Autumn in Russia is a unique time of year, when nature transforms into a fiery red and gold dress, and the air is filled with coolness and freshness. In this article we will look at several wonderful places where you can enjoy the golden autumn and spend an unforgettable vacation and where to relax in the fall in Russia .

1. Gold ring of Russia:

  • Visit Golden Ring cities such as Yaroslavl, Suzdal, and Sergiev Posad. Here you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient Russian culture, and colorful trees and ancient architectural monuments will create amazing autumn views.

2. Caucasus Mountains:

  • Traveling through the Caucasus in autumn is an encounter with colorful forests, mountain lakes and clean air. Visit Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi or the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria for unforgettable views.

3. Altai Expanses:

  • Immerse yourself in the autumn beauty of Altai, where golden trees contrast with the blue waters of mountain lakes. A trip to Belukha or along the Chuysky tract will be exciting and memorable.

4. Northern Lights in Murmansk:

  • Autumn is a great time to watch the northern lights in Murmansk. The piercing green and pink rays of light against the autumn sky create a magical spectacle.

5. Great Baikal:

  • Autumn on Lake Baikal is a quiet period when tourist flows decrease. Visit Olkhon Island, enjoy the beauty of the Transbaikal steppes and ride a bike around the lake.

6. Rafting on the Rivers of Tatarstan:

  • Spend an active holiday by going rafting along the autumn rivers of Tatarstan. The bright autumn colors of nature, fresh air and cheerful company will make the trip unforgettable.

7. Russky Island in Vladivostok:

  • On Russky Island in autumn you can enjoy amazing views of the Sea of ​​Japan and breathtaking landscapes. Visit the lighthouse or take a ride on the ropes course to appreciate the beauty of the coastal areas.

Autumn in Russia is a time of peace and beauty. Whether you prefer active holidays, cultural trips or just want to enjoy nature, Russia has many places where you can spend cozy and memorable moments during the golden time.

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