension calculated for those born before 1967?

The payment associated with a citizen reaching old age and calculated in accordance with current legislation is called a pension. Not only people who have the necessary length of service and have reached the established age, but also some categories of beneficiaries have the right to receive this monetary allowance.

For example, a pension is assigned for disability or loss of a breadwinner. In our state, pensions are calculated in different ways. After the last reform, the calculation of pensions changed, instead of amounts in rubles they switched to conventional units (pension points). The previous calculation remained only for people born before 1966.

In this review we will tell you how pensions are calculated for those born before 1967.

Every year a bill to increase the retirement age is introduced into the State Duma, but such an innovation has not yet received approval.

The retirement age currently determined for women is 55 years, and for the stronger half of humanity - 60 years.

Following the example of many countries in the world, as well as neighboring CIS countries, the retirement age in our country will be increased, but according to analysts, this will not happen soon.

Labor old-age pension

The following calculator will help you calculate the amount of your old-age labor pension in accordance with the Federal Law “On Labor Pensions in the Russian Federation” dated December 17, 2001 N 173-FZ.

For the calculation you must specify:

the date of pension assignment, your gender, age, insurance experience, length of service in the USSR, your average earnings in 2000-2001 or for any 5 consecutive years before 2002, as well as the amount of all insurance contributions, taking into account indexation after 2002.

As a result, the pension amount for the current date and details of its calculation will be given. At the moment, the calculator does not take into account bonuses and increases, disability, or the new procedure for calculating pensions, which will come into effect for pensions after 2020.

Pension calculator in 2020: online calculation of the Pension Fund

In accordance with the data you entered, your length of service is , the number of pension points is . From 2025, the minimum total length of service to receive an old-age pension is 15 years. The minimum number of earned coefficients for granting a pension is 30.

If in your answers to the questions you indicated less than 15 years of experience or the number of accumulated coefficients does not reach 30, then you will be assigned a social old-age pension: for women at 60 years old, for men at 65 years old. The old-age social pension today is 5,034.25 rubles per month.

In addition, you will receive a social supplement to your pension up to the subsistence level of a pensioner in the region of your residence.

: Chernobyl participant

In accordance with the data you entered, your length of service is , the number of pension points is . You do not have enough pension coefficients or length of service to assign an old-age insurance pension. From 2025, the minimum total length of service to receive an old-age pension is 15 years. The minimum number of earned coefficients for granting a pension is 30.

If in your answers to the questions you indicated less than 15 years of experience or the number of accumulated coefficients does not reach 30, then you will be assigned a social old-age pension: for women at 60 years old, for men at 65 years old. The old-age social pension today is 5,034.25 rubles per month.

In addition, you will receive a social supplement to your pension up to the subsistence level of a pensioner in the region of your residence.

Calculation of pensions for those born before 1967: procedure for registering accruals

  1. Men can count on compensation at the age of 60, women - at the age of 55 (some categories of people can apply for old-age compensation before this age).
  2. Insurance experience must be at least 15 years.
  3. The individual coefficients by which the IPC pension can be calculated are important. For each period of work experience, a person is awarded a certain point (coefficient). Their total must be at least 30.
  • SP = PB * CB * PK1 + FV * PK2, where: SP is the amount of funds calculated to pay the insurance benefit;
  • PB – points accumulated over time;
  • Central Bank – the price for 1 point established at the time of calculation;
  • PC1 and PC2 are increasing bonus coefficients for retirement at a later period;
  • FV – fixed amount

The PFR pension calculator for those retiring in old age in 2020-2020 will help you calculate your future pension online for free

In August 2020, she was fired by agreement of the parties, received about 100,000 rubles in settlement, and was unable to get a job. The annual salary was 338,000 rubles, the Pension Board awarded 3.5 points for 2015. How are points calculated in this case?

I’m 55 years old, I’m a Category 3 Chernobyl veteran, they didn’t give me a pension because according to my documents, I worked in the north on a rotational basis for 7 years and 6 months from October 1986, but my registration is from the Chernobyl zone, I received documents from the north, they indicate where I worked and how much but they didn’t describe how much I lived month by month in my free time from work in the Chernobyl zone in the pension they said your papers are good come in 57 according to the list 2 years of experience according to the list I have 9 years 10 months what should I do

Retirement calculator

The pension reform provides for an increase in the required minimum length of service as stages of raising the retirement age are introduced.

