The white E65 envelope , also known as the Euroenvelope, is an excellent means for sending letters, postcards and correspondence. Its features make it a popular choice for a variety of needs, from personal messages to business correspondence.

Description of the white E65 envelope:

  • Heavyweight Paper: This envelope is made from heavyweight 100gsm offset paper, making it strong and durable. This allows the envelope to retain its shape well and protect the contents from damage.

  • Capacity: The E65 envelope is designed to hold no more than three sheets of standard paper folded into thirds. This allows you to conveniently place both small notes and large letters.

  • Printable: Various images, texts or logos can be printed on the surface of this envelope. Printing can be done in different ways, both on a regular home or office printer, and using typographic methods. The minimum quantity for logo printing is 100 pieces, making it an ideal choice for business correspondence with your own style.

  • Elegant Design: E65 envelope made of 100gsm white offset paper gives your correspondence a solid and premium look. It is different from ordinary envelopes and creates a positive impression on the recipient.

  • Protected adhesive: The envelope is equipped with a flap that is protected by a removable siliconized strip-type tape. This ensures the envelope is securely closed and the contents are protected from accidental opening.

The white E65 envelope is an excellent solution for all your letters, cards and messages. Its durability, elegant design and custom printing capabilities make it a versatile tool for personal and business correspondence.

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