Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of March 25, 2010 N 372 “On amendments to some acts of the President of the Russian Federation on the provision of additional monthly

EDV, NSU, DEMO, DMO: who is eligible and where to apply

The process of obtaining EDV is of an application nature. A written application must be submitted to any Pension Fund at the place of residence or place of actual residence, or to a multifunctional center for the provision of state and municipal services (MFC). A citizen who lives in a stationary social service institution must contact the Pension Fund at the location of this institution.

Citizens sentenced to imprisonment must apply for the appointment of an EDV to the territorial body of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at the location of the correctional institution in which they are serving their sentence, through the administration of this institution. When EDV is assigned to a minor or incompetent person, the application is submitted at the place of residence of the minor or incompetent person at the place of residence of his parent (adoptive parent, guardian, trustee).

Moreover, if the child’s parents live separately, then the application is submitted at the place of residence of the parent with whom the child lives.

In PFR what is a demo?

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She must be registered with the pension fund at her place of residence to receive a social pension as a disabled person since childhood or a disabled person of group 11, provided that the disability is valid (pink ITU certificate) for the current year or indefinite. No. 363 “On measures to improve the financial situation of certain categories of citizens of the Russian Federation in connection with the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945” is set at 1,000 rubles:

  1. disabled people of the Great Patriotic War;
  2. participants of the Great Patriotic War from among the persons specified in subparagraphs “a” - “g” and “i” of subparagraph 1 of paragraph 1 of Article 2 of the Federal Law of January 12, 1995 No. 5-FZ “On Veterans” (see.

The following documents must be attached to the written application:

  1. document confirming the status of a disabled person: certificate, ITU certificate of disability assignment)
  2. SNILS
  3. passport;

On additional monthly financial support for beneficiaries (DEMO)

The data is stored in documents that can provide:

  1. if these organizations do not have information, you can contact the Red Cross.
  2. military units;
  3. ATS;
  4. defense authorities;
  5. counterintelligence;

Presidential, it was determined that persons who received injuries or mutilations during the war, in battlefields, are entitled to financial assistance.

Perhaps the pension is still transferred to the guardians by mistake, or perhaps there is simply a delay in recalculation. From May 1, 2005, additional monthly financial support (DEMO) was issued by decree of the President of the Russian Federation of March 30, 2005.

These include:

  1. persons who have awards - orders of Lenin, the First-Called, “Glory”, “For Services to the Fatherland” from 1 to 4 degrees, “Labor Glory” of all degrees;
  2. Heroes of Russia and the USSR;
  3. Heroes of socialist labor and labor of the Russian Federation;

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Appointment of DEMO in the Pension Fund

Since the decrees of the President of the Russian Federation came into force in 2005, an application has not been required to receive DEMO; payments have been established according to documents available in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Therefore, many DEMOs are automatically .

Citizens of the Russian Federation who are entitled to receive DEMO, but do not receive it, must submit an application for the appointment of this payment to the territorial body of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at their place of residence.

Persons who have Russian citizenship, but for some reason live outside its borders, must also contact the Pension Fund to determine their additional payment.

Receiving additional financial assistance is possible only on one of the grounds listed in the decree , according to which a higher amount is calculated. If citizens have the right to receive other additional payments to their pension for various reasons, then DEMO is established and paid in full regardless of the receipt of these payments.

Required documents

To assign additional material support to pensioners, local authorities of the Pension Fund must provide :

  • statement;
  • applicant's passport;
  • other documents to confirm the basis for assigning a monetary payment (ITU certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, etc.).

For example, widows of military personnel who died in the war and widows of deceased disabled veterans of the Second World War, in addition to the application and their passport, must also provide:

  • notification of death;
  • death certificate;
  • Marriage certificate.

Disabled persons injured during hostilities must additionally present a valid ITU (medical and social examination) certificate or a VTEC (medical and labor expert commission) certificate. , “military injury” must be indicated .

And people living outside our country must also attach proof of citizenship as of the date of application to their application, passport and document confirming their preferential status.

As for former concentration camp prisoners, most likely they are already receiving this monetary compensation. As a rule, the Foundation for Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation has already transmitted all the data, which contains all the information about adult prisoners of fascist camps and there is already a certain mark that confirms the positive decision of the Foundation's expert commission to receive compensation (Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of August 2, 1994 No. 899 ). , an application is not required to receive payments .

If there is no such data, then it is necessary to present documents that confirm the status of a former adult prisoner of Nazi concentration camps, prisons and ghettos.

The necessary data may be contained in documents issued by defense agencies, internal affairs agencies, counterintelligence, and military units. Also, the International Tracing Service and the Red Cross Society can provide the necessary information.

Application for assignment of monthly financial support

To receive DEMO, you must make a specific statement about its purpose. There is a special form for the application. You can get it in two ways:

  • fill out directly at the Pension Fund when applying;
  • download from the official website of the Pension Fund of Russia, print and fill out yourself. The application form is publicly available on the website and is free .

The second method is more convenient, as it takes less time when processing payments. In other words, you can enter the relevant data at any time in a calm atmosphere, and when submitting documents, simply attach a ready-made application to them.