In accordance with the stages given in the tables above, the stages of increasing the minimum length of service required for retirement are also distributed.

The decision of Russian legislators to establish equal requirements for women's and men's length of service seems somewhat incorrect, and, perhaps, over time some modifications will be introduced in this part, but at the moment the stages of increasing the length of experience are as follows:

: Compensation for housing and communal services for Labor Veterans in Severodvinsk

Currently, at the level of the State Duma and the Government of the Russian Federation, there is intense discussion of the abandonment of the point system, and one should think that after raising the retirement age, a waiver of the procedure for accumulating points will be introduced. Therefore, no matter how many forecasts the calculators give, no matter how many calculation tables are given, most likely they will turn out to be unnecessary.

Calculate pension Online

The number of IPCs increases every year. This is based on the employer transferring 10-16% of wages before income tax. The maximum taxable annual salary in 2020 is 1,021,000 rubles, in 2020 - 1,150,000 rubles. And the number of points eligible for admission this year is 9.13. By 2021, this figure will increase to 10.

When calculating the conditional amount of the insurance pension, the following indicators for 2020 are used: Fixed payment - 5,334 rubles; The cost of 1 pension coefficient is 87.24 rubles;

The maximum salary before personal income tax, subject to insurance contributions, is 85,083 rubles per month.

How to calculate your pension yourself

Now the total percentage of contributions for employers is 22 percent, of which 16 form an individual tariff.

Future pensioners need to choose whether to direct contributions only to the insurance part (that is, all 16 percent) or to insurance and savings (10 and 6, respectively).

The head of the Pension Fund in Yoshkar-Ola, Anna Kamilova, believes that the funded part is more likely for those who know how to take risks and “play” with money, because the funded pension is not indexed by the state; these savings are invested in the financial market by non-state pension funds and management companies. Their profitability depends solely on the results of the investment, that is, there may be losses. In case of losses, only the payment of the amount of paid insurance contributions to the funded part of the pension is guaranteed.


What years are taken to calculate pensions in 2020?

As for payments for persons with high incomes, a special accrual system is being developed for them. Officials say the state cannot pay them pensions from the general fund, so they need to take care of their own savings themselves. Today it is proposed to apply the Australian experience, where wealthy citizens transfer 8% of their earnings to special funds. Moreover, if a person accumulates $1,000 or more in 12 months, the Pension Fund adds another half of the accumulated funds to it. How this mechanism will be implemented in our country is not yet known.

From the above, we can conclude that pensioners have the right to choose any 60 months of work, starting from the moment it began and ending on January 1, 2002. It does not matter whether you worked during modern Russia or during the USSR. The coefficient for calculating the pension amount is calculated in a similar way.

Which periods in 2020 are excluded from the pension period?

  • entries in the work book about appointment to a position that falls under a similar category;
  • the enterprise must have permits to conduct such activities;
  • the employer must also make additional insurance contributions.
  • service in the army or non-departmental structures;
  • caring for a child up to 1.5 years old, but in total no more than 6 years;
  • temporary disability;
  • caring for a disabled person of group 1 or a disabled child, a senior citizen over 80 years of age;
  • receiving unemployment benefits;
  • the period of settling in the process of moving to another region for the purpose of working.

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Calculation of average salary for 60 months for retirement

  • Calculate your average salary for this period - ZR (this can be done using our (calculator)
  • Using the tables below (or a calculator) determine the average salary in the country of the salary for the period of your choice (60 months (5 years) in a row)..
  • Calculate the KSZ value yourself (or using a calculator).
  • When applying for a pension, submit documents to the Pension Fund office confirming your earnings for the selected 60 months.

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Procedure for calculating old-age pension

This amount is indexed twice a year. In February, the increase in consumer rights is taken into account, and in April, the income of the Pension Fund for the previous period is taken into account. April Fool's compensation is stated as possible, and its purpose is determined by the Russian government.

To find out how many points have been awarded, you can use the services of the State Services website. To obtain this information, indicate information about the status of your individual personal account. This information is provided free of charge. It will take no more than a few minutes to generate the report.

