State certificate for maternity capital: conditions for obtaining and purposes of use

The state is interested in increasing the birth rate, so families with two or more children are provided with special support - maternity capital, which was introduced in 2007. The certificate is issued by the Pension Fund. The rules for issuing the document and the conditions for receiving the payment are regulated by Federal Law No. 256-FZ of December 29, 2006 “On additional measures of state support for families with children.”

The goal of the program is to ensure the material well-being of children, create comfortable living conditions for them and provide them with the opportunity to receive a good education.

The main condition is that the child must be born or adopted during the program period (01/01/2007 - 12/31/2021). You can use the certificate only once: if it has already been issued for the second child, then funds from the budget are not relied on for the third.

Who is entitled to payment?

A family in which a second, third or subsequent child was born between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2021 is entitled to receive a certificate for maternity capital. Financial assistance is personalized and issued to a specific recipient: the mother or adoptive parent of the child. To qualify for a certificate, they must have Russian citizenship (the child must also be a Russian citizen) and meet one of the following criteria:

  • give birth to twins between 2007 and 2021;
  • give birth to or adopt a second, third or subsequent child during the same period of time.

The father of the child can apply for a certificate if he is a citizen of Russia and the only adoptive parent of a second or subsequent child, provided that the court decision authorizing the adoption came into force after January 1, 2007. A certificate can be issued by a stateless father if the child’s mother has been deprived of this right for legal reasons.

A minor or a child who has already reached the age of majority can receive maternity capital if he is studying full-time and has not reached the age of 23. This is possible if parents or adoptive parents cannot process the payment because they have lost parental rights, committed a crime against the child, or died. When the right to maternal capital passes to the child, the guardian can dispose of it, provided that the mother did not leave information in the will about what purposes the funds should be spent on.

Who is not eligible to receive maternity capital

The guardian cannot claim family capital, regardless of the number of children under guardianship. The same applies to the child’s stepfather, or the father who was not recognized as the child’s guardian after the mother’s death, that is, the child was left without guardianship by a court decision.

If the baby has died but a birth certificate has been issued, the mother is still entitled to receive a certificate.

How to get a certificate

To obtain a certificate, the mother or other legal recipient may apply to:

  • branch of the Pension Fund at the place of registration or residence;
  • MFC.

You can send an application by mail, having previously certified the signatures and copies of documents from a notary, or submit it via the Internet on the State Services portal or the Pension Fund of Russia website. Mothers of young children often do not have free time, so another person who has a power of attorney can contact the Pension Fund. There is no state fee for issuing a certificate.

Documents are processed faster in the MFC, which operates on the one-window principle. Here you don’t need to wait for a specific employee; you can approach any available specialist.

Sequence of actions when issuing a certificate:

  • obtaining a birth/adoption certificate from the registry office;
  • submitting an application and a package of documents to the territorial branch of the Pension Fund of Russia;
  • receiving a certificate in person or by mail.

To obtain a certificate you must provide the following package of documents:

  • recipient's general passport;
  • birth or adoption certificates of all children raised in the family;
  • documents confirming the Russian citizenship of the child and parents;
  • pension document of parents and children;
  • if the papers are submitted by a proxy, then his passport and notarized permission to represent the interests of the mother will be required.

In addition to the main package, additional papers may be required:

  • divorce certificate;
  • death certificate of the spouse, or a document confirming the deprivation of his parental rights;
  • death certificate of the mother and/or father or adoptive parents;
  • court decision on deprivation of parental rights;
  • a document confirming that the mother committed a criminal act against the child. The same applies to all persons who can claim maternity capital: the adoptive mother, the adoptive parent and the married couple who adopted the child.

If the certificate is issued for a child, you will need a certificate from the school or institute about full-time study.

The maximum period for issuing a certificate is 2 months. You can receive it in person at the Pension Fund office at the place of registration or at the post office.

How to get a certificate for maternity capital in 2020

The use of maternity capital rests on the shoulders of the owner. That is, it can be the child’s mother, as well as the father under certain circumstances. The federal law on additional support talks about the conditions for the appointment and registration of financial capital. It is these norms that establish the rules for the sale of funds.

