Lukoil Garant Non-state Pension Fund Personal Account

The Lukoil company provides support to its own customers and tries to make service as high quality and affordable as possible. This applies to both retail and corporate gas station clients and depositors NPF Garant. The developed “Personal Account” service is designed to save time and automate some processes. Using it, users will be able to get answers to many questions regarding participation in the Lukoil club, servicing fuel cards for corporate clients, and the status of individual depositor accounts. Let's consider what functions this service has for each individual type of oil company client and what is needed to gain access to it.

What is a user's personal account?

A personal account is a space through which a client can receive many of the company’s services without visiting its offices or gas stations. The main purpose of its creation is to simplify interaction with clients. Such a page opens up a large number of opportunities for the user to work remotely with maps and his data. Thanks to the work of the company's programmers, its interface is accessible and easy to use for people with different levels of computer skills. By clicking on the tabs of your personal account, depending on its type, you can familiarize yourself with the following information regarding:

  • Works of fuel or bonus cards
  • Account status (be it a pension fund program, funds to pay for gasoline from corporate clients or a bonus account of a retail client)
  • Operation of the company

Personal page functions

All clients can use the interface, regardless of their place of residence, for example, Moscow, Murmansk or Arkhangelsk. To do this, the client registers through the website.

Using a personal interface, the client can remotely perform the following operations:

  • monitoring the status of pension accounts;
  • tracking the growth of pension savings;
  • calculate the estimated amount of future pension payment;
  • filing applications for pensions;
  • receiving an account statement;
  • updating or confirming data;
  • conclusion of an agreement on individual pension provision;
  • obtaining copies of documentation;
  • resolving issues related to cooperation with the fund.

In the extended version of the page, the function of viewing passport data is available. But to gain access, it’s not enough to just register; you also need to confirm your identity using your Unified Signature and Authorization Account (ESIA) account. The extended version of the account has no differences from the basic page in terms of displaying the funds available in the client’s account.

Lukoil personal account for individuals

Club card holders who have completed the registration procedure have the opportunity to use their page, which contains the full range of information on a specific plastic card.

The most popular function among users is control of accumulated bonus funds. You can log into your page to find out their number at any convenient time. You can get information both on their total balance and the number of points awarded for a specific purchase.

The personal page on the website will familiarize the client with all the transactions performed when the club card was used.

If necessary, each user has the right to change personal data and password to access the page. This can be done by following the prompts in your personal account.

Profitability of NPF Lukoil-Garant

The Lukoil Fund invests the funds received from future retirees in various assets in accordance with federal legislation. The goal of a non-state pension fund is to increase capital in the long term.

Where to transfer the funded part of the pension to increase pension payments in the future

The profitability of Lukoil-Garant is higher than the level of inflation and the VEB management company - thus, the accumulated profitability of NPF Lukoil based on the results of the last 10 years of investment amounted to 175.1%, while inflation increased by 89%, and the profitability of the Vnesheconombank management company (which invests funds “silent people” who left the funded part of their pension in the Pension Fund) – 133.85%.

The profitability of Lukoil-Garant by year looks like this:

  • 2005 – 12.03%;
  • 2006 – 15.18%;
  • 2007 – 9.53%;
  • 2008 – 0%;
  • 2009 – 20.07%;
  • 2010 – 10.55%;
  • 2011 – 1.59%;
  • 2012 – 7.57%;
  • 2013 – 6.65%;
  • 2014 – 6.49%;
  • 2015 – 8.75%;
  • 2016 – 8.22%.

Currently, the amount of pension savings under the compulsory insurance program is 250 billion rubles, and pension reserves for the formation and payment of non-state pensions are 25 billion rubles. NPF Lukoil-Garant makes payments to 73 thousand pensioners who previously participated in programs for additional pension financing.

The average annual return of the fund is 14.5%, which is a good indicator if a fairly conservative investment policy is followed.

You can view the actual profitability received from investing your funds in your personal account of NPF Lukoil-Garant.

How to access and log into Lukoil personal account?

The method of logging into your own page depends on how your personal card . If the user filled out an agreement at a gas station or using the company’s hotline number, in this case the password for visiting the site will be the code combination sent to the mobile phone number after activating the card.

A customer who chooses to register a card online must first go through a process of entering basic personal data, only after which the person will have access to the system. This can be a link to an email or an SMS code to a phone number.

After logging into your account, the company will offer to set a new, more user-friendly password and repeat the same combination for confirmation.

