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Retirement age is changing

A transition period began in 2020, which will end by 2023. At this time, the retirement age is gradually changing. It will look like this:

Russians will retire:

  1. in 2020, men will be born in 1960, and women will be born in 65, 61 years 6 months and 56 years 6 months;
  2. in 2022, men born in 1960 and women born in 65 will graduate at 62 and 57 years old;
  3. in 2024, men will be born in 1961, and women will be born in 66, at 63 and 58 years old;
  4. in 2026, men born in 1962, and women born in 67, at 64 and 59 years old;
  5. in 2028, men born in 1963 will graduate, and women born in 68, at 65 and 60 years old.
  6. This will end the transition period of increasing the retirement age.

The changes apply only to those who retire due to old age - social or labor.

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A foreigner who has received SNILS becomes a participant in the compulsory pension insurance system. If there are grounds for this, he will be able to receive social payments and benefits, a pension and free medical care (although this will also require a compulsory medical insurance policy).

The data on the green card must match the passport data, so if you change your first or last name, it must be changed. An application to exchange SNILS is submitted to the Pension Fund or MFC independently for unemployed or self-employed citizens or through an employer for officially or unofficially employed people. In order to receive a document with new data, the following documents are needed:

This is interesting: Do you need to confirm your low-income status every year?

Pension indexation amounts are changing

The officially stated goal of pension reform is a significant improvement in the standard of living of pensioners. To achieve this, it is proposed to index pensions more stably - twice a year and at a percentage twice the inflation rate.

They write a lot about raising pensions by 1 thousand per year (some even write and talk about increasing them by 1 thousand per month) - this is not true. The one thousand that everyone has been buzzing about is “the average value for a percentage increase in the average pension.” The “average” pension in Russia is taken as the basic starting point in the amount of about 14 thousand 100 rubles per month, all expected interest rates are applied to it, and the resulting figure is about 1 thousand rubles per year.

The period for indexing pensions has also changed - now it will take place on January 1 (instead of February 1).

Travel by public transport

Synapse network publication, registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications, certificate EL No. FS 77-74595 dated December 14, 2018.

The employee refused. She said that for this service you need to take another coupon. Although these procedures are carried out by this employee. Only after contacting senior management did the employee agree to at least process the payment. Why am I doing all this!? This is what happens, give birth to as many children as possible, but you won’t get anything. And if you want to get a simple queue of 50 people.

Metropolitan Kirill of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye sent an open letter to Schemamonk Sergius (Romanov). A week later they came a second time and gave us the documents. The employee who deals with this registration refused us because... in the copy of the contract for training, there is a stamp of the office (the copy is correct). We had the original in our hands. We asked to take the original and have a copy delivered the next day, but the employee rudely refused us this service. We agreed.

The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation provides pension benefits to citizens in accordance with Russian legislation, as well as measures of social support for “federal” benefit recipients, to whom the Pension Fund assigns and pays monthly cash payments (MCP).

The Sverdlovsk region has adopted a package of measures to combat coronavirus. They also concern support for small businesses affected by the crisis and the population of the region.

Information about the organization of the UPFR in the Chkalovsky district: telephone numbers, exact location address, location map, opening hours, description and its scope of activity.

I don’t understand, people, where is there so much anger coming from?? I go to the Pension quite often (this is how life’s circumstances have developed) and yes, sometimes you’ll sit in line, but I’ve never had the desire to write so much anger and insult the employees. Yes, not all specialists are smiling and friendly as we would like, but this is not a reason to insult them!

A new category of beneficiaries is being introduced

In connection with the pension reform, a new category of people has appeared in the country - pre-retirees. During the “transition period” and in the future, some benefits will remain and preferences will appear for people of pre-retirement age.

Persons of pre-retirement age are those who have 5 years left before retirement in relation to the retirement dates under the new reform. Such citizens will be able to receive payments under the “funded part of the pension” in the form of pensions, if it does not exceed 5% of the total amount of the future pension - a not very clear benefit, but it is spelled out in the new pension changes.

It should be noted that during the “Transitional Period” all the benefits that are available to those who have already received similar pensions are preserved. Some benefits will remain after the reform is completed.

Additionally, administrative liability is introduced for employers who fire a “person of pre-retirement age” due to age or refuse to hire “due to age.”

Women starting from 55, and men starting from 60, as a result of the completion of the transition period of pension reform, will be considered pre-retirement.

Persons of pre-retirement age will be able to undergo an annual medical examination free of charge within two working days. They will also receive a significant increase in unemployment benefits - up to a maximum of 11 thousand 280 rubles (3 months 75% of the average salary, then 4 months 60%, then 45%).

Office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in the Chkalovsky district of Yekaterinburg

On the website you can get reference information about all funeral homes, hospitals, morgues, cemeteries, granite workshops located in Russia. But adequately. Then I went up to the second floor. It was necessary to register on the public services portal. It's time for lunch. The terminal no longer issues coupons. I looked into room 225 and explained what was needed. The employees accepted and did everything. Many thanks to them. Marina especially.