The family certificate program in 2020 involves receiving it from the Russian Pension Fund after submitting an application and after the birth of the second child.

Any citizen of the Russian Federation who has a child in the family has the right to receive maternity capital. To register you need:

  • collect a complete package of documents;
  • contact the Pension Fund with a written application;
  • expect notification from the represented organization;
  • If the answer is positive, expect a transfer.

How to fill out an application

The application is filled out according to the sample, which can be studied at the Pension Fund branch, MFC, or on the organization’s website. In one of the columns you need to write the reason why the right to maternity capital arose: the birth or adoption of a child. It is indicated which child was born or adopted: second, third, etc. and his name.

The questionnaire must contain the following information, which is indicated in the nominative case:

  • full name of the parent applying;
  • who the applicant is related to the children (mother, father, adoptive parent);
  • citizenship, place and date of birth, gender of the applicant;
  • passport data;
  • pension certificate data;
  • residential address;
  • address for postal correspondence with zip code.

Then the table contains information about all minor children, starting with the oldest child. The application form ends with a list of all attached documents, the applicant’s signature and the date of application.

The statement notes that such assistance from the state had not previously been issued, the parents did not commit crimes against their children and were not deprived of parental rights. The details of the birth certificate must be indicated: series and document number.

It must be noted whether the applicant will receive the certificate in person or by mail. In the second case, you need to write the recipient's full postal address in Latin letters.

The certificate is issued within a month from the date of acceptance of the application by the territorial branch of the Pension Fund.

How to get it and how long does it take to issue it?

To claim your rights, you must go to a branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation or to the MFC, having previously collected a package of necessary documentation:

  • Applicant's passport.
  • SNILS of the applicant for the certificate.
  • Documents for each child (birth certificate).
  • Documents that confirm the fact of adoption.
  • And also a written statement.

For various reasons, a person may not be able to submit an application in person. In this case, it is possible to send documents by mail. There is no need to send originals, copies are sufficient.

You will find more detailed information on how to obtain a maternity capital certificate in a separate article.

Refusal to issue a certificate

Sometimes a family may face a refusal to issue a certificate. The most common reasons for this situation are:

  • lack of Russian citizenship for children or parents;
  • re-applying for a certificate;
  • birth of children before the start of the program;
  • parents' criminal record or deprivation of their parental rights.

There must be a valid reason for refusing to issue a certificate. If the applicant believes that he was denied payment unlawfully, he can contact the main branch of the Pension Fund or the court.

Registration rules in 2020

The 2020 bills related to maternity capital do not make changes to the regulations for document execution.

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Submitting an application to the Pension Fund branch.
  2. Obtaining a certificate.

You are allowed to submit an application in person or through a representative. To submit documents use one of the following methods:

  • In person: submitting documents to the Pension Fund or MFC and receiving a receipt for delivery of documents.
  • Remotely via the Internet: through your personal account on the State Services portal, in the Pension Fund of Russia. Sending is carried out using your own digital signature.
  • By mail: through any post office. The documents will need to be notarized, which will complicate the task somewhat and require additional investments. Must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment.

If instead of a parent, his representative applies, you will need to draw up and notarize a power of attorney for the right to receive maternity capital.

If the 3rd child was born, but for the 2nd you have not yet received maternity capital

If two children were born in a family during the program period, then a certificate can be issued for only one of them. You can't get this kind of help twice. Therefore, if a certificate was received for a second child born in 2007 or later, the third child is no longer entitled to state support. If a certificate was not issued for the second child born during the program period, the parents will be able to receive a payment.

The right to maternity capital appears with the birth of the second child, and those families with two children born before 2007 can receive assistance from the state only at the birth of the third child.

The certificate can only be used when the child turns 3 years old. Previously, this was allowed if they were spent on improving living conditions or educating a child, for example, paying for kindergarten.