The login to enter the official page of the company for any activation method is the number of the plastic club card.

Funded pension

You can transfer 6% to NPF Lukoil Garant from the moment you start working. In this case, the fund will manage your savings and organize profitable investments for you. As a result, along with the insurance pension from the Pension Fund, you will receive a funded pension from the non-state pension fund.

You can calculate the amount of your future funded pension using a calculator on the official website of Lukoil Garant here. To do this, select your gender, indicate your age, and the amount of your current salary. On the right you will see the amount of the future funded pension that will be paid to you by the non-state pension fund in addition to your basic pension.

Lukyol personal account for legal entities

Enterprises that are corporate clients of the company, after registering and signing an agreement, have the opportunity to use a personal account, which is significantly different in function from the service of the same name for an individual; it is much more multifunctional.

As a rule, large enterprises own large fleets of vehicles, so there may be several fuel cards registered with one legal entity. For ease of management, all of them are assigned to one page belonging to the company. From it, persons authorized by the owner can control the balance of funds and gasoline consumption, generate primary reports, and analyze the costs of refueling cars. If the owner needs a new Lukoil fuel card, his personal account will help in registering it. With its help, any card can be assigned to a specific car or driver's name.

How does registration work for entrepreneurs?

Only a legal entity that has entered into an agreement with the company in the prescribed manner and sent it to the specified email address can gain access to managing fuel cards and other information of an individual account. The initial entrance to the site is made using the link that will come in a return letter from Lukoil.

For full use, you need to come up with a memorable password that meets the requirements of the site. This issue should be approached responsibly, because the safety of the company’s data and funds depends on it. Subsequent login to the page will be carried out by entering the email address from which the contract was sent, used as a login and set password.

Lukoil Garant personal account for individuals

By becoming a contributor to the Lukoil non-state pension fund, each client gets access to their own page on the organization’s official website. Lukoil NPF personal account performs a number of main functions:

  1. monitoring the status of an individual account, crediting contributions
  2. information on terms and amounts of contributions
  3. calculating the amount of pension payments using a pension calculator
  4. receiving online consultations on issues arising in connection with participation in the program or use of the resource
  5. generation of account statements for further use
  6. receiving correspondence from the organization, including important notices

This range of information and services reduces to a minimum the need for consultations with specialists and, as a result, the search for and visits to the Fund’s branches.

Non-state pension fund Garant: gaining access to your personal page

Unlike individual accounts of individuals and legal entities - clients of gas stations, in order to gain access to Lukoil's personal account, the pension fund offers investors to register directly on the Internet. By going to the website of the Lukoil Garant fund, you need to find the “registration” button and fill out the form provided, in which the required data is:

  • Last name, first name, patronymic of the investor
  • His passport details
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone number
  • Email address

After entering all of the above information, you must confirm your desire to activate the page by entering the code combination in the window that appears on the screen. It will be sent via message to your phone number within a few minutes.

After registration, you must set a permanent, strong password.

The procedure for restoring access and receiving assistance if difficulties arise in work

Throughout the entire period of use, the client may experience the loss of the password or, simply, forget it. In this case, you need to proceed as follows:

  • Below the password entry column, click on the link “forgot your password?”
  • Enter the email address that was used during registration or acted as a login
  • Receive an email with a link to login to the specified email address
  • Change password to new one

If you have any questions related to the operation of the system, servicing club and fuel cards, they can be sent to the customer support service. The company’s specialists will promptly answer them. To do this, you need to go to the “Support” tab and state the essence of the problem. You can read the response you received directly on your page.

By creating easy-to-use individual accounts for each client, Lukoil makes sure that cooperation with it is as convenient as possible.

Rating of NPF Lukoil-Garant

NPF Lukoil-Garant was founded in 1994. As of 2016, the number of its clients exceeded 3.7 million people, including persons receiving payments in the form of a non-state pension. The volume of the NPF's own assets is 292 billion rubles, and under the direct management of the fund there are 250 billion rubles. In terms of the volume of funds raised, Lukoil-Garant is among the TOP 5 mutual funds.

Main advantages of the fund:

  • reliability, which is confirmed by the fact of the fund’s participation in the rights guarantee system, as well as by the rating of NPF Lukoil - AAA according to the National Rating Agency and A++ according to Expert RA (the rating was withdrawn in 2017);
  • impressive profitability indicators - the fund’s total profit over the last 10 years amounted to 175.1%;
  • various options for investing in a future pension, including co-financing.
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