Federal government bodies, management bodies of state extra-budgetary funds, government bodies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local governments, organizations engaged in the production and release of mass media, determine the number of employees and workers ensuring the functioning of these bodies and organizations from April 4 to April 30, 2020 inclusive .

Sibiryaka, 4a) - on issues of personalized accounting and administration of insurance premiums, co-financing, investment of pension savings. On the portal, click on the registration link and go through the identification procedure. To do this, enter passport data and information from the insurance policy. Contact information is also provided. After this, an SMS will be sent to your email or phone number for confirmation. The code must be entered on the website.

And I earned it through hard work, gained a decent amount of experience, and in response.. “if they assign it to you again...” A strange attitude towards pre-retirement people, unprofessional and rude.

Phone number, email address, official website address and other contact details of the UPFR in the Chkalovsky district of Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region are not in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and can be added by a representative of the organization.

An urgent paid consultation will allow you to understand the intricacies of the current situation and develop the most effective defense strategy. We provide legal assistance on legal issues in Moscow and beyond.

The page is not the official website of the company. The information is for informational purposes only, collected from open sources, and may be inaccurate and out of date.

Benefits, subsidies, allowances

The pension reform at the end of 2020 involves increased indexing of the “Insurance” (Fixed) part of pensions and standard indexing of the “Savings” and EDV (including NSO).

  • Will there be additional payment for working pensioners in 2020? >The increase in pensions for pensioners from 2020 will affect only non-working pensioners. Working pensioners do not receive changes in the procedure for calculating pensions or significant increases.
  • What about the “frozen” Funded part of the pension? Specifics regarding the actual changes and application, “Points” and indexation of the “Cumulative” (CPC) part of the pension of working pensioners should appear in 2020.
  • Will working pensioners receive pensions in 2020? They will, as in 2020, receive non-indexed pensions at the 2020 level.
  • How will the pension change if a previously working pensioner stops officially working? When laid off, working pensioners begin to receive the entire set of allowances that they missed. Reverse indexing does not work.
  • Will there be a lump sum payment to pensioners in 2020? Such a payment, which the state made in 2020 (5 thousand rubles), is not expected - it was a one-time action.
  • How will benefits be provided in 2020? The benefits remain unchanged for everyone in the 2020 state. That is, working pensioners receive basic benefits and subsidies in the same way as non-working ones. Persons of pre-retirement age during the transition period also retain benefits, compensation and allowances for themselves, but do not receive pension benefits until retirement. It is assumed that such citizens may receive some part of the “Savings Pensions”.

How has the grace period for retirement changed? For some groups of citizens, the length of service that gives the right to early retirement has changed; it has become shorter by 3 years. These groups include:

  1. Civil servants;
  2. Persons affected by man-made disasters and liquidators of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;
  3. Residents of the Far North;
  4. Mothers of many children with 3 or more children;
  5. Workers and employees of “harmful industries”;
  6. Teachers and medical workers.

Directorate of the Russian Pension Fund - Yekaterinburg

After the call, the subscriber enters a multi-channel center, which allows you to quickly connect the person with the operator. Hotlines operate around the clock.

This site is a non-commercial information project, does not provide any services and has no relation to the services provided by the Pension Fund.

Dear users, we publish both negative and positive reviews, but remember that your position should be as well-reasoned as possible. Your review may be edited or deleted if the requirements are not met.

This site is a non-commercial information project, does not provide any services and has no relation to the services provided by the Pension Fund.

UPFR in the Chkalovsky district operates at the address: Vtorchermet microdistrict, st. Titova, 1. Opening hours: Mon-Thu 9:00–18:00, break 13:00–13:45; Fri 9:00–16:45, break 13:00–13:45. Type of activity: Pension funds. For more detailed information please call. GPS coordinates: Latitude - 56.784846, Longitude - 60.608578.

Issues related to the establishment of a pension are resolved at the Client Service at the applicant’s place of residence.


There are no reviews for the company. Financial statements of the UPFR IN CHKALOVSKY DISTRICT OF EKATERINBURG, SVERDLOVSK REGION - are missing.

Complete disgrace!!! People leave in tears!!! Or does your pension fund enjoy bringing people (elderly) to tears!!! Slackers!!! This is the person who should be fired for being unsuitable for the position they hold! Now I’ll send a complaint to Moscow!!! If they can’t restore order here, maybe Moscow will help!

Photo: RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev Information about the movements of patients and the people with whom they came into contact will be collected with the help of telecom operators.

I have in my hands an official document (receipt-notification) Reg. number 1349036/17 dated 08/30/2017. Signature of the employee Podolskaya Elena Sergeevna.

Where to get SNI for a child

In addition to regional benefits, parents also receive all types of federal payments. Benefit for early registration of pregnancy

Benefits for early pregnancy registration are paid not only in Moscow, but also in other regions. The amount of compensation is 600 rubles, it is received by expectant mothers from the capital who are registered for pregnancy before the 20th week.

You must apply for benefits at your place of work or study. Unemployed women who have the right to compensation must contact the district social protection department or the Social Insurance Fund to which the organization was attached before liquidation.

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