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Published: 10/24/2019

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Since 2020, a gradual increase in the minimum insurance period required to apply for a pension has begun. If previously 5 years were enough, then starting from 2020, the length of service gradually increases until it reaches 15 years in 2024. The required period includes not only periods of labor activity, but also intervals during which citizens were engaged in socially useful activities.

  • 1 Types of work experience
  • 2 What periods are taken into account in the insurance period
  • 3 Minimum length of service for calculating an insurance pension under the new law 3.1 Is the length of service different for men and women
  • 4 Is a pension due if there is not enough experience?
  • 5 How much experience is needed for early retirement?
  • Changes in preferential pensions for health workers and teachers in 2020

    Under the terms of the old legislation, teachers and doctors had the opportunity to retire early if they had a certain length of work experience in their profession:

    • for teachers - 25 years of teaching experience;
    • for medical workers - 25 years of special experience in rural areas or 30 years in the city.

    According to the new law, the requirements for special professional experience for these categories of workers will not change , but the deadline for processing pension payments for them will be postponed by 5 years relative to the year in which the required experience was acquired. This change will be made in stages, annually increasing the deferment by 1 year until this value reaches the established value - 5 years (except for the first two years, during which preferential retirement is provided).

    The retirement dates for teachers and doctors, according to the new law, are presented in the table:

    Year of acquisition of the required specialized experienceHow many years will retirement benefits be delayed?Year of registration of pension payments under the new law
    2019+ 0,52019-2020
    2020+ 1,52021-2022
    2021+ 32024
    2022+ 42026
    2023, etc.+ 52028, etc.

    Note: the table was compiled taking into account the final law, which takes into account the amendment of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin, according to which in the first 2 years of the new pension law it will be possible to issue a pension 6 months earlier than the stipulated period.

    List of professions and jobs that give the right to early retirement

    These circumstances are confirmed by certificates from the administration of the institution in accordance with paragraph 10 of the above Explanations.

    The argument of the cassation appeal that there are no documents confirming the plaintiff’s full-time work directly with convicts does not affect the legality of the court’s decision.

    I work in the Federal Penitentiary Service system as a civilian medical worker. To receive a preferential pension, you must work for 10 years in this system. I worked the first 5 years from 1994 to 1999, was laid off, and after 12 years I returned again. Currently she has worked for 5 more years. Will these 10 years count towards a preferential pension, even though there was such a break in service?

    The husband applied for a preferential pension (GUVSIN), he was denied accrual because about 7 months were missing, he worked in the same system for another 2 years, as a civilian employee.

    The legal basis for service in the penal system is the Constitution of the Russian Federation, laws and other legal acts of the Russian Federation, regulations of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, the Regulations on service in the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation and the contract for service in the penal system.

    Early labor pensions in old age are assigned to men upon reaching the age of 55 years and women upon reaching the age of 50 years, if they were employed in work with convicted persons as workers and employees of institutions executing criminal penalties in the form of imprisonment, respectively, for at least 15 years and 10 years. They must have insurance experience of at least 25 and 20 years, respectively.

    When considering the possibility of granting the right to early retirement benefits to employees of labor treatment dispensaries, it should be borne in mind that these dispensaries do not belong to institutions executing criminal penalties, since they provide labor treatment to persons who are not convicted.

    Raising the retirement age for residents of the Far North

    For citizens who, due to work in the Far North and equivalent areas, retire early, the law on pensions from January 1, 2020 also provides for a number of changes regarding increasing the period of working capacity (detailed information about these changes is provided in the article pension for northerners from 2020).

    As of 2020, pension legislation has lowered the retirement age for them relative to the old generally established values ​​- they can receive payments early when they reach 55 and 50 years for the male and female population, respectively.