How to use the certificate

Maternity capital funds can only be spent on targeted needs. Until the child turns 3 years old:

  • improvement of living conditions;
  • monthly allowance until the child reaches 1.5 years of age;
  • for the child’s education: payment for a nursery or private kindergarten;
  • rehabilitation of a disabled child.

Money can be spent on forming a mother’s pension only after the expiration of a three-year period from the date of registration of the certificate.

To use the certificate, you must write an application to your Pension Fund branch and attach documents confirming the intended use of the funds. This could be a loan agreement with a bank and a certificate of ownership (in the case of improving housing conditions) or a training agreement on a paid basis if the money is spent on educational purposes. After checking the papers, the Pension Fund will transfer the money to the organization that provided the service or sold the product.

An exception may be reimbursement of expenses for the rehabilitation of a child, when the Pension Fund transfers money to parents based on checks. But here, too, you will first have to pay out of your own pocket.

Cashing out maternity capital is illegal. Any organization that offers to issue a loan with subsequent payment in cash is committing fraud. Participation in such transactions leads to criminal liability.


Despite such popularity, many citizens still do not know some answers to questions regarding maternity capital:

  1. Where and when can I get a state certificate? Upon reaching three years in other cases and before this period when living conditions improve. Issued at the Pension Fund of Russia or through the State Services portal;
  2. Who is eligible to receive? Have all families who have had a second and subsequent child, if they have not previously received government support;
  3. How is a referral for improvement of living conditions made? A living space is selected, a full package of documents is collected, including a purchase and sale agreement, an application of the established form is submitted to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. The following scheme is simple. The pension fund checks the correctness of filling out the documents and transfers the money;
  4. Is there accounting? Yes, all forms are stored and fraudulent transactions are not permitted. Accounting for strict reporting forms is carried out by the Pension Fund of Russia;
  5. How is the mortgage repaid with maternity capital? A certificate is taken from the credit institution about the balance of the debt. Then the citizen provides a complete package of documents to the Pension Fund and specifies the direction of the funds. He receives a notification within 10 days. Within a month, funds are transferred;
  6. What can maternal regional capital be spent on? The list is wide. It is possible for a mother’s pension, education, rehabilitation of a disabled child, improvement of living conditions, including a loan;
  7. What is maternity capital for an adopted child? Its size does not differ at all from standard state support - 453,026 rubles;
  8. Is it possible to receive maternity capital during divorce proceedings? This action does not interfere with the issuance of a certificate. Moreover, it remains with the person with whom the children remain;
  9. Is it possible to pay for kindergarten with maternity capital? This possibility actually exists when a contract for the provision of services is provided by a preschool institution;
  10. Maternity capital in 2020 25 thousand when can I apply for it? This function is available when the child reaches three years of age. You can also submit an application at the Pension Fund branch if you have a certificate for your second child.
  11. Where to get capital? This question is often heard from many parents. The Russian Pension Fund is in charge of the registration. Here you can issue a certificate if you want to buy real estate. Such real estate can only be sold with the permission of the guardianship authorities.

How many maternity capital certificates have been issued?

So far, 7,00,000 people have already taken advantage of the offer. Of these, 3 million have already decided on their intended purpose.

As practice shows, the following digital values ​​are present here:

  • 70% were allocated to improve living conditions;
  • 15% were sent to education;
  • 7% were allocated to the funded part of the pension;
  • other percentages are allocated to other purposes.

How to find out if the maternal certificate is ready online

You can find out about the readiness of maternity capital remotely without even leaving home. It is enough to have access to the Internet.

To receive information, a citizen must have a confirmed entry in the personal account of the Pension Fund or on the State Services portal. The algorithm of actions here is similar:

  1. go to the official resource;
  2. log in to the portal;
  3. go to the service order tab;
  4. view the status of the application.

What is needed to obtain a maternity capital certificate

To receive maternity capital, several conditions must be met:

  1. be a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  2. have a second or other child born or adopted after 2007; provide a full package of documents.

All this is organized in the Pension Fund during the periods when the child turns 3 years old. It is also possible to implement directions for improving living conditions without waiting for this age.

How to obtain a certificate for maternity capital through government services

You can receive maternity capital remotely through the State Services portal. But the citizen must have a personalized account on the portal with a confirmed identity.