Additional monthly financial support for pensioners in 2020

Its size, unlike other payments, does not depend on indexation. An additional payment of 500 rubles is due to the following categories of citizens:

  1. Military personnel who served during the Great Patriotic War in institutions that were not included in the main army;
  2. Blockade runners;
  3. Minor prisoners of concentration camps.
  4. Widows of military personnel who died in the Great Patriotic War, during the Finnish and Japanese wars;

All other categories of citizens specified in this article are paid a bonus in the amount of one thousand rubles. Please note that DEMO is assigned regardless of other payments, and it is also not affected by the size of the pension, status and income of the pensioner.

At the same time, the citizens were recognized by the VTEC commission as disabled. It is worth noting that this category of beneficiaries does not include persons receiving assistance in accordance with Decree No. 363. In accordance with, persons who have distinguished themselves by special services to the USSR and the Russian Federation are entitled to material support.

Even if the citizen is entitled to any other additional payments, DEMO will still be assigned and paid. The additional payment is assigned automatically.

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What is a demo version?

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First, you should understand what the concept of “demo version” means. It turns out that this is not at all difficult. Since the main definition in this case is the word “demonstration”. And the original name serves only as an abbreviated name, so as not to pronounce unnecessary letters. Just remember this - and in the future you will immediately understand the essence of the information provided. And then we will consider the question of why developers started using such a scheme in the first place.

Payment of additional monthly financial support

she can after the renewal of rights to awards. Citizens living in social service institutions can receive DEMO in full.

The value of DEMO is influenced by the value. When, according to the laws of the Russian Federation, the basic pension increases, the monthly provision automatically increases.

The percentage dependence can be seen in Table 1.

Citizens receiving DEMO DEMO size as a percentage of the fixed value, % Heroes of the USSR, Russian Federation, Socialist Labor, awarded orders (St. Apostle Andrew the First-Called, Labor Glory of all degrees, etc.) 415 Laureates of state prizes (including the USSR, RSFSO, Leninskaya), awarded orders (For services to the Fatherland, Lenin) 330 Champions of sports games (Olympic, Paralympic, Surdolympic), awarded orders (For service to the Motherland, etc.) 250 Defenders of the Motherland during the Second World War are paid DEMO in the amount of ten minimum pensions.

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Grants for special merits and achievements

Monthly federal payments are additional financial support for the population who have received awards for special services to the Motherland. The only caveat is the lack of annual indexation.


Regardless of the presence of other deductions, a citizen has the right to submit an application for a subsidy from an additional group. Other persons awarded the Order for Services to the Fatherland receive a subsidy in accordance with the Presidential Decree.

Additional monthly financial support

to September 3, 1945

at least 6 months, military personnel awarded orders or medals of the USSR for service during the specified period 500 rubles

  1. Widows of military personnel who died during the war with Finland, the Great Patriotic War, the war with Japan, widows of deceased disabled people of the Great Patriotic War

500 rubles

  1. Citizens awarded the badge “Resident of besieged Leningrad”

500 rubles

  1. Former adult prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, prisons and ghettos

500 rubles Citizens whose disability occurred as a result of a military injury have the right to receive additional monthly financial support in the amount of 1,000 rubles from September 1, 2005.

In this case, disability due to military trauma is considered to be disability that occurs as a result of a wound, concussion, injury or disease received

Procedure for applying for a DEMO pension

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Obtaining information about belonging to the corresponding category;
  2. Collection of necessary papers depends on the specific group;
  3. Applying to the Russian Pension Fund with an application for receiving security. Transfer of documentation;
  4. Waiting for a decision. If the verdict is positive, deductions will begin to the recipient in the appropriate amount.

The decision on accrual of payments is made within ten working days from the date of sending the application.

Institutions for appeal

Depending on group membership, the authorities for contact are:

  1. PF of Russia;
  2. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation;
  3. Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  4. Federal Security Service.

People who receive two types of additional monthly financial support from different departments, subsidies in connection with the celebration of 60 years of victory in the Great Patriotic War, as well as citizens with disabilities, must provide evidence indicating the education of this right.


To obtain a DEMO, the following papers should be sent to the department of the relevant authority:

  • application;
  • provision of a document indicating identity and citizenship;
  • certificates, certificates, extracts and certificates of membership in a group appearing in the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation.

The list of supporting documents for each category of citizens is different, so the reason for sending the application will be different. So, documents can be:

  • death certificates;
  • conclusion of a marriage;
  • a court order or medical report granting disability;
  • other.

Receipt options and frequency of payments

To receive payments in a convenient way, you must indicate the appropriate option in your application. But as a rule, contributions are made in the same way as the basic pension. Subsidies are awarded every month.

Formation of an application

Additional security is assigned on the basis of an application filled out according to the sample. The document form is provided at the Russian Pension Fund branch. Additionally, the template can be downloaded from the official portal of the department.

Social payments

89 kopecks ATTENTION! Persons with a disability of 1 degree, a disabled child can receive a 2nd voucher to a sanatorium, also traveling free of charge to the sanatorium and back - on commuter trains, intercity transport for treatment with an accompanying person. Pension legislation makes it possible to describe the set of social services.

services and express a desire to receive money instead. To take advantage of the waiver, you must cancel your enrollment in the application form before October 1st. This only needs to be done once.

A person can change his mind and restore the receipt of these services in kind (also by application). Starting this year (April 1st), a set of social services. services will be equal to 839 rubles 65 kopecks.

Payments are made only to persons with Russian citizenship.

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