    Year of registration of pension payments under the old legislationRetirement age under the proposed billYear of retirement according to the bill
    2019+ 0.5 years = 55.5+ 0.5 years = 50.52019 and 2020
    2020+ 1.5 years = 56.5+ 1.5 years = 51.52022
    2021+ 3 years = 58+ 3 years = 532024
    2022+ 4 years = 59+ 4 years = 542026
    2023+ 5 years = 60, etc.+ 5 years = 55, etc.2028

    Note: The table was compiled taking into account the finally adopted law containing the changes proposed by V. Putin on August 29, 2018 (lowering the retirement age for women and relaxed conditions for retirement in the first two years of the reform - 6 months earlier). Read more about these changes in the article pension reform for northerners.

    • For men working in the Far North and equivalent areas, the transition period will last from 2019 to 2023 - during this period, their age will gradually increase. Starting from 2023, the retirement age for them will be finally fixed at 60 years .
    • For women, transitional provisions will also apply during the period 2019-2023, and the final value will be fixed in 2023 - 55 years .

    What type of length of service maximizes your pension?

    There are several opportunities to increase payments based on length of service, taking into account its characteristics and type.

    Work experience until 2002

    The length of service before 2002 is calculated using a formula that takes into account the length of service coefficient.
    It is calculated taking into account the full number of years worked until the end of 2001. After this, the SNILS system started working, on the basis of which the pension was calculated taking into account the contributions made for the employee by the employer, and the importance of length of service faded into the background.

    But the length of service coefficient when calculating a labor pension based on length of service before 2002 has not lost its relevance, since citizens retiring have a significant part of their years of working activity before 2002.

    Who is entitled to an additional payment to the pension for length of service:

    Applying a formula with a coefficient

    • if the length of service before 2002 was a fixed 20/25 children for a woman/man, then the coefficient is 0.55;
    • if there is an insufficient number of years worked, the coefficient decreases in proportion to the years worked;
    • if it is exceeded annually, 0.01 is added to the fixed value.

    Important: the maximum value of the coefficient is 0.75, while this calculation does not take into account periods of study, and all calculations are made according to calendar years.

    Preferential service until 2002

    This length of service ensures not only early retirement, but also the receipt of decent security. There are a number of professions that allow you to retire for objective reasons after 10–15 years of work.

    If such experience was accumulated before 2002, then the benefit is also calculated using the experience coefficient. At the same time, years worked above the norm allow you to increase its value by 0.01 annually.

    For example, an employee worked the required 10 years according to list No. 1, plus he worked at the same place of work for another 5 years. It follows that its coefficient is 0.6 since 0.55 + 0.05.

    How does Soviet experience affect retirement? Photo: belrynok.com

    Experience during Soviet times until 1990

    In this case, there is either a general length of service or a preferential one, but it is subject to valorization. The essence of all charges is as follows:

    • the total pension capital is calculated for the period up to 2002;
    • then 10% of the obtained result is taken into account;
    • plus 1% for each year of service until 1990.

    In the article How to confirm Soviet experience, you will learn what methods and documents are used for confirmation.

    Work experience in the Far North

    This length of service is used for workers in the Far North and territories equivalent to their conditions, which are determined on the basis of a government list.

    Calculation of length of service in this case also allows the use of a length of service coefficient, the increase of which occurs under the same conditions as with the preferential option.

    In addition, the presence of such length of service is a precedent for increasing the size of the fixed payment by 50% if work in the North lasted 15 years, and by 30% if the activity lasted 20 years.

    Non-insurance periods

    In case of insufficient experience, you can use non-combatant periods, such as caring for a child or disabled person, military service, or study. By converting them into points, you can significantly increase your pension.

    Is it possible to increase your pension for Soviet service:

    Unaccounted experience

    Previously, when calculating pensions, length of service exceeding 40 years for women and 45 years for men was not taken into account. When using valorization, there are no restrictions on the number of years worked.

    Therefore, the presence of such experience before the end of 1991 provided an opportunity to increase the income of pensioners who took advantage of the recalculation before the end of 2010.

    Preferential disability pension in 2019

    As noted earlier, the Government does not plan . The right to early registration of pension payments for them is due to difficult and harmful working conditions , in connection with which the employer pays additional contributions to the Pension Fund to form a preferential pension.