To register you need:

  1. go to the official resource;
  2. log in;
  3. go to the state support-maternity capital tab;
  4. fill out an application in the prescribed form and provide contact information;
  5. wait for a decision and redirection of funds.

Do I need to change the maternity capital certificate when changing my last name?

If a woman changes her last name, these changes must be made in the relevant documents. And maternity capital is no exception to the rule. The citizen must come to the territorial office of the Pension Fund after changing her passport and write a statement in the established form.

A copy of the passport and the baby’s birth certificate are attached to the application. Based on this, a new certificate for receiving maternity capital is issued.

Is it possible to use maternity capital immediately after receiving the certificate?

There is an opportunity to take advantage of the offer immediately after the birth of the child or after receiving the certificate. In the first case, you can use it if the funds are used to pay off loan obligations or improve living conditions.

Depending on when the certificate was purchased, the ability to use it depends. Situations where the certificate is not sent to improve living conditions involve waiting for the child to be over three years old.

Up to what age can a child receive a maternity capital certificate?

Maternity capital should be obtained before the child reaches adulthood. But this point is more advisory than mandatory. That is, a person can use maternity capital throughout his life.

If the direction is not established, the amount of money will be transferred to the funded part of the pension automatically.

Does the amount of maternity capital change after receiving the certificate?

The monetary amount does not change after receiving the certificate. It is not indexed. Therefore, it will not be possible to obtain profitability from maintaining an empty account. But if you send the funds to your mother’s pension savings account, then you can get profitability here. Moreover, a person can redirect funds at any time by withdrawing them from the account along with interest.

If the certificate was issued in another city

Maternity capital can be used in any city in Russia, regardless of where its recipient is registered. The only exception is the payment for the third child, which is issued by the specific region where the parent is registered. The amounts differ in the regions, so in order to avoid fraud, such a territorial restriction was adopted.

You can submit your application at your place of residence or by mail, but then you will have to notarize all documents.

The procedure for obtaining a certificate and using it in another city is the same as in the city where the applicant is registered.

Target areas for using maternal capital

Improving living conditions, which means:

  • purchase or construction of housing;
  • reconstruction of residential premises;
  • payment of the down payment on a mortgage loan at the expense of maternal capital;
  • payment of mortgage principal;
  • payment for participation in shared construction;
  • spending funds on membership fees in a building society.

Housing must be located in Russia and be registered as the property of all family members in equal shares.

Certificate funds can be used to pay for the education of children under 23 years of age. This includes student living expenses, direct tuition fees, and fees for a nursery or private kindergarten.

When 3 years have passed since the birth or adoption of a child, the funds can be invested in the funded part of the child’s mother’s pension.

Maternity capital can be fully spent on one target area or divided into several. For example, part of the amount can be spent on housing, and the rest on the funded part of the pension.

From January 1, 2020, monthly payments from maternity capital for a child under 1.5 years of age became available. They are paid to low-income families whose total average annual income does not exceed 1.5 times the subsistence level established in the region. An application for payment is submitted to the local branch of the Pension Fund. Money will be credited every month until the child reaches the age of one and a half years.

The payment is made only for the second child. If a third baby is born into a low-income family, the family is financially supported at the regional level.


  • a certificate for maternity capital is a document that gives the right to receive material support from the state to all families where a second, third or subsequent child was born during the program period;
  • You can get it once;
  • to issue a certificate, the parent must have Russian citizenship;
  • funds can only be spent for purposes permitted by law;
  • the certificate gives the right, in some cases, to use funds before the child turns 3 years old;
  • cashing a certificate is illegal and leads to criminal liability;
  • The validity period of the document and the period for applying for registration are not limited.


This security has no statute of limitations ; time frames do not apply here. A child born or adopted after January 1, 2007 gives his parents the right to own maternity capital. They have the right to submit documents for their use before the child turns 23 years old.

This means a one-time use of the certificate , even if more than two children were born in the family after 2007. That is, in its entire life, one family can use these funds only once.

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