Which years are taken into account when calculating the old-age pension in 2020?

The pension consists of an insurance part and a basic one. Provided that the person made contributions to the savings fund, the savings part also appears in the calculations. The basic part is a fixed payment, the size of which should change upward, provided that indexation is provided, but it is assigned by legislators (last year + money for the inflation rate, annually).

It was not for nothing that Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection Pudov spoke about the old-age pension, that retirement means 15 years of work. But 35 years of experience, in his opinion, entitles him to some promotion. Apparently, this is where the unconfirmed rumor originates, which is being circulated in the media and has terribly interested pensioners - about the bonus that is due for 35 years of work.

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February 15, 2012

In accordance with the current pension legislation, the old-age labor pension may consist of the following parts: - the insurance part (until January 1, 2010, the basic part of the old-age labor pension was also established and paid, after this date it was combined with the insurance part in connection with the abolition of the single social tax); - the funded part (this part of the pension will be established for persons entitled to it no earlier than 07/01/2012). The size of the insurance part of the old-age labor pension is determined by the formula:

PC1 - the amount of insurance contributions received by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for the insured person, starting from 01/01/2002; PC2 is part of the estimated pension capital, calculated taking into account length of service and earnings before 01/01/2002 (hereinafter referred to as pension capital as of 01/01/2002). SV is the amount of valorization, which is 10% of the value of PC2, plus if there is work experience before 01/01/1991. for each full year an additional 1%. PC2- is calculated using the following formula:

RP-calculated amount of labor pension as of 01/01/2002; 450 - the amount of the basic part of the old-age labor pension, which is established by the legislation of the Russian Federation as of January 1, 2002; T is the number of months of the expected period of payment of the old-age labor pension (for 2002 it is 12 years (144 months), increases annually by 6 months and by 2013 will be 19 years (228 months)). In addition, the pension capital as of 01/01/2002. (PC2) is subject to multiplication by all indexes for increasing the insurance part of the labor pension from January 1, 2002 to the date of assignment of the pension. In turn, the estimated size of the labor pension (RP) depends on the length of work experience and wages. RP is determined for men with a total work experience of at least 25 years and for women with a total work experience of at least 20 years, according to the formula:

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RP= SK*ZR/ZP*SZP, where

PC2=1183.07-450*216=158343.12 We index the pension capital obtained by calculation to 02/01/2012. (on the date the pension was assigned) and we get PC2 on the date the pension was assigned:

How periods of study will be counted towards pension experience from 2020

Legal norms for determining a pension establish requirements for the length of service that gives the right to assign it. How study is considered part of the pension period depends on the period of working activity. The legislator distinguishes the following categories of experience:

Since 2002, Law No. 173-FZ “On Labor Pensions” came into force. According to the document, years of study began to be included in work experience when studying before January 1, 2002, and studies before 1992 are taken into account if a person had already started working or completed compulsory military service (for men) before entering the institute.

Legislative regulation

The regulatory framework for pension relations in the Russian Federation is the Federal Law “On Insurance Pensions” dated December 28, 2013 N 400-FZ, which regulates the procedure for assigning monthly payments and determining the circle of persons who are entitled to them. Since the rules for calculating benefits described in this law do not take into account the period during which employers did not pay insurance premiums for their employees, the Federal Law “On Labor Pensions in the Russian Federation” dated December 17, 2001 N 173-FZ is also relevant today.

Thus, when assigning pensions to citizens of the Russian Federation with work experience before the beginning of 2002, indicators of the employee’s average monthly salary for 2000-2001 are used. This information is already available in the Pension Fund, but sometimes it is necessary to provide documents confirming the amount of income during this time.

Work experience of a working pensioner

  1. The time frame for the pensioner to enter work and the exact date for the end of his work experience are established.
  2. The calculated pension coefficient for each category of pension recipient is taken into account.
  3. When taking into account the work experience of a pensioner, all stages of his work activity are taken into account throughout his working life.
  4. The possibility of taking into account the length of service for categories of persons who have preferential conditions for calculating their pension is being considered.
  5. As the amount of work experience accrued to a citizen increases, the amount of pension available for receipt increases.
  1. Difficulties in accounting for pensions when working experience is interrupted.
  2. A citizen’s work experience is taken into account only if its existence is confirmed by special documents.
  3. The work experience calculation scheme is available for use only by citizens of the country.
  4. The accounting procedure becomes more complicated when the government introduces changes to the pension code.