    The list of professions that give the right to early registration of an old-age pension is determined by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR No. 10 of January 26, 1991. The conditions for assigning a preferential pension for them from 2020 still remain (see table):

    1. Reaching the retirement age established separately for lists 1 and 2.
    2. Availability of full general insurance experience and the required number of pension points (IPC).
    3. Availability of the required preferential length of service.

    The conditions for preferential old-age pensions for workers from lists 1 and 2 are presented in the table:

    FloorCondition (in years)
    Retirement ageTotal experiencePreferential experience
    List No. 1
    Men50at least 2010
    Women45at least 157,5
    List No. 2
    Men55at least 2512,5
    Women50at least 2010

    Reduction of retirement age due to harmfulness is carried out if there is at least half of the required preferential length of service and full insurance (general) length of service as follows:

    • for each full year of preferential work according to list No. 1, the retirement age is reduced by 1 year;
    • when working on list No. 2, the retirement age is reduced by 1 year for men for every 2.5 years of preferential service, and for women - for every 2 years.

    Preferential pension for doctors in 2020-2020

    › In 2013, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted a law establishing the right of certain categories of citizens to receive early old-age pensions.

    How to prevent claims from the Pension Fund when assigning payments.

    It was decided to include healthcare workers, whose length of service is determined using a special coefficient, as preferential categories. What are the conditions for receiving early pension payments? What rules apply for calculating shortened length of service? These questions are increasingly of interest to citizens who are informed about upcoming reforms in the policy of the Pension Fund. Preferential pensions for medical workers are the topic of this article. Early pensions for medical workers are intended for certain positions, as well as for employees of specific departments and organizations. Not only employees of the public sector, but also employees of private clinics and other commercial healthcare institutions. Lists of positions and medical institutions are developed by the Government and regulated by Resolution No. 781.

    _ _ _ “to each according to his work” _ _ _


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    Summing up periods of work for early assignment of pension

    The issues of correct calculation of length of service and summation of periods of work under different working conditions for the early assignment of a pension concern many citizens who, during their working career, worked in different types of jobs and under different working conditions. Such questions are especially often asked by citizens who work in the northern regions of our country and, moreover, have experience working in enterprises with harmful or difficult working conditions. This article is devoted to the issues of summing up periods of work for early assignment of a pension.

    Calculation of periods of work giving the right to early assignment of an old-age insurance pension is carried out in accordance with the “Rules for calculating periods of work giving the right to early assignment of an old-age labor pension...” approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 11, 2002 No. 516 (hereinafter referred to as the Rules No. 516). To summarize periods of work under different working conditions, these Rules are applied when assigning a pension, starting from January 1, 2002, in accordance with Articles 27-28 of Federal Law No. 173-FZ.

    List of 1 preferential professions for early retirement

    Since January 1999, I have worked as a paramedic in the village. Then, in November 2013, she became a civilian paramedic at the colony, which is also located in the village.

    The case materials were examined by the court fully and objectively, and the examined evidence was given a correct legal assessment. Other arguments set out in the cassation appeal do not refute the court's conclusions. The court's decision complies with the case materials and the requirements of the law. There were no violations of substantive and procedural law during the consideration of the case.

    List 2 of professions that allow early retirement include work with harmful and difficult working conditions.

    To access state support via a “hot” grid, a citizen must meet a number of requirements:

    • Citizenship of the Russian Federation.
    • Availability of a funded portion of old-age benefits.
    • The citizen must reside in the Russian Federation.
    • A citizen must be insured in the Russian system of providing pensioners.
    • There is a basis for applying for benefits at retirement age.

    In educational labor colonies where minors under the age of 18 are serving sentences, there may be general education schools for the education of convicts. Employees of such schools acquire the right to pension benefits according to the list of positions provided for in the specified List.

    Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to resolve legal issues, but each case is unique. List 1 of professions that give the right to early retirement includes positions related to underground work, hot shops, and hazardous working conditions.

    Is military service included in the preferential length of service for civilian employees of the FSIN upon retirement for men at 55 years old and contract work in the FSIN for 3 years, if so, for how many years.

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