Pension reform, calculation of old-age pension using the formula

When calculating the insurance pension using the pension formula, all annual pension coefficients are summed up, including special coefficients for socially significant periods. Next, the resulting amount of annual pension coefficients is multiplied by the coefficient for the deferred pension and the cost of the annual pension coefficient, which is annually established by the Government of the Russian Federation in accordance with federal law.

The higher the salary, the higher the value of the annual pension coefficient when calculating the pension on the calculator! The annual pension coefficient with equal salary will always be higher for a citizen who has refused to form pension savings. This is what the new pension reform shows.

Calculation of pensions for citizens born before 1967

What is special about calculating payments to such pensioners?
Citizens who were born before 1967 worked for a significant part of the time under the Soviet Union, as well as before the transfer of the Russian Pension Fund to personalized accounting. Therefore, when calculating pensions, there are special features for them. Let's figure out how pensions are calculated for people born before 1967 in 2019. What parts do their pension consist of and how is their Soviet service credited?

What is an insurance pension

The insurance pension for all citizens consists of several parts:

  • Basic fixed part. This is the part guaranteed by the state, so to speak, the minimum pension benefit upon reaching retirement age. This is a basis guaranteed to all citizens with at least the minimum work experience established by law. In 2020, the fixed part of the pension is 5334.19 rubles, it is indexed annually.
  • The insurance part, which is formed taking into account length of service and pension points. The length of service up to 2002 is taken into account (after which personalized accounting was introduced), as well as the salary level for all years. The Pension Fund calculates the insurance portion for each pensioner individually using a special formula.
  • The accumulative part is for those who had it formed before the “freezing”. To do this, the accumulated pension capital is divided by the number of upcoming months of payments. The latter actually means the survival period, now it is 240 months.

There are different features of determining the basic and insurance components of a pension. For those born before 1967, it is very important that the Pension Fund correctly takes into account the Soviet experience when making calculations and transfers it into pension points according to the new rules.

Pension calculator for those born before 1967 in 2019

Journalists from Rossiyskaya Gazeta, together with specialists from the Pension Fund of Russia, have developed a special calculator for pensioners. With the permission of the developers, it can be viewed here.

With its help, you can calculate the size of the pension of a conditional pensioner. As we have already found out, for all ordinary pensioners the fixed part of the insurance pension is 5334.19 rubles.

But for some citizens, for example, for those who have reached a certain age or who worked in difficult, difficult conditions in the Far North, it is set at an increased rate.

This is who is entitled to such an increased fixed part:

  • Pensioners who have reached the age of 80 (without dependents) and disabled people of group I (without dependents) - 10,668.38 rubles;
  • For pensioners with dependents - for one dependent 7,112.25 rubles, for two - 8,890.31 rubles, for three - 10,668.37 rubles;
  • Pensioners who have reached the age of 80 or are disabled people of group I who have dependents - with one dependent - 12,446.44 rubles, with two - 14,225.50 rubles, with three - 16,002.56 rubles;
  • Citizens who have worked for at least 15 calendar years in the Far North and have an insurance record of at least 25 years for men and at least 20 years for women (regardless of place of residence) - 8001.29 rubles;
  • Citizens who have worked for at least 15 calendar years in the regions of the Far North and have an insurance record of at least 25 years for men and at least 20 years for women, who have reached the age of 80 or are disabled group I (regardless of place of residence) - 16,002 .58 rubles;
  • Citizens who have worked for at least 20 calendar years in areas equated to the regions of the Far North, with an insurance record of at least 25 years for men and at least 20 years for women (regardless of place of residence) - 6934.45 rubles;
  • Citizens who have worked for at least 20 calendar years in areas equated to the regions of the Far North, with an insurance record of at least 25 years for men and at least 20 years for women, who have reached the age of 80 or are disabled people of group I (regardless of place of residence ) — 13,868.90 rubles.

For beneficiaries with northern experience and dependents, payments increase even more.

The insurance part is also calculated with some peculiarities: the pension capital is divided into two parts. Received before 2002 is calculated in accordance with the norms for assessing insurance rights in force at that time. Received after this point - based on deductions made by the employer.

Cumulative part

Does a citizen born in 1963 have the right to a funded portion? No, it is not provided for this category of citizens.

It was introduced by a separate law, according to which personalized accounting was carried out, and every citizen had the right to credit additional pension contributions in the amount of 6% to a personal account, as well as independently choose a pension fund for their savings.

Now the employer is obliged to deduct insurance contributions to the Pension Fund from employees' salaries, but now 6% does not go towards the funded part of the pension. This function has been frozen and legislators do not plan to resume it. So now those who managed to catch it have the savings part. Pensioners born in 1967 and younger are among them.


The pension calculator looks like this:

Pension = basic part (5334.19 rubles) + insurance part.

The most difficult thing to determine is pension capital (PC).

If everything is clear with the part formed after 2002, then the PC for the period up to this point is calculated according to the following scheme:

SK × ZR / ZP × SZP,


  • SC is the experience coefficient, it is equal to 0.55. It is valid for men employed in production or other work, over 25 years of age, and for women who have worked for at least 20 years. SC is set to no more than 0.75. For a year worked in excess of the above norm, 0.01 is added to the coefficient;
  • ZR and ZP are the ratio of an employee’s salary to the average salary in Russia. A citizen’s salary from 2000 to 2001 or the average for five other years is taken into account. Indicator – no more than 1.2;
  • SWP is the average monthly salary from July 1 to September 30, 2001. It is set at a fixed amount of 1671 rubles.

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Pension for Soviet service in 2020

If documentation is lost and it is impossible to restore it, the Soviet length of service for a pension in 2020 is established based on the testimony of citizens who worked with the applicant. If witnesses give different testimony about the duration of work, then a shorter period will be counted. To confirm the period of work, the reason for the absence of documents is important.

In this article we will tell you how a pension is calculated for Soviet service in 2020 and how the pension for Soviet service in 2020 is recalculated. Readers will be able to see with an example how the supplement is calculated for work in Soviet times.

What years are used when calculating pensions{q}

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Previously, in Russia there was a concept of continuity of work experience, according to which the duration of unemployment between dismissal and subsequent employment should not exceed 1 month. This length of service influenced not only the calculation of various salary bonuses, but also the size of the pension, but since January 1, 2007, this concept has been abolished.

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Nowadays, for the working population, it is not the continuous work experience that plays a role, but the insurance period, i.e. duration of work during life in total - periods for which insurance premiums were paid. Now the greatest importance for the amount of the pension is not the number of years worked, but the size of the salary: the higher it was during working activity, the greater the amount of old-age benefits will be.

Minimum length of service for a pension in 2020: how many years of experience is needed to retire

Generally speaking, in 2020, it is customary to include in the insurance period the entire period of the employee’s work activity, during which insurance contributions were made to the Pension Fund budget for him (or for himself, as in the case of a farmer or individual entrepreneur).

The total length of service is usually understood to mean the entire period of labor and any other socially useful activity that a person performed before January 1, 2002. This type of length of service is needed to calculate the pension rights of citizens as of January 1, 2002.

Long service pension for civil servants: conditions of appointment

Average earnings for calculating pensions for civil servants in 2020
In accordance with Article 7 of Federal Law No. 166, citizens from among federal civil servants have the right to receive a long-service pension if the following conditions are simultaneously met:

  • reaching retirement age (62 years for men, 57 years for women);
  • having at least 17 years of civil service experience , of which at least 1 year falls during the period of filling federal government positions.

According to the legislative changes that have entered into force, from 01/01/17, the requirements for length of service and retirement age of civil servants are increased annually by six months. To acquire the right to a state pension based on length of service in 2020, the length of service of a civil servant must be at least 17 years, age - from 57 years (women) or 62 years (men).

Requirements for length of service will reach their maximum in 2026 (minimum 20 years of civil service), for the age of civil servants - in 2026 for men (65 years), in 2032 for women (63 